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Chopping Boards & Worktop Savers

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Containing 6 chopping boards, this Colour Coded Cutting Board Kit is perfect for use in commercial kitchen and helps to promote HACCP guidelines.
This Colour Coded Cutting Board Kit contains 6 boards with integrated corner grips and are perfect for use in commercial kitchens.
Make food contamination a thing of the past with the SaferFood Solutions Colour Coded Cutting Mats Set. These chopping boards prevent cross contamination.
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Designed for preparing fruit for cocktails, the Non Slip Black Bar Board is ideal for chopping fruit to adorn drinks. With a non-slip design.
To help you comply with the food safety act of 1990, this colour coded chopping board is coloured for use with raw meat. Red is for raw meat to prevent cross food contamination and ensure hygienic food preparation. Perfect for commercial and domestic use.
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Since the food safety act of 1990 was passed, these colour coded chopping boards have been recommended to many commercial food service businesses. Able help you keep different food substances apart to prevent cross food contamination, the yellow boards ar
The brown 1 inch colour coded chopping board is designed for use with vegetables allowing you to keep different food types separate and conform with the food safety act of 1990. Highly durable, mold and stain resistant and easy to clean.
This professionally crafted chopping board is designed and manufactured with the catering industry in mind. Colour coded to eliminate the possibility of cross food contamination, this chopping board ensures food preparation complies with the food safety a
Red - Raw Meat Chopping Boards. Colour coded to help prevent cross contamination between food products. Also includes a free colour coded chart to help ensure you conform to health and safety regulations.
Blue - Raw Fish chopping board. Manufactured to commercial standard, this colour coded chopping board is ideal for keeping different food types separate. Helping conformity with Health and Safety regulations as well as reducing cross food contamination.
Manufactured from resistant Polycarbonate, this Yellow Cooked Meat chopping board is perfect for both the domestic and commercial environment. With colour coded cutting boards you can easily and efficiently avoid cross contamination from different food so
Brown - Vegetables. Made from resistant polycarbonate, the colour coded cutting boards are designed for both the domestic and commercial kitchen. With good resistance, they also assist in conforming to health and safety regulations and reduce the risk of
White - Bakery & Dairy. Produced using high resistance polycarbonate, these colour coded chopping boards are perfect for both domestic and commercial kitchens. Made to a professional quality, they help prevent cross contamination and also conform to healt
Allowing for quick and easy access to your selection of boards, the Plastic Knockdown Chopping Board Rack is ideal for busy commercial kitchens. Holding up to six 1/2inch chopping boards, this rack is ideal for storing colour coded chopping boards, while
High quality stainless steel bar board complete with removable wooden block. Perfect for cutting fruit for cocktails and other drinks.
An essential tool for any bar, this simple yet classic White Cutting Board is designed with bartenders in mind. This reversible cutting board is made from polyethylene and comes complete with a cut out handle.
Combining all of the colour coded chopping boards in to one easy to use set, these chopping boards comply with hygiene recommendations on colour coding for food preparation. Manufactured using high resistant polycarbonate, these boards will not crack, chi
Green - Salad & Fruit. Constructed from resistant polycarbonate, the Colour Coded Chopping Boards are ideal for both the domestic and commercial kitchen. Colour coded to help prevent cross contamination, this cutting board will assist in conforming to Hea

Chopping Boards & Worktop Savers

An essential for any kitchen, our range of cheap chopping boards and cheap worktop savers offer great value. Our range of professional chopping boards are ideal for chefs and commercial kitchens, helping you conform to hygiene standards. For the home we offer a great range of stylish chopping boards including worktop savers, kitchen chopping boards and bar chopping boards.