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Brandy Glasses

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These Degustation Brandy Glasses offer a wide bowl for enjoying a small tipple of your favourite liqueur. Perfect for after dinner drinks, these 15cl glasses have a stemmed design to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand while the liqueur gently warms. More info
On Sale $33.87 RRP $38.49 | Save 12% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
To help you fully experience and appreciate the flavours of your favourite liqueur, the 75ml Brandy Pipe from bar@drinkstuff offers a long sipping stem that is gently warmed by your hand as you hold this delicate glass to help release hidden aromas. More info
On Sale $15.39 RRP $18.47 | Save 17% Single More options
In stock
A gentleman's drink through and through, brandy should be enjoyed in a proper glass to enjoy its defining features. These Degustation Brandy Glasses are ideal for enjoying a fiery tipple with the wide bowl and narrow rim allowing your beverage to develop More info
On Sale $18.47 RRP $20.01 | Save 8% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Sit back and relax like a refined gentleman with a glass of brandy in your hand. These superior stemmed Degustation Brandy Glasses are designed with liquors in mind, so you'd better make sure you can handle your stronger drinks before you dive in! More info
On Sale $18.47 RRP $20.01 | Save 8% Case of 24 More options
In stock
This silver-plated Brandy Warmer by bar@drinkstuff provides you with everything you need to get your precious glass of brandy to the perfect drinking temperature. Simply place the glass over the tealight mounted in the frame for a subtle but necessary rai More info
On Sale $19.94 RRP $33.87 | Save 41%
In stock
The Isao Brandy Glasses are the ultimate glasses for a double serving of your favourite tipple. With a trademark Durobor bubble set within a thick base, this glass stands out from standard style brandy glasses. With a distinctive balloon shaped bowl, thes More info
On Sale $43.11 RRP $49.27 | Save 13% Set of 24 More options
In stock
These almost absurdly large glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your brandy while appearing like a true connoisseur of the liquor world! With a hand made delicacy, the Bar Brandy Glasses simply breathe quality, and the large bowl allows you to swirl arou More info
On Sale $41.58 RRP $46.20 | Save 10% Pack of 2 More options
In stock
Ensure you enjoy every last sip with the Riedel Bar Brandy Glass, which has been specially designed with a bulbous balloon bowl and short stem to cup the bowl for gentle hand warming of fine brandy and cognac. The oversized bowl and narrow rim captures an More info
On Sale $73.91 RRP $87.77 | Save 16% Case of 8 More options
In stock
For a stylish spin on the traditional whisky glass, the Isao Brandy Glasses have a unique design. With a balloon shaped bowl and a thick tumbler base, this glass makes for a unique piece of drinks presentation. Ideal for filling with ice and your favourit More info
On Sale $38.49 RRP $41.57 | Save 7% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set by bar@drinkstuff has been created specially for those that enjoy a nice warm hit of liqueur on a cool evening. Luxuriously packaged in a latched wooden gift box, this set allows you to heat your brandy or cognac with More info
On Sale $30.79 RRP $46.13 | Save 33%
In stock
With a classic style, the Cristal D'Arques Longchamp Brandy Glasses embodies the beauty of crystal but with a more resistant, durable build. The innovative Diamax material offers exceptional purity and maximum transparency. Ideal for enjoying a warming gl More info
On Sale $84.69 RRP $92.39 | Save 8% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
A fine brandy shouldn't be drunk, it should be gently warmed and delicately sipped. The Omega Grande Degustation Brandy Glasses not only have a large bowl for swirling, but also a fine rim that's optimised for tasting. Made from thin glass, the Kwarx Mate More info
On Sale $38.49 RRP $43.11 | Save 11% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Everyone needs an extra pair of hands from time to time, so why not let this Chinelli Le Mani Cognac & Brandy Warmer help you out. A comment on the traditional way of hand warming brandy, this holder features a pair of silver plated hands on a wooden base More info
On Sale $107.79 RRP $115.49 | Save 7%
In stock
This Chinelli Filo Large Cognac & Brandy Warmer allows you to gently warm your brandy, while the large crystal snifter glass is ideal for swirling to release the flavours and aromas of your tipple. Simply mount your glass of brandy or cognac on the silver More info
On Sale $50.81 RRP $53.89 | Save 6%
In stock
There's nothing like a drop of brandy to keep you warm on a chilly night or to pick you up if you feel down. Enjoy a warm tipple with the Chinelli Lingua Large Cognac & Brandy Warmer, perfect for a cosy nightcap. The large crystal snifter glass gently res More info
On Sale $61.59 RRP $67.75 | Save 9%
In stock
Enjoy a drink with a friend or the one you love, the Piegato Double Cognac & Brandy Warmer comes complete with two large crystal snifter glasses. The silver plated stand holds two glasses ready for when you next fancy a tipple. More info
On Sale $76.93 RRP $84.69 | Save 9%
In stock
To enjoy the unique taste of Italian Grappa at its best, you need a specially designed glass such as these Grappa Cabernet Glasses. Ideal for serving up as an after dinner drink, these slim, tulip shaped glasses hold the perfect amount of Grappa for you t More info
On Sale $26.17 RRP $30.79 | Save 15% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Traditionally brandy glasses have a large bowl for swirling, but the Grande Brandy Glass takes it to a new level with a giant 7.2 litre bowl! We wouldn't recommend you filled it all with brandy, but this giant piece of stemware is perfect for a cocktail p More info
On Sale $33.87 RRP $46.19 | Save 27% Single More options
In stock
Holding a massive 5.5 litres, the Giant Acrylic Brandy Glass will give you all the room to swirl your brandy that you need! This giant glass is also perfect for filling with a cocktail punch for sharing, or for use as a decorative centrepiece at your next More info
On Sale $23.09 RRP $30.79 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
Made from glass so you can keep an eye on your friends, this Quaich bowl, is perfect for enjoying whisky the Scottish way. More info
On Sale $12.31 RRP $18.47 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock
Finished with a traditional style Celtic band, the Chrome Plated Quaich Bowl makes an ideal gift piece. Made from pewter with a chrome plated finish, this drinking cup is traditionally used in Scotland to offer guests a 'cup of welcome' when they arrive a More info
On Sale $18.47 RRP $23.09 | Save 20%
In stock

Brandy Glasses

Brandy snifters feature a short stem and large bowl to help to release the flavours and aromas of your chosen tipple by swirling and cupping underneath the bowl to gently warm the brandy or cognac. Most brandy glasses have a large capacity, but should only be filled with a small measure of brandy.

Our range of snifter glasses can also be used as a cognac glass, scotch glass, digestif glass or even as a decorative bowl. For the perfect gift idea, we offer a range of brandy warmers, which feature a brandy glass, stand and tealight, which are available in a brandy warmer gift set. For the ultimate brandy lover, our selection includes designer brandy glasses and crystal brandy glasses that can all be delivered direct to your door.