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Champagne Glasses

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The Princesa Champagne Flute lives up to its regal name by providing an effortlessly elegant champagne service that raises the aesthetic of any table setting. Whether you're hosting a celebratory dinner party, or kitting out your home bar, the Princesa range represents a classically hard-wearing glass that is ideal for all situations. More info
On Sale €37.66 RRP €40.17 | Save 6% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Celebrate indoors or outdoors without compromising on sophistication with this Black & White Set of Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes. Manufactured from virtually unbreakable plastic, these rigid and reusable 17cl flutes come in a solid monochrome colours which won't fade. More info
On Sale €16.31 RRP €21.33 | Save 24%
In stock
The Champagne Saucers from the 'Wine' range of glassware continues the hand made tradition found in all LSA glasses. The time and attention put into each glass is evident in the fragile nature of each of these wide mouthed champagne glass. More info
€57.75 Pack of 4 More options
In stock
Perfect for anyone with something to celebrate, the LSA Wine Collection Champagne Flutes allow you to raise a toast in style. Tall and elegant, these 20cl flutes are ideal for any occasion, from a new marriage to a job promotion. Handmade, these glasses offer a unique and luxury gift. More info
In stock
The Finesse Champagne Flutes feature an elegant and sophisticated design that's also practical enough for everyday use. Made from lead-free crystal, these 22cl flutes offer a highly resistant and durable design combined with a fine rim and excellent clarity for appreciating your bubbly. More info
On Sale €7.52 RRP €8.78 | Save 14% Pack of 2 More options
In stock
With a sophisticated hand cut design, the LSA Charleston Champagne Flutes have been expertly hand crafted using a diamond wheel. The intricate style of these Champagne Glasses make them the main feature of any special occasion. More info
€81.60 Pack of 4 More options
In stock
For a centrepiece with a distinctive style, the LSA Midi Champagne Saucer is ideal for displaying sweets, candles, flowers or for use as a punch bowl. With LSA's expert hand made quality, this giant glass makes the perfect centrepiece for weddings, parties and intimate dinners. More info
€45.19 Single More options
In stock
Celebrate with the stylish LSA Mezzo Champagne Flutes, perfect for weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. These 22.5cl champagne glasses are handmade and feature a graduated rose and violet finish for a contemporary look. More info
€35.15 Pack of 4 More options
In stock
Add a touch of elegance to your celebration with the Bistro Champagne Saucers. With a wide bowl, these 27.5cl glasses are ideal for serving up a glass of bubbly or even a champagne cocktail. These professional quality glasses are ideal for both dinner parties at home or commercial use. More info
On Sale €31.38 RRP €45.19 | Save 31%
In stock
In a throwback to the glamorous era of post-prohibition 1930s, the Retro Coupe Engraved Champagne Saucers offer a touch of elegance for your celebration. Perfect for serving up champagne and cocktails, these 22cl glasses are finished with an engraved retro pattern. More info
On Sale €66.54 RRP €69.05 | Save 4% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Where there's a celebration, there's usually champagne! But if you feel like you're playing host to the local population, then you don't want to be handing out your finest glassware. The Banquet Champagne Flutes offers professional quality at a budget price without having to resort to plastic flutes. More info
On Sale €12.54 RRP €15.06 | Save 17% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
The perfect centrepiece for any table, the LSA Midi Champagne Saucer offers a unique way to display flowers, floating candles, potpourri or sweets. Designed to look like a giant champagne saucer, this giant glass is perfect as a decorative display piece at weddings, parties and formal dinners. More info
€45.19 Single More options
In stock
Toast and celebrate the classic way with the Cristal D'Arques Lady Diamond Champagne Flutes. With Diamax glass, you receive a classic cut crystal effect, with greater resistance and strength. The vintage look of these champagne glasses offers a rejuvenated throw-back to a more traditional style. More info
On Sale €62.77 RRP €69.05 | Save 9% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
With Effervescence Plus technology to retain extra bubbles, the Open Up Arabesque Champagne Flutes offer a premium option for serving champagne. With resistant Kwarx glass, these champagne glasses offer extra shock resistance. A stylish linear design bowl creates the perfect finishing touch to such a sophisticated glass. More info
On Sale €50.21 RRP €56.49 | Save 11% Pack of 4 More options
In stock
Toast in classic style with the chic LSA Savoy Champagne Saucers. Designed by LSA's prolific creative director Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, these delicately curved glasses are handmade from mouth-blown glass with a hand drawn stem and a specially designed bowl which enhances the champagne's bubbles. More info
In stock
