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CE Mark Glasses

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Ideal for serving wine by the glass, the Bouquet Burgundy Wine Glasses are optimised for tasting full-bodied reds. With a Safedge rim guarantee.
CE lined at 125ml, 175ml and 250ml these glasses can be used to serve wine by the glass at dining tables in commercial environments.
Extremely versatile and highly resistant, the Princesa Hiball Glass are fully tempered for extra safety. Perfect for use at home or at the bar.
From £9.99
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Featuring the official Carlsberg logo these Carlsberg Reward Tall Pint Glasses are perfect for enjoying a cold pint in style.
From £17.99
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Elegance combined with toughness make the Sensation Exalt Wine Glasses the perfect glass for everyday use. The 20cl bowl is lined and CE marked.
The classic Half Pint Hiball Glasses are a great all-round pub glass CE marked at half a pint for acting as draft beer glasses.
Keep your drinks service professional with the Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glasses. Made from Kwarx Advanced Glass, this stemware offers a strong build.
From £11.99
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Made from toughened glass with a nucleated base these Kronenbourg Pint Glasses are CE marked and suitable for commercial use.
From £4.99
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The Elite 2 Pint Polycarbonate Jug offers an alternative to your best glass jug ending up all over the floor. Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic, this reusable jug will see you through countless dinners, BBQ's and cocktail parties.
The Econ Neon Blue Polystyrene Shot Glasses make the ideal party glass, as they are made from durable, reusable plastic and will glow under UV light.
From £6.99
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CE stamped for use in commercial settings these Premier Pint Headstart Glasses also have a nucleated base for a lasting frothy head.
From £2.99
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When glassware isn't a viable option, the Econ Rigid Reusable Pint Tumblers provide the perfect alternative. Ideal for outdoor events, house parties or use in pubs, they are made from polystyrene plastic which offers a lightweight, rigid, reusable finish
SALE £89.99
Ideal for dinner table placement, the Ballon Wine Glass offers a classic design that's suitable for both red and white wines. Lined and CE marked at 175ml, this glass offers a legal measure for use in licenced establishments.
Lined and CE marked at both 125ml and 175ml, the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glasses are ideal for bars, events and functions.
From £18.99
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Holding a healthy 350ml, the Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glasses are lined and CE stamped at 250ml for a perfect measure every time.
Made from a lead-free crystal these glasses are the perfect choice for serving wine in bar and pubs as they are LCE Marked at 175ml
From £15.99
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The perfect choice for any beer lover, the Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glass offers a sophisticated style that's ideal at the bar or the dinner table.
From £3.99
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Introduce shots to any party and there's bound to be a few enthusiastic slams. These Polycarbonate Shot Glasses are made from highly durable plastic and are virtually unbreakable. Far more sturdy than many disposable shots, they also offer a practical alt
From £3.75
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These Katerglass Plastic Half Pint Tumblers are made from polypropylene, meaning they can be disposed of or recycled after use, perfect for parties and events.
From £10.99
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There are few nations that know how to drink like the Aussies! That's why Foster's, Australia's premier Lager, is such a worldwide hit!
Classic and original, the Gibraltar Original Tall Cooler Glasses are perfect for serving up a variety of cold beverages but are most suited to beer and cider as they are lined and CE marked at half a pint. Suitable for domestic or commercial use, these 34
The Econ Neon Yellow Polystyrene Shot Glasses are the perfect addition to your party or bar and will glow under UV light. CE marked to the brim.
From £1.49
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These plastic shot glasses feature a fully rigid construction, which allows for a few bumps and knocks without the fear of smashed glass.
From £1.49
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Made from a solid Crystal Polystyrene, these strong plastic shot glasses provide a safe alternative to shattered glass, and at an affordable price.
The Grandi Vini Glasses from Luigi Bormioli are always the first choice for presenting wine with a clarity only found with crystal glass.
From £2.99
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Ideal when catering for a large function or event, these CE marked Polycarbonate Half Pint Tumblers offer a practical and safe alternative to glassware.
The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design.
The stylish Fill To Brim Shooter Glasses do exactly what they say on the tin and measure an exact 25ml shot when filled to the brim.
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CE Mark Glasses

Our range of cheap CE mark glasses and cheap LCE mark glasses are suitable for use in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes. CE marking is a mandatory conformance mark to ensure the product has met EU health, safety and environmental requirements. The letters 'CE' doesn't stand for anything and are used on glassware to ensure it holds an accurate legal measure, whether it's for beer, wine or spirits.

Glasses that carry the CE mark hold a legal measure to the brim, often seen on pint glasses, half pint glasses, 1/3 pint glasses, 2/3 pint glasses (schooner glasses) and shot glasses. LCE stands for lined and CE marked, which means the legal measure is accurate to the line, often seen on wine glasses and beer glasses.

Previously known as government stamped glassware (GS glassware) or crown stamped glassware, CE stamped glassware must be used in licensed establishments when serving certain alcoholic drinks. For beer, lager, ale, cider and similar beverages, the UK government currently offer a CE pint measure, CE half pint measure, CE one third of a pint measure and a CE two thirds of a pint measure. Wine served by the glass should be a 125ml wine measure, 175ml wine measure or 250ml wine measure and a 50ml measure or 70ml measure for fortified wines. We offer professional quality CE glassware delivered direct to your door, with an optional next day UK delivery service.