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Established in 1977
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Cocktail Shakers

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With a highly polished copper plated finish, this Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin is perfect for on trend mixologists.
From £5.99
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Cocktail shakers are probably the most important part in cocktail making. Why not start your set off with this fine 3 part 28oz Manhattan Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff with built in strainer? It's sure to make you look like a pro! Simple to use and
From £7.99
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The French Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff gives you the chance to mix up 20oz of your favourite cocktail mixture in style! Beware of adding this sleek shaker to your bar; no matter which drink you mix, it will never live up to the impressive sight of
From £3.99
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The Mason Drinking Jar Cocktail Shaker is the ultimate in up-cycled chic. The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker gives a truly retro look for creating cocktails.
From £14.99
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With a generously novel size, the Giant Cocktail Shaker provides refreshments for all your guests at once. Perfect for mixing cocktails at parties.
From £16.99
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This 3 piece cobbler style Gun Metal Black Cocktail Shaker features a built in strainer for a smooth mixing process, perfect for beginner mixologists.
SALE £10.99
Never be without any ideas with the Recipe Boston Cocktail Shaker; written around the outside of the glass are famous cocktail recipes and measure lines to ensure you will always have a recipe at hand.
This Gun Metal Black Boston Shaker Tin boasts professional quality and is perfect for use in commercial settings such as clubs and cocktail bars.
Following the new flair bartending trend sweeping bars, the Copper Tin on Tin Boston Shaker is the stylish choice. With a unique tin on tin design.
Replacing the traditional Boston cocktail shaker glass with a tin, this Mezclar Tin on Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker is sure to impress.
The Calabrese Cocktail Shaker is an exquisite piece designed in collaboration with Salvatore Calabrese. With a 2 piece construction.
Finished in rose gold plating, the Calabrese Cocktail Shaker is designed in collaboration with master mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese. Perfect for mixing drinks in style.
Take your cocktail making to the next level with this Textured Shadow Grey Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker. Perfect for any mixologist.
With a two piece design and a large capacity tin, this Gun Metal Black Parisian Cocktail Shaker is perfect for whipping up larger batches of cocktails.
Its large capacity makes this Parisian Cocktail Shaker perfect for mixing large batches of cocktails. The copper finish allows you to shake up your style!
Finished in a stylish black matte coating, this Black Matte Boston Cocktail Shaker Tin is the perfect alternative to a Boston Glass.
Ideal for replacing a traditional Boston glass, these Textured Shadow Grey Boston Cocktail Shaker Tins add a unique touch to your barware.
The Bonzer Mixing Vessel is perfect for making stirred cocktails the professional way, this elegant mixing container is ideal for bars, clubs and making cocktails at home.
SALE £16.99
This Cocktail Shaker from the Newport collection offers a elegant touch to every cocktail you shake up. Beautifully crafted from high quality glass with a unique cut glass appearance.
SALE £19.99
Finally a cocktail shaker that is leak-proof! Shake, twist or flip your shaker with confidence as the locking top secures the liquid stays inside.
This quirky, large capacity Penguin Cocktail Shaker is perfect for shaking up at storm at home cocktail and dinner parties.
Create cocktails that are out of this world with this two piece, stainless steel Rocket Cocktail Shaker. Sky-rocketing to your stylish home cocktail night.
SALE £39.99
Give your cocktails some jet power with this stylish and unusual Aeroplane Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff. Perfect for giving your favourite cocktail lift off, this stainless steel and aluminium shaker is shaped like a plane, providing a talking poin
The Copper Cocktail Shaker offers a truly stylish way to shake and serve cocktails. With a beautiful copper plated finish and 3 piece design.
Perfect for mixing some classic cocktails, the Mezclar Two Piece Cocktail Shaker with copper plated finish brings a premium feel to your bar collection.
Snazz up your bar collection with the 47 Ronin Two Piece Cocktail Shaker with polished brass finish. Perfect for shaking up some classic cocktails, this luxury French Cocktail Shaker features two tins for shaking which can then be strained straight into t
SALE £6.99
A sleek and stylish accessory to your home bar collection, this Stainless Steel Watchband Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff is perfect for fitting with either classic or contemporary bar settings. Finished with a watchband design around the tin and on t
SALE £6.99
An eye catching addition to any home bar, this Deluxe Stainless Steel Crocodile Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff offers a classic, vintage style design. Complete with an in-built strainer, this stainless steel shaker is perfect for shaking up some clas
From £3.99
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Personalise your drinks service with the small yet stylish Stainless Steel Mini Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff. At 10oz, this shaker is perfect for individual and unique cocktails, making it ideal for drinks at home.
The 47 Ronin Tin on Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker gives a classic design a unique rejuvenation. This drink mixer replaces the classic Boston mixing glass with a shaker tin.
From £3.99
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Smaller than a traditional Boston Shaker Tin, this Mezclar 18oz Cocktail Shaker Tin is designed to replace a classic Shaker Glass.
For a professional cocktail service like no other, the Copper Boston Shaker Tin shakes things up! With the ability to shake and serve.
With the Copper Boston Shaker Tin, you can shake and serve a professional standard cocktail. Following the new copper barware trend.
SALE £8.99
Shake Tin Only
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When speed is of the essence, you need the right tools for the job. Whether you're impressing your mates at home or serving at a busy bar, this Shake n' Crack Strainer Tin will help speed up the process. Combining two essential bartender tools, the tin an
Perfect for shaking up your cocktail preparation and presentation this Kilner Cocktail Set is unique and boasts vintage style.
From £3.50
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Don't just leave the cocktail making to the professionals, start shaking things up at home with the Manhattan Mini Cocktail Shaker from bar@drinkstuff. At 10oz, this mini shaker is smaller than a standard cocktail shaker, making it perfect for individual
The Gold Plated Boston Shaker Tin allows you to shake and serve your cocktails all within the same vessel. With a trend setting gold finish.
From £6.99
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The World Cocktail Shaker provides all the inspiration you need to start mixing cocktails at your next party. This 3 piece shaker is made from durable, tempered glass with a chrome finish lid with in-built strainer.
SALE £11.99
The Final Touch Liquor Bottle Cocktail Shaker gives your cocktail making a shake up! With a novelty design, this 3 piece cobbler shaker is truly unique.
With a copper plated finish, these Mezclar Art Deco Cocktail Shakers are the perfect way to add vintage style to your cocktail making.
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What is a Cocktail Shaker?

Cocktail shakers are an essential part of most cocktail recipes. As the name suggests, a cocktail shaker is used to mix ingredients together by shaking them up in a sealed container before serving the drink. Once the cocktail has been shaken is is often poured through a strainer to ensure no larger solid ingredients are poured into the final drinking glass. There are 2 main types of cocktail shaker, the Boston Shaker, and the Cobbler Shaker.

Boston Shaker:

The Boston Shaker consists of 2 parts - a metal cup and a glass or plastic cup.
Boston Cocktail Shaker
Boston Cocktail Shaker

The Boston Shaker is the preferred shaker of professional bartenders because the 2 parts simply slot together rather than fixing together. This reduces the time it takes when preparing a cocktail for customers, or for a professional flair show.
The 2 parts can even be used separately for stirring or muddling ingredients.
The glass/plastic cup is always the smaller part of the Boston Shaker so that it can snugly fit in the metal cup to create a temporary seal when shaking.
The Boston Shaker will require the use of a separate strainer (e.g. Hawthorne Strainer or Julep Strainer) when pouring out the drink so no larger solid ingredients are poured by accident.
Some professional bartenders will narrowly separate the 2 cups to create a small gap through which the drink can be strained.
Boston Cocktail Shaker
Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

Cobbler Shaker:

The Cobbler Shaker consists of 3 parts - a cup, a lid with a built-in strainer, and a cap.
Because the lid and cap are designed to be fixed tightly (sometimes even screwed together), a Cobbler Shaker is not recommended for professional use because of the time consumption when removing these parts.
Aimed at the domestic market, the Cobbler Shaker can come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Full metal Cobbler Shakers are common, while the cup can also be made from glass or plastic.
Because the lid of a Cobbler Shaker has a built-in strainer to catch larger ingredients, there is no need to use a separate Hawthorne or Julep strainer.

Cocktail Shakers

Get mixing cocktails with our wide range of cocktail shakers. From professional cocktail shakers to domestic cocktail shakers, you’ll soon be creating cocktails in no time. Whether you’re shopping for a large cocktail shaker or small cocktail shaker, pink cocktail shaker or black cocktail shaker, we’ve got it covered!

The Boston Cocktail Shaker is the perfect bartender cocktail shaker, offering far more versatility when shaking cocktails. This two-part cocktail shaker makes the perfect flair cocktail shaker and is designed to be used with a cocktail strainer. The Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass is available with a variety of Boston Cocktail Shaker Tins in different styles.

Perfect for use at home, our range of cobbler cocktail shakers are designed to take the fuss out of cocktail making. Each three piece cocktail shaker features an in-built cocktail strainer in the lid and are ideal when following cocktail recipes. The perfect gift for any cocktail lover, our selection of cocktail shakers are available with fast UK delivery.

Our range of cheap cocktail shakers includes novelty cocktail shakers and designer cocktail shakers, such as Waterford cocktail shakers and Arthur Price cocktail shakers. Available in a variety of different styles, our range of cocktail shakers feature stainless steel cocktail shakers, acrylic cocktail shakers, plastic cocktail shakers and double wall cocktail shakers.