Bring a touch of elegance to your celebration with the Hollow Stem Champagne Flutes from LSA. Beautifully handmade, these 20cl glasses feature a footed base and hollow stem so your glass is completely filled with bubbly. Ideal for any occasion, these glasses also make an excellent gift. More info
From €18.82 Pack of 2 More options
In stock
The Versailles Champagne Flutes make the perfect choice for any toast, offering an elegant and practical design. These tall 16cl flutes are manufactured from Kwarx advanced glass for a highly resistant glass that retains its brilliance. More info
On Sale €15.06 RRP €18.82 | Save 20% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Elegantly simple, the Ravenhead Bouquet Champagne Flutes are perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Offering excellent transparency and a practical design, these tall 21cl flutes are ideal for serving your favourite bubbly. More info
On Sale €10.03 RRP €12.54 | Save 20% Pack of 4 More options
In stock
When serving champagne or sparkling wine, presentation is key, this is where the Axiom Champagne Flutes excel. With Edge Plus technology, these champagne glasses have a rim 50% more resistant than standard glasses. The reduced risk of chipped rims keeps these flutes looking their best at all times. More info
On Sale €12.54 RRP €16.31 | Save 23% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
With a lifetime rim guarantee, the Axiom Champagne Flutes offer a truly resistant solution to serving champagne or sparkling wine. The innovative new Edge Plus technology gives these champagne glasses up to 50% more rim resistance than standard glasses. More info
On Sale €15.06 RRP €17.57 | Save 14% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Whether you're toasting a special day or you just love champagne, these slender and chic pastel shaded glass champagne flutes are perfect for just that. Hand painted in a selection of 4 vintage colours, and designed by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, this gift-boxed set of 4 coloured glasses make an ideal wedding gift. More info
In stock
With an elegant, fine stem, the LSA Chalk Champagne Flutes are the sophisticated way to serve champagne. The delicate stipple effect is inspired by the soft touch of chalk, this hand applied design adds a hint of colour. These mouth blown champagne glasses have LSA's expert finishing touch. More info
€32.63 Pack of 2 More options
In stock
Perfect for any occasion, the elegant Princesa Champagne Flute leaves you with one less thing to worry about when hosting your next big celebration, party or event. This tempered glass offers up to 5 times more resistance than untreated glass and will break into blunt shards for safety. More info
On Sale €31.38 RRP €37.66 | Save 17% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
For premium quality and style, the Murano Champagne Flutes with a black drip detail down the stem are the sophisticated option for drinking fine Champagne. Each glass is handmade for the finest finish. The elegant flute design is perfect for drinking fine champagne and using for special occasions. More info
On Sale €25.10 RRP €30.12 | Save 17%
In stock
The Atelier Prestige Champagne Flute offers an elegant and stylish way to drink champagne; the slender tulip shape helps to concentrate the bubbles to the tip of the tongue. Each glass is made from high quality Son.hyx crystal glass for a shock resistant, durable construction. More info
On Sale €33.89 RRP €37.66 | Save 10% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
No celebration is complete without champagne, and the Ballon Champagne Flutes offer the perfect vessel to serve up a glass of bubbly. With an elegant design and short stem, they are versatile enough for any occasion. More info
On Sale €18.82 RRP €25.10 | Save 25% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
The smooth flowing elegance of the LSA Savoy Champagne Flutes make them perfect for toasting your special celebration. Whether it's a wedding or anniversary, these 20cl hand made glasses offer a unique design with their hand painted platinum rim. More info
In stock
Whether it's a job promotion, anniversary, graduation or birthday make sure you celebrate with the Congratulations Champagne Flute. Designed by Lolita, this hand painted 22cl glass is the perfect way to enjoy a glass of bubbly in style and includes a special champagne recipe on the base. More info
In stock

Champagne Glasses

The ultimate celebration drink, no event is complete without a bottle of bubbly. Our range of cheap champagne glasses are perfect for serving up a celebratory drink, whether you're celebrating an engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday or job promotion.

Find the perfect champagne glass with our selection of champagne flutes and champagne saucers. From designer champagne glasses to novelty champagne flutes, we've got something to suit your event. For bars, pubs and hotels, we offer a range of toughened champagne glasses, tempered champagne glasses and LCE champagne glasses.

If you're hosting a large event or outdoor event, our range of disposable plastic champagne flutes and reusable plastic champagne flutes ensure there won’t be any breakages. With our optional next day UK delivery service, you can have your champagne glasses delivered in time for those last minute parties and events.

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