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Established in 1977
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Cocktail Equipment

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Whether you're tending behind the bar or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the Complete 7 Piece Cocktail Garnish Tool Set & Case is a must have for any bartender or chef. Packed in a handy travel wallet, this set comes complete with seven essential tools
The Copper Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon stands at an ever impressive 40cm. Perfect for giving your drinks a thorough mixing no matter what the size.
This Spiegelau Perfect Serve Mixing Glass is ideal for whipping up cocktails that require mixing rather than stirring. Made from high quality crystal.
From £9.99
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This Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup is suitable for use in commercial settings for flavouring milkshakes, desserts, coffees and hot chocolates.
From £9.99
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Try your hand at re-creating your favourite barista style coffee at home with this Monin Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup. Perfect for fresh hazelnut lattes.
The Soda Siphon creates impressive sparkling drinks in seconds. With a 1 litre capacity, this seltzer bottle makes soda water for adding to cocktails.
Perfect for use in commercial settings, this Gun Metal Black Tin On Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker is glass free allowing you to create cocktails with no risk.
From £11.99
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With space for ice beneath the sauce trays, the On Ice Cocktail Garnish Dispenser keeps your food extra cool. The addition of a clear lid helps to keep cool air from escaping and keeps unwanted pests at bay. Ideal for serving sauce, cocktail garnishes or
Shake up a Sidecar or dazzle with a Daiquiri, this Mason Jar Cocktail Set is perfect for creating all your favourite cocktails with vintage style.
The perfect gadget by Bonzer for flip cocktail preparation, add the Jerry Spring Whisk to the shaker at the 'dry shake' stage. To dry-shake a cocktail means to shake the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with no ice.
With everything you could possibly need to make professional cocktails, the Probar 33 Piece Bartenders Kit gets you up to standard.
Finished in a premium copper plating, the no-prong Calabrese Hawthorn Strainer puts an end to unwanted chunks of fruit and ice.
The Final Touch Stainless Steel Japanese Mixing Pitcher & Hawthorn Strainer gives a fresh new twist on a classic Japanese design.
With a Japanese design, this Copper Bar Spoon with Fork is the perfect bar tool, and is essential for any home or professional bar.
With an impressive 1 litre capacity, this Cubana Stirring Glass offers a truly thorough cocktail mixing for all your guests.
Ideal for an ultra chilled cocktail without chunks of ice, the Premium Hawthorn Strainer is the only choice. Perfect for straining with a glass or shaker.
You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can't make delicious Eggnog or a Pisco Sour without using the ProSep Egg Separator. To make the perfect egg based cocktails, you need an accurate and safe way of separating egg whites from yo
For those making a lot of cocktails for party guests it is not only clean, but much more professional if you do not directly handle the ingredients your awaiting guests are about to consume. You also don't want a huge set of cooking tongs for handling you
The Stainless Steel Pourer for Bitters Bottles is an essential accessory for accurate pouring. Ideal for topping aromatic bitters, juice or syrups.
From £9.99
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Offering a stylish design, the Carats Mixing Glass is perfect for mixing some classic and contemporary cocktails. Finished with a diamond pattern this lipped glass is ideal for preparing cocktails which require stirring rather than shaking.
What better way to get your party started than with a couple of cocktails? The sleek and stylish Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set is perfect for beginners, containing all the essential equipment you need to start mixing and serving drinks for friends.
With an impressive 12 inch reach, the Garnish Tweezers allow you to delicately adorn and garnish your cocktails. With a more precise approach.
SALE £12.99
The future of cocktail mixing has arrived with the Quench Cocktail Spinner! With a hand operated pump action, all you need to do is simply fill, spin and serve. This innovative new cocktail gadget makes light work of creating perfectly mixed drinks every
SALE £9.99
The Final Touch Stainless Steel Jigger takes the best of Japanese style and brings it straight into your bar. With a delicate weave design.
A retro addition to any commercial or home bar, this Campari Soda Siphon is perfect for making carbonated water for cocktail mixers.
The effortless style of the Calabrese Footed Mixing Glass is a piece designed in collaboration with "The Maestro", bartender Salvatore Calabrese. Ideal for preparing cocktails.
The Copper Plated Julep Cocktail Strainer is the vintage inspired way to create a smoother blend cocktail. Ideal for the majority of shaker tins & glasses.
The Calabrese Julep Spoon is designed in collaboration with Salvatore Calabrese. Ideal for stirring cocktails and mixed drinks.
Perfect for stirring cocktails like a bellini or Mojito, this Heart Shaped Stirrer will mix your cocktails whist saving the bubbles.
SALE £29.99
This Final Touch Yarai Cocktail Mixing Set contains, a footed mixing glass, a twisted mixing spoon and a Hawthorne cocktail strainer.
Create the finest molecular gastronomy dishes and cocktails with ease using these disposable plastic cocktail pipette droppers.
From £11.99
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With a simple hand press design, the Citrus Juicer from Tablecraft offers a practical solution to getting the most out of your lemons, limes or oranges. The built in strainer and pourer ensures you don't get any unwanted bits. For an extra smooth blend of
For the ultimate Mojito cocktail, the Plastic Muddler from Genware makes light work out of muddling cocktail ingredients. Ideal for crushing citrus fruit.
The 42inch speed rail is manufactured from stainless steel to a professional quality to provide only the best in drink service equipment.
No ingredient will be left un-muddled when you present this beautifully ergonomically designed bar tool! The Stainless Steel Muddler is ideal for garnishes that need a bit of extra force - the steel construction ensure this muddler will last through any d
From £4.49
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Stainless steel double ended measure essential for all cocktailers. Gives an accurate measure of both 25ml and 50ml shots.
With a concave shell design, this Gold Plated Biloxi Julep Strainer is the perfect way of keeping troublesome ice out of your cocktails.
Bringing a sleek and sophisticated feel to your bar equipment, the 47 Ronin Copper Plated Bar Strainer offers a premium design that's ideal for professionals or home bars. Ideal for matching with other luxury cocktail items, this strainer is designed for
The Copper Jigger Measure allows you to measure out 25ml or 50ml of spirits with ease. Perfect for following a precise cocktail recipe.
With a Japanese inspired design, this Glass Ginza Jigger has a 25ml and a 50ml measure and is sure to be a versatile addition to any bar.
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Cocktail Equipment

Before you can even start making your cocktail you need to ensure you have all the right cocktail equipment and bar tools for the perfect drink. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party or stocking your home bar with cocktail essentials, we have a great range of cheap cocktail equipment.

For complete cocktail beginners we have an exclusive range of cocktail starter sets, cocktail gift sets and portable cocktail kits, which make an ideal birthday gift, wedding gift or homeowner gift.

Make sure you're well prepared by getting all your cocktail ingredients ready with our range of ice crushers, bar boards, cherry pitters, olive picks, citrus juicers, bar knives and fruit slicers. When the alcohol gets flowing ensure you've got your spirit measures, cocktail shaker, cocktail muddler and cocktail mixing spoon at the ready.

For the finishing touch, serve your drink through a cocktail strainer before garnishing with cocktail decorations and serving with a cocktail napkin. You'll soon be whizzing up perfect cocktails everytime with our range of professional cocktail equipment.