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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

Martini Glasses

Margarita Glasses

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Hurricane & Sling Glasses
From £22.50
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Add some sophistication to your cocktail party with the LSA Bar Cocktail Glasses. Specially designed by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas.
The elegant Capri Margarita Glasses is the perfect choice of glassware for serving up a tequila based cocktail. Standing tall with a wide bowl.
These Salto Colour Studio Grey Hiball Tumblers are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and style to your table presentation.
The tall Excalibur Grand Cuvee Cocktail Glasses are the perfect vessel in which to serve your favourite tropical cocktail. From Pina Coladas to Daiquiris, these 39cl glasses are ideal for serving up a variety of chilled and frozen cocktails.
From £19.99
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Somehow a margarita isn't quite complete unless it's served up in a proper glass, The Elegance Margarita Glass offers the perfect vessel.
Whether you prefer your martini dry or dirty, these Martini Cocktail Glasses are the perfect choice. Holding 21cl,these elegant glasses are fully tempered.
SALE £2.99
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The fun, vintage style Kilner Handled Drinking Jar is perfect for serving up cocktails, soft drinks or home brew to your guests. Styled just like a classic Kilner jar, complete with embossed logo, this pink jar is finished with a handle for enjoying your
Bring a modern twist to all your cocktails with these Etore Martini Glasses! With a unique 'step' down design, these stylish glasses are sure to impress.
Featuring smooth edges and lines, these Top Class Beverage Tumblers provide a contemporary drink presentation. Holding up to 350ml.
Vibrant and stylish, these Salto Colour Studio Orange Hiball Tumblers are perfect for adding a unique touch to your table setting.
These Endeavor Rocks Tumblers provides a versatile drinks service, with a modern design, these rocks glasses are perfect for short cocktails or spirits.
From £33.99
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Whether you are serving up a fresh strawberry Margarita or a Pornstar Martini, these Imperial Plus Margarita Glasses are the perfect shape.
Whether you are serving up a classic Dirty Martini or looking for way to serve up desserts and starters, these Martini glasses are perfect.
SALE £14.99
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The Grande Acrylic Martini Glass provides the ultimate party piece for special occasions. Ideal for sharing cocktails or as a decorative table centrepiece.
Add a splash of colour to your glassware collection with these Salto Colour Studio Green Hiball Tumblers! With a curved shape and vibrant tinted glass.
From £5.99
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Serve up a variety of beverages in true American style with these Aras Tumblers, with a classic tumbler design, these hiballs are perfect for cocktails.
Add a splash of colour and brighten your tabletop presentation with these stylish Salto Colour Studio Red Old Fashioned Tumblers!
For on trend, vintage drinks service and presentation these Mason Drinking Jars with Lids and Straws make fantastic lemonade jars.
SALE £4.99
Pack of 4
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With a classic American style, the Mason Drinking Jar Tumblers offer a truly vintage feel. The novelty jar provides unique drinks service.
A perfect addition to your glassware collection, these stylish Top Class Beverage Glasses are great for a wide variety of drinks.
From £21.99
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With a sleek design and bold stem, the stylish Imperial Plus Wine Glasses are perfect for presenting a wide variety of beverages.
SALE £14.99
Set of 4
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The Polycarbonate Martini Cocktail Glasses are a safe way to serve drinks. Ideal for parties and outdoor drinks service.
It's always happy hour with the Primetime Martini Glass, an elegant and sophisticated cocktail glass with a slim stem. Ideal for serving up a martini.
Enjoy a classic martini or funky cosmopolitan with the Bistro Martini Glasses. Offering a 19cl capacity, this short stemmed glass is perfect for bars.
From £16.99
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With a fun name and unique shape the Fiesta Martini Glass was made to party. Perfect for serving up a generous size cocktail, such as a martini.
From £22.99
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Enjoy a siesta with the novelty Cactus Margarita Glasses, perfect for serving up your favourite cocktail for all your party guests.
From £111.99
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With a ice rock effect in the base of the glass, these Veronese Double Old Fashioned Tumblers provide a unique touch to your drinks service.
Add some vintage style to all your beverages with these striking Flamenco Hiball Glasses! with a cut-glass design and heavy-weight base.
With a flared shape and a modern design, these stackable Endeavor Cooler Glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages.
From £11.99
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The 22cl Embassy Martini Cocktail Glasses are ideal for serving up a martini, cosmopolitan or other cocktail. Elegant and sophisticated.
The Excalibur Martini Cocktail Glasses are the perfect choice for your favourite style of martini, shaken or stirred. With a generous 30cl capacity.
Erupt your party with the Flaming Volcano Bowl, a large drinking bowl traditionally used to serve a unique cocktail in Hawaii in the 50s and 60s. You can serve up almost any cocktail in the 48oz bowl, but a traditional flaming volcano cocktail is made up
SALE £54.99
Serve up something unique with the distinctive Cancun Cocktail Glasses from Durobor. These footed glasses feature a bubble in the base.
From £17.99
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The novelty Stainless Steel Martini Glasses by bar@drinkstuff makes for a unique way to serve a party cocktail. Entirely manufactured from stainless steel.
From £8.99
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With a striking embossed pattern, these Duralex Prisme Tumblers is perfect for serving a variety of beverages. Whether it's classic old fashioned cocktails or fruit juice.
Truly unique, these striking Primarific Copper Hiball Tumblers create a distinctive drink presentation and are sure to impress. With a metallic finish.
From £4.99
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These retro Aras Tall Tumblers provide an American diner feel to your drink presentation. Perfect from serving everything from ice teas to milkshakes.
With a traditional style unlike any common cocktail glass, the Stainless Steel Julep Cup is the only way to enjoy a cold Julep cocktail. Ideal for use as a mint julep cup, the Stainless Steel Julep Cup makes a perfect presentation vessel for any cocktail
From £4.99
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The elegantly shaped Entertain Hurricane Cocktail Glasses offer a practical and versatile design. The hurricane shape 42cl bowl is perfect for filling up with a classic Hurricane cocktail, but is equally suitable for Pina Colada cocktails or a tasty ice c
From £11.99
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The Stack Up Hiball Tumblers boast a convenient, space saving, stackable design and can be used to serve a wide range of cold drinks.
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Cocktail Glasses

Get your party started with our range of cocktail glasses! Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party for friends or have a busy cocktail bar to run, we cater for everyone with our cocktail glass set and cases of cocktail glasses. For those last minute parties we offer fast UK delivery with the option of next day UK delivery.

Our range of cheap cocktail glasses include classic cocktail glasses such as martini glasses, margarita glasses, hurricane glasses, pina colada glasses, daiquiri glasses and hiball cocktail glasses. We offer a range of toughened cocktail glasses from big brands such as Arcoroc glassware, Libbey glassware and Luigi Bormioli glassware. Our designer cocktail glass range includes LSA glassware, Riedel glassware, Lolita glassware and Waterford glassware.

In addition to our cocktail glassware we also offer plastic cocktail glasses, polycarbonate cocktail glasses, reusable cocktail glasses and disposable cocktail glasses. Our range of novelty cocktail glasses offer something a bit different and include giant cocktail glasses, cocktail punch bowls, cocktail fish bowls and LED cocktail glasses.