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Established in 1977
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Cocktail Strainers

Cocktail Strainers
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From £4.99
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With a copper plated finish, this Copper Hawthorne Strainer is ideal for keeping ice or muddled ingredients from reaching your cocktail.
From £2.99
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Serve classic cocktails with vintage style using this Copper Julep Cocktail Strainer, perfect for catching ice and muddled ingredients.
From £2.49
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The bar@drinkstuff Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer ensures no large pieces of fruit or ice slip into your glass. The perfect fit for a Boston Shaker Glass, this strainer features 4 prongs for stability, ensuring picture perfect cocktails every time.
From £2.19
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For use with a Boston style shaker, this Julep strainer acts as the perfect catcher of ice, and ingredients used to make your cocktail.
If you're the kind of person that doesn't want bits in your drink, then you can start fine tuning with the Conical Cocktail Sieve.
An essential tool for any bar or aspiring mixologist, this Gun Metal Black Premium Julep Strainer is perfect for preparing cocktails.
With a high quality stainless steel construction, the Professional 2 Prong Cocktail Strainer is a cocktail tool for the professionals. The high quality polished finish and classic design makes this the perfect choice for creating the perfect cocktail. A s
Add vintage style to your barware equipment with Endurance Vintage Cocktail Strainer Spoon. Makes mixing and straining cocktails easy.
Stylish and practical, this Triangular Cocktail Strainer offers a compact shape and size whilst fitting to the shape of your hand.
With the Copper Plated Heