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Catering Accessories

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The Hinged Disposable Salad Containers provide the ultimate choice for serving takeaway meals. With a leak resistant crystal clear design.
Perfect for takeaway salads, pasta or deli food, the Hinged Disposable Salad Containers are the ultimate choice for serving on-the-go meals.
Ideal for filling with a variety of salads, pasta or cold deli food, these Hinged Disposable Salad Container are ideal for takeaway food on-the-go.
Ideal for taking meals away with ease, the Kraft Takeaway Bags are an essential item for any street food van or takeaway service.
From €12.76
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The Kraft Noodle Boxes are the traditional way to serve Chinese takeaway food. With a leak proof environmentally friendly design.
With that classic takeaway style, the Kraft Pizza Box is the perfect solution for pizza on-the-go. With an environmentally friendly design.
The Kraft Compostable Hot Food Box takes the best in on-the-go design and packages it neatly in sustainable environmentally friendly material.
The Kraft Compostable Hot Food Boxes feature a leak proof environmentally friendly design. With a sustainable compostable material for guilt free disposal.
The Kraft Compostable Hot Food Boxes are the environmentally friendly option for serving hot takeaway meals. Ideal for curry, paella or jacket potatoes.
From €7.65 RRP
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The Eco-Takeouts Soup Container is the ideal solution for outdoor catering or eating on-the-go. With a reusable 100% BPA-free design.
These Bistro Napkins feature a high quality hemmed design with a subtle red stripe. Perfect for providing a rustic finish to your food service.
From €8.93
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Catering Foil is the ultimate addition to any kitchen! With an impressively high tensile strength, ideal for use in cooking and covering roasting tins.
From €10.21
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An essential addition to any kitchen, this Catering Cling Film is a perfect solution for hygienic food storage. Ideal for keeping food fresher for longer.
The Economy Condiment Pump with 9 inch Dip Tube transforms industrial sauce and condiment tubs into convenient pump dispensers.
From €11.49
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The Galvanised Steel Oval Table Caddy is the perfect rustic touch for storing and carrying condiments and bottles of sauce. With extra space for cutlery.
From €19.15
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The Coloured Glass Bottles offer a vibrant mixture of vivid colours. With a rainbow effect, these clip top bottles are perfect for serving table water.
Standing at an impressive 165 litres, this Recycled Bottle Skip is ideally suited for the storage of empty bottles or waste. Designed for confined spaces.
The Monin Bottle Pourer fits Monin 70cl Syrups perfectly. Ideal for creating flavoured coffees or cocktails, a Syrup Pourer speeds up your drink service.
The Monin 10ml Syrup Pump for 1ltr Bottle is the perfect partner for 1 litre Monin Syrup Bottles. Dispensing 10ml per depression.
From €2.54
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The Kilner Original & Best Preserving Jar is the retro styled way to preserve. With a vintage look decal design, these mason jars are perfect.
From €2.54
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Taking the best of vintage charm, Kilner Nation's Favourite Preserving Jar offers a truly retro way to preserve! Includes a seal tight lid.
From €1.26
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Serve ketchup or other sauces straight to the table with retro diner style using these Red Squeeze Sauce Bottles from Tablecraft.
Holding 12oz and with a wide mouth making cleaning and filling easier, these Yellow Squeeze Sauce Bottles are perfect for serving sauces.
From €1.14
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Serve ketchup and sauces with retro style using these wide mouth Red Squeeze Sauce Bottles from TableCraft. Ideal for use in restaurants.
From €1.14
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With a wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning, these Yellow Squeeze Bottles are the perfect choice for serving mustard on diner tables.
The Galileo Flint Glass Bottle is perfect for storing and infusing your own home made spirits and liqueurs. Finished with a traditional cork stopper.
With the Plastic Olive Stuffer, you can make your own pimento stuffed or garlic stuffed olives with ease. Features an easy to use design.
Featuring a honeycomb design for superior heat retention these Burrito & Burger Insulated Foil Wraps are perfect for serving burritos.
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Catering Accessories

For all your catering equipment needs, just browse our catering accessories range to find the perfect items for your needs. Whether you need restaurant catering accessories, cafe catering accessories, or just some home catering accessories, we are sure to have everything you need.

Our fast UK delivery ensures you will have all the catering tools you need before you know it. Perfect for catering events, and everyday commercial catering needs, our selection of cheap catering equipment lets you let your catering event run smoothly.

From small disposable sundries such as napkins, to larger catering essentials, our cheap catering accessories help you stock up on plenty of commercial catering equipment, including restaurant equipment and cafe equipment.