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Cocktail Sets

  • Gift sets for beginners
  • Professional mixing sets and equipment for bartenders
  • Large choice compiled from our best selling cocktail equipment
  • Learn how to make cocktails with cocktail recipe books
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Serve up the perfect cocktail punch to share with friends with the Cocktail Service Fish Bowl Set. Great for parties, this set features a 2 pint polycarbonate jug for a party punch and Individual Cocktail Fish Bowls for serving it up in a unique fashion. More info
On Sale $30.64 RRP $38.30 | Save 20%
In stock
To help you learn the tricks of the pros, the Flair Starter Set contains the basics you will need to get mixing and juggling like a professional. Impress your friends with a fantastic show, then wow them with a perfectly mixed cocktail! More info
On Sale $64.36 RRP $86.45 | Save 26%
In stock
Take your bartending skills to the next level with the Flair Starter Set with Advanced Flair DVD. This set has been specially complied so you can practise your flair tricks and techniques at home. The Advanced Flair DVD is an advanced level training DVD f More info
On Sale $72.03 RRP $86.45 | Save 17%
In stock
Just like in all walks of life, practise makes perfect which is why we've complied the Flair Starter Set for budding bartenders. Featuring everything you need to get mixing, flipping and throwing cocktails together you'll soon be impressing your friends w More info
On Sale $68.96 RRP $86.45 | Save 20%
In stock
Mix up some cocktails in style with the Apollo Stainless Steel Cocktail Gift Set. Containing everything you need to start mixing, this set is ideal for any beginner to start cocktail making. This set includes a cocktail shaker with in-built strainer, jigg More info
On Sale $15.31 RRP $18.38 | Save 17%
In stock
Become the perfect host and entertain your friends and family with the help of the Home Cocktail Set from bar@drinkstuff. This exclusive set features a colourful 150 Party Drinks Book to give you plenty of inspiration and comes complete with standard Iris More info
On Sale $22.98 RRP $44.44 | Save 48%
In stock
When venturing into the world of cocktails, it can be difficult to know where to start. How can you be sure you've got the right equipment for the job? The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set brings together the most useful range of cocktail accessories to help y More info
On Sale $18.38 RRP $30.64 | Save 40%
In stock
Serve drinks with a punch with the Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set with Irish Measures from bar@drinkstuff. Perfect for those that love to entertain, this set features the classic Manhattan Shaker which features a lid with in-built strainer. Standard Irish More info
On Sale $22.98 RRP $45.97 | Save 50%
In stock
You too can drink like an international spy with the bar@drinkstuff Martini Shaken Not Stirred Cocktail Set. Inspired by James Bond's classic line, this Martini Cocktail Set contains all the ingredients you need to create a Classic Martini. More info
On Sale $30.64 RRP $35.59 | Save 14%
In stock
Kick your cocktail making career into gear with the bar@drinkstuff Basic Cocktail Shaker Set with Cocktail Book! Remember, it's not the size of your set that matters, it's what you do with it that counts! Containing the perfect cocktail accessories to hel More info
On Sale $13.78 RRP $18.38 | Save 25%
In stock
Mix it up like a pro with the bar@drinkstuff Professional Cocktail Book Cocktail Set. Perfect for anyone wanting to take their cocktail mixing to a new level, this set contains a Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker, as used by professional bartenders, alo More info
On Sale $15.31 RRP $36.77 | Save 58%
In stock
Anyone that's watched a professional bartender mix his stuff can't fail to be impressed. Now it's your turn to dazzle with the Black Cocktail Shaker Set. Containing high quality bar tools that are used by professionals, this set is ideal for anyone that's More info
On Sale $38.30 RRP $84.29 | Save 55%
In stock
No party is complete without cocktails, but to save you playing bartender all evening we've compiled the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser Cocktail Set! An essential for any party, BBQ or evening with friends, this set features the Ice Core Beverage Dispenser w More info
On Sale $65.90 RRP $68.96 | Save 4%
In stock
Fancy mixing up some cocktail creations but don't know quite where to start? The Cocktail Recipe Set by bar@drinkstuff will give you all the inspiration you need to start creating the perfect cocktail, whether it's an old classic or a fun, contemporary co More info
On Sale $30.64 RRP $53.63 | Save 43%
In stock
The handy Bartenders Bag from Urban Bar is an essential for the travelling bartender. Wherever your event is, this practical kit contains all the essential tools needed to start mixing up some cocktails, all packed in a roll-up nylon carry bag. More info
On Sale $98.08 RRP $153.26 | Save 36%
In stock
Start mixing things up with the Cocktail Starter Pack with Irish Measures from bar@drinkstuff. Suitable for any novice cocktail mixologist, this unique cocktail set exclusively features standard Irish 35ml and 70ml thimble measures for legally serving spi More info
On Sale $39.84 RRP $61.30 | Save 35%
In stock
Bring the cocktail lounge to your front room with The Modern Cocktail Modern Martinis Mixers. This set includes 5 bottles of pre-measured contemporary flavour mixers for creating some fruity cocktails. Easy to use, simply rim your glass with the sugar cry More info
In stock
Turn your living room into a tiki lounge with The Modern Cocktail Tropical Highballs Mixers, perfect for mixing up some quick and professional looking delicious tropical cocktails without even breaking a sweat. This set includes 5 bottles of pre-measured More info
In stock
With all you need to impress the love of your life, the Valentines Luxury Drinkstuff Cocktail Kit is the ideal gift for your valentine. This luxury cocktail making set is perfect for a romantic night and includes all the essentials you need to create prof More info
On Sale $38.30 RRP $45.97 | Save 17%
In stock
If you feel your vodka and coke is lacking a little inspiration, then it's time to get creative with the Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set. This stainless steel set contains everything a beginner needs to whizz up a tasty and fabulous looking cocktail in More info
On Sale $30.64 RRP $45.97 | Save 33%
In stock
A classic cocktail if there ever was one, the bar@drinkstuff Tom Collins contains gin, lemon juice and simple syrup topped with club soda. Now you can recreate this popular cocktail and more with the Tom Collins Cocktail Set, complete with the clear full More info
On Sale $13.78 RRP $24.82 | Save 44%
In stock
If you've always fancied mixing up some professional looking cocktails at home then the Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff is the perfect choice for any beginner. Containing professional cocktail equipment as used by bartender More info
On Sale $18.38 RRP $41.37 | Save 56%
In stock
Using your kitchen sieve and a rolling pin when making a cocktail doesn't quite impress in the same way a professional bartender does. Add some style to your cocktail mixing with the Stainless Steel Cocktail Set. Containing a sleek selection of profession More info
On Sale $18.38 RRP $30.64 | Save 40%
In stock
The Sidecar cocktail originated at Harry's New York Bar in Paris at the start of the 1900s and is named after a patron who came to and from the bar in a chauffeur-driven motorcycle sidecar. The inspiration for the Margarita and the Daiquiri, you can also More info
On Sale $36.77 RRP $57.00 | Save 35%
In stock
Any self-respecting bartender knows no cocktail is complete without a straw, but why settle for a plain old bendy straw, when you can have a colourful, twisty and flamboyant addition to your cocktail? The Drinking Straws Cocktail Set contains a variety of More info
On Sale $6.12 RRP $9.18 | Save 33%
In stock
You'd be forgiven for thinking ice buckets are just for ice, but the Mini Cocktail Ice Bucket Set is here to mix things up. Containing four miniature ice buckets, each holding 50cl, you'll be inspired to serve up some unique and novelty cocktails for friends. More info
On Sale $19.91 RRP $22.98 | Save 13%
In stock
This Urban Bar Cocktail Kit Bag is the last word in cocktail equipment. Containing the ultimate tool selection necessary to create a peerless cocktail. Whether you're travelling to a cocktail show, bar event or even your friends house, this is an essentia More info
On Sale $312.68 RRP $383.19 | Save 18%
In stock
Forget about fiddly drinks cartons sloshing juice all over your bar, the Store & Pour Bar Set will ensure your bar service flows smoothly. Each bottle features a colour coded lid for easy identification, ensuring you won't get your orange juice mixed up w More info
On Sale $26.04 RRP $30.58 | Save 15%
In stock
Combining 2 of our most popular cocktail kits, the Ultimate Cocktail Kit contains all the bits and bobs you'll need to become a master cocktail creator! Wow your friends and family with both your theoretical and practical knowledge on all things cocktail More info
On Sale $68.96 RRP $114.94 | Save 40%
Out of stock | Est due in 27th March
You've bought your booze, stocked up on pourers, optics and the like, and you’ve even got a quality blender to go with it all. Now all you need are the small accessories that make all the difference! More info
On Sale $22.98 RRP $30.64 | Save 25%
Out of stock | Due in TBA
Get a taste of the Southern States by making your own classic cocktail with the Mint Julep Cocktail Set. Containing all the equipment you need to get muddling, mixing and serving, this set is perfect for cocktail party hosts and budding bartenders. More info
On Sale $38.30 RRP $53.63 | Save 29%
Out of stock | Est due in 22nd May
Serve up this classic South American cocktail in style with the Professional Mint Julep Cocktail Set. Just like a pro bartender you can recreate your own Bourbon based cocktail at home with the help of the two piece cocktail shaker for mixing, Julep Strai More info
On Sale $45.97 RRP $53.63 | Save 14%
Out of stock | Est due in 22nd May
Keep your guests refreshing with the Hexagonal Drinks Dispenser with Drinking Jars, ideal for serving home made lemonade, juice, ice tea or cocktails. Ideal when entertaining friends and family. More info
On Sale $49.03 RRP $91.95 | Save 47%
Out of stock | Est due in 19th March
Take your drinks service back to a more simple era with the Mason Jar Drinks Dispenser with Drinking Jars. Perfect for serving a home made lemonade, refreshing juice or classic ice tea, this dispenser set is ideal for parties and BBQs. More info
On Sale $42.90 RRP $58.23 | Save 26%
Out of stock | Est due in 22nd May
Give your drinks a classic Northern touch with the Yorkshire Drinks Dispenser with Yorkshire Drinking Jars. Perfect for garden parties, BBQs or weddings, this glass dispenser with stand offers a traditional design, embossed with the words 'Yorkshire Glass More info
On Sale $76.62 RRP $107.28 | Save 29%
Out of stock | Est due in 19th March
Lemonade or ice tea? Serve both with the Dual Mason Jar Drinks Dispenser with Drinking Jars, perfect when entertaining family and friends. A great choice for parties or BBQs, this set features a double beverage dispenser. More info
On Sale $73.56 RRP $91.95 | Save 20%
Out of stock | Est due in 19th March
Is your cocktail service lacking a certain va va voom? The Teapot Cocktail Set matches the classic serving style of a tea party with the elegance of a tall pair of Entertain Martini Glasses, giving you the opportunity to get experimental with your cocktai More info
On Sale $24.51 RRP $30.64 | Save 20%
Out of stock | Est due in 4th March
Serving delicious martinis at home is made simple with the Modern Cocktails Martini Set, perfect for beginner cocktail makers and cocktail party hosts. Serve up a professional looking Cranberry Flavour Cosmo or Sour Apple Flavour Martini with The Modern C More info
On Sale $38.30 RRP $45.97 | Save 17%
Out of stock | Est due in 30th March
If you feel your home bar is lacking a little something, then it's probably time you invested in the Home Bar Cocktail Set. Including everything you need to make your pad look like a swanky New York cocktail bar, this set features everything you need to m More info
On Sale $45.97 RRP $76.62 | Save 40%
Out of stock | Est due in 30th April
Show off your cocktail creations to your friends with the Plastic Bar Caddy Starter Kit. If you're new to the cocktail world then this set will help you with a bit of razzle dazzle, even if your drinks aren't up to much! This set contains everything you'l More info
On Sale $30.64 RRP $35.24 | Save 13%
Out of stock | Est due in 27th March

Cocktail Sets

To get your cocktail party into full swing, our selection of cocktail sets includes a wide range of cocktail making kits for all levels of experience. From simple cocktail accessory sets and cocktail equipment sets, to full-blown cocktail mixing sets and professional cocktail sets, our range of cocktail packs lets you get mixing for your next cocktail party.

With a wide choice of cocktail bar sets, flair bartending sets, and cocktail mixology sets available with fast UK delivery, even if you’re an amateur cocktail maker you will learn how to make cocktails in no time. If you want to learn the art of flair bartending, our range of beginner flair sets include all the flair equipment you will need, including flair DVDs.

For your next cocktail party, our home cocktail making kits and cocktail packs include various cocktail glasses and cocktail mixers to give you everything you need. Just choose one of our martini cocktail sets and margarita cocktail sets including cocktail books and cocktail recipe books to help you learn how to make cocktails.

Ideal as a gift, our cocktail starter kits include various cocktail making equipment available on next day delivery, making them the ideal cocktail shaker gift sets for cocktail enthusiasts.

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