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Established in 1977
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Cocktail Equipment

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From £3.99
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No self-respecting barman would work in a messy bar so make sure you organise your space with the bar@drinkstuff Bar Caddy Classic. This plastic black Bar Caddy has separate compartments to help you organise your straws, cocktail decorations and napkins.
From £2.19
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For use with a Boston style shaker, this Julep strainer acts as the perfect catcher of ice, and ingredients used to make your cocktail.
The Rose Gold Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon offers a truly exceptional style and a thorough mixing. With a twisted stem for layering cocktails.
If you're the kind of person that doesn't want bits in your drink, then you can start fine tuning with the Conical Cocktail Sieve.
Juicing lemons and limes for cocktails can be hard work, which is why the C-Press Citrus Juicer is designed to turn it into a painless task. With a sturdy construction and simple design, this citrus press offers a professional finish for use in both bars
From £7.99
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A throwback to a classic retro diner design, the Glass Straw Dispenser from bar@drinkstuff provides an attractive and practical way to store your straws. Perfect for your home bar or party, this stylish dispenser can also be used in cafes, outlets and bar
From £9.99
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This 2 Piece Glass Rimmer features a large salt ring that is perfect for martini glasses and a lime well in the middle for storing wedges for decoration.
SALE £177.99
This Urban Bar Cocktail Kit Bag is the last word in cocktail equipment. Containing the ultimate tool selection necessary to create a peerless cocktail. Whether you're travelling to a cocktail show, bar event or even your friends house, this is an essentia
From £5.99
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Stirred not shaken bartender! Perfect for use with a mixing glass, this Teardrop Stirrer is ideal for mixing up the perfect Martini.
For a new take on the classic bar spoon, this Copper Plated Classic Bar Spoon is a stylish and eye catching addition to any bar.
The Silver Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer aims to make your cocktails as smooth as possible. With a fine mesh, a mini sieve is ideal for double straining.
Keep your bar top organised with the Plastic Condiment Dispenser which features 6 compartments. Ideal for storing a selection of fruit and pickles for cocktail garnishes, this dispenser features removable plastic trays for easy refills.
The Deluxe Napkin and Condiment Holder provides a neat and organised way to run your bar. Perfect for a smooth un-disrupted drinks service.
With a unique coating, this Black Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainer is ideal for the mixologist taking their cocktails to the next level.
With a grey textured coating, these Grey Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainers offer greater grip and control when pouring cocktails.
From £8.99
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Coated in an ultra modern Komodo Koat this grey Boston Cocktail Shaker is not only stylish but the unique coating offers great grip.
From £9.99
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Stand out from the crowd with this Textured Shadow Grey Cocktail Shaker, perfect for shaking up all your signature cocktails.
Take your cocktail making to the next level with this Textured Shadow Grey Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker. Perfect for any mixologist.
Ideal for replacing a traditional Boston glass, these Textured Shadow Grey Boston Cocktail Shaker Tins add a unique touch to your barware.
Finished in a stylish black matte coating, this Black Matte Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin is the perfect alternative to a Boston Glass.
Because no two cocktails are the same, the ProJig World Multi Measure can measure up to 12 different volume combinations, compared with 4 combinations on a standard jigger. This unique patented jigger features 5ml, 10ml and 15ml compartments at one end an
This vintage inspired Bitters Bottle takes retro design to a whole new level of style. With a standard dripper top for pouring accuracy and flare.
Full of vintage style, the Diamond-Cut Bitters Bottle is ideal for a retro cocktail and drinks service. With a delicate diamond cut design.
Add a touch of luxury to your barware with the Copper Plated Biloxi Julep Strainer, perfect for keeping ice out of cocktails.
With a unique design, the Stainless Steel Biloxi Strainer is the perfect way to keep ice and crushed ingredients out of your cocktails.
Host your own cocktail party and play bartender for the evening with the Boston Cocktail Shaker Set with Jigger Measure from bar@drinkstuff. Containing all the equipment you need to start mixing up some professional looking cocktails, this set is perfect
If you've always fancied mixing up some professional looking cocktails at home then the Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff is the perfect choice for any beginner. Containing professional cocktail equipment as used by bartender
Bring out your inner bartender with the Wooden Mojito Muddler, perfect for muddling mint or crushing sugar at home or in your bar.
Create perfect crushed ice with this Chrome Ice Crusher. Perfect for cocktail parties or your home bar, this manual rotary ice crusher can produce a quart of fine or coarse crushed ice in less than a minute.
Stylish and practical, this Triangular Cocktail Strainer offers a compact shape and size whilst fitting to the shape of your hand.
From £9.99
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This Monin Sugar Free Caramel Syrup is perfect for creating on trend, flavoured milkshakes, coffees and hot chocolates in a true barista style.
The sleek and stylish Rose Gold Plated Ginza Jigger Measure has been inspired by Japanese design. The rose gold plated finish makes it perfect for creating a contemporary or classic vintage look. Featuring a double ended design this spirit measure serves
SALE £1.99
The One Prong Cocktail Strainer features an over-sized head for a tight fit over your 16oz or 28oz shaker tin or glass. Made from professional stainless steel.
From £12.99
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Because presentation is everything, these Paper Coasters not only add a touch of elegance to your bar service, but also protect the bar or table top from ring marks. These professional quality coasters have a waxed back and soft texture with a subtle ring
Bringing some sophistication to your cocktail making, the Rose Gold Plated Teardrop Bar Spoon is an essential tool for any bartender. Stylishly designed with a rose gold plated finish, this long spoon features a twisted shaft for layering cocktails and ge
The Roll Top Condiment and Garnish Station offers true convenience where it matters most. Ideal for serving a variety of condiments or garnishes.
This Mixing Glass from Genware offers a truly premium touch to mixing and creating cocktails. With an embossed diamond cut effect pattern.
Add a touch of vintage to your bar with this British Leopold Style Gold Jigger Measure. Dual ended this jigger serves a range of measures.
The Condiment Dispenser 5 Compartment adds a professional look to any bar and is ideal for storing and preserving cocktail garnishes.
From £4.99
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Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic napkins are ideal for parties, picnics, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional.
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Cocktail Equipment

Before you can even start making your cocktail you need to ensure you have all the right cocktail equipment and bar tools for the perfect drink. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party or stocking your home bar with cocktail essentials, we have a great range of cheap cocktail equipment.

For complete cocktail beginners we have an exclusive range of cocktail starter sets, cocktail gift sets and portable cocktail kits, which make an ideal birthday gift, wedding gift or homeowner gift.

Make sure you're well prepared by getting all your cocktail ingredients ready with our range of ice crushers, bar boards, cherry pitters, olive picks, citrus juicers, bar knives and fruit slicers. When the alcohol gets flowing ensure you've got your spirit measures, cocktail shaker, cocktail muddler and cocktail mixing spoon at the ready.

For the finishing touch, serve your drink through a cocktail strainer before garnishing with cocktail decorations and serving with a cocktail napkin. You'll soon be whizzing up perfect cocktails everytime with our range of professional cocktail equipment.