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Cocktail Equipment

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The elegantly shaped Stainless Steel Long Latte Drinks Spoon is the perfect accompaniment to a warming glass of caffe latte. The long design of this spoon also makes it suitable for using as a cocktail mixing spoon or even as a dessert spoon. More info
On Sale $13.57 RRP $16.96 | Save 20%
In stock
The Plastic Chrome Bar Caddy provides the finishing touch for your bar, offering a modern and professional look. Made from durable plastic, this caddy has a sleek painted chrome finish with 5 compartments for storing straws, cocktail decorations and cocktail napkins. More info
On Sale $11.02 RRP $25.45 | Save 57% Single More options
In stock
A must for any home bar, these 4 inch Frappe Cocktail Straws are the perfect straw to accompany any drink served in a shallow vessel such as a martini or margarita glass. More info
On Sale $3.38 RRP $5.08 | Save 33% Box of 1000 More options
In stock
With an easy press action, the colour coded Orange Juicer from Tablecraft offers a convenient way to get a citrus hit. The built in strainer catches unwanted bits and a side spout provides a smooth pouring action. Get the most out of your citrus fruits with this Mexican elbow juicer! More info
On Sale $16.96 RRP $22.05 | Save 23% Single More options
Some items in stock
With a powerful squeezing action, the green colour coded Lime Juicer from Tablecraft gets the most out of citrus fruit. The built in strainer ensures you don't receive any unwanted bits and the side spout makes for easy pouring. For an extra smooth blend, simply hand press this Mexican elbow juicer for a quick citrus twist. More info
On Sale $16.96 RRP $22.05 | Save 23% Single More options
Some items in stock
With a simple hand press design, the Citrus Juicer from Tablecraft offers a practical solution to getting the most out of your lemons, limes or oranges. The built in strainer and pourer ensures you don't get any unwanted bits. For an extra smooth blend of juice, this Mexican elbow juicer provides a quick way to get an extra citrus kick. More info
On Sale $16.96 RRP $22.05 | Save 23% Single More options
Some items in stock
New to the UK, the Bar10der is the ultimate at-home bartending tool. The first 10 in 1 multi tool is ideal for cocktail making anywhere, this useful piece of equipment is perfect for travelling, for parties or just keeping a complete portable set all in one convenient gadget. More info
Out of stock | Est due in 4th July
Any good bartender knows the way to bring out the flavour of your cocktail ingredients is to use a muddler. Perfect for making mojitos and similar cocktails, the Plastic Muddler by bar@drinkstuff has a serrated end that's perfect for grinding the juices out of mint leaves and lime slices. More info
On Sale $3.38 RRP $10.17 | Save 67% Single More options
Some items in stock
Mix up some cocktails with the professional quality Hand Made Lipped Mixing Glass from Artis. Ideal for professional bartenders or parties at home, this mixer glass is ideal for stirring cocktails and other drinks which don't require shaking. More info
On Sale $32.24 RRP $39.03 | Save 17% Single More options
Some items in stock
The highly versatile ProStirrer Mixing Spoon is a must have for any serious mixologist; it offers hassle-free stirring, layering and muddling, helping you create perfect cocktails every time. Made from durable stainless steel, this spoon features a sturdy construction which resists bending. More info
On Sale $25.45 RRP $42.43 | Save 40%
Out of stock | Due in TBA
You can't serve up a cocktail just by throwing some ingredients into a glass. You need to release the full potential of the flavours, otherwise you'll end up with a very bland cocktail. Using a muddler, such as the Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler, makes it incredibly easy to create the perfect drink. More info
On Sale From $5.08 RRP From $10.17 | Save 50% Single More options
Out of stock - Pre-order now | Due in TBA
For those making a lot of cocktails for party guests it is not only clean, but much more professional if you do not directly handle the ingredients your awaiting guests are about to consume. You also don't want a huge set of cooking tongs for handling you ice cubes, olives or cherries, so get some of these Stainless Steel Mini Tongs. More info
On Sale $2.19 RRP $2.53 | Save 13%
Out of stock | Est due in 16th July
With a design engineered to produce the best mixing, the ProTeardrop Mixing Spoon offers accurate stirring. A hand twisted stainless steel shaft resists bending and is ideal for layering drinks. With 2 unique techniques to stir your cocktails, this twisted mixing spoon is the ultimate cocktail tool. More info
On Sale $32.24 RRP $39.03 | Save 17% Single More options
Some items in stock
This Urban Bar Cocktail Kit Bag is the last word in cocktail equipment. Containing the ultimate tool selection necessary to create a peerless cocktail. Whether you're travelling to a cocktail show, bar event or even your friends house, this is an essential piece of kit. More info
On Sale $346.33 RRP $424.43 | Save 18%
Out of stock | Est due in 6th August
If you've always fancied mixing up some professional looking cocktails at home then the Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff is the perfect choice for any beginner. Containing professional cocktail equipment as used by bartenders this set is both stylish and functional. More info
On Sale $20.36 RRP $45.82 | Save 56%
Out of stock | Est due in 26th September
Jazz up your drinks service with the vibrant Swantex Cocktail Napkins in Red. These 25cm napkins are the ideal size for storing in a bar caddy and serving with a variety of cocktails. The perfect addition to your bar or cocktail party, these napkins are also ideal for colour themed events. More info
On Sale $9.32 RRP $11.87 | Save 21% Case of 2000 More options
Some items in stock
Prepare absinthe the traditional way with the Stainless Steel Absinthe Spoon. Specially designed with a perforated finish for gently dissolving sugar with water over a glass, this stainless steel spoon is an essential tool for any absinthe lover. More info
On Sale $8.47 RRP $11.87 | Save 29% Single More options
Some items in stock
The innovative Citrus Keeper puts an end to wasting cut lemons and limes, helping to keep cut fruit fresher for longer. This unique gadget holds up to 8 citrus wedges or a halved citrus fruit to help prevent them drying out. Finished with a colourful base and clear lid for easy identification, this plastic citrus container is ideal for your home or bar. More info
On Sale $12.72 RRP $20.36 | Save 38% Case of 12 - Lemon and Lime More options
Some items in stock
The stylish Swantex Indigo Cocktail Napkins are perfect when serving food and drinks at the bar. Completely disposable, they are ideal for use in commercial establishments and for placement in bar caddies. More info
On Sale $9.32 RRP $11.87 | Save 21% Pack of 250 More options
Some items in stock

Cocktail Equipment

Before you can even start making your cocktail you need to ensure you have all the right cocktail equipment and bar tools for the perfect drink. Whether you're hosting a cocktail party or stocking your home bar with cocktail essentials, we have a great range of cheap cocktail equipment.

For complete cocktail beginners we have an exclusive range of cocktail starter sets, cocktail gift sets and portable cocktail kits, which make an ideal birthday gift, wedding gift or homeowner gift.

Make sure you're well prepared by getting all your cocktail ingredients ready with our range of ice crushers, bar boards, cherry pitters, olive picks, citrus juicers, bar knives and fruit slicers. When the alcohol gets flowing ensure you've got your spirit measures, cocktail shaker, cocktail muddler and cocktail mixing spoon at the ready.

For the finishing touch, serve your drink through a cocktail strainer before garnishing with cocktail decorations and serving with a cocktail napkin. You'll soon be whizzing up perfect cocktails everytime with our range of professional cocktail equipment.

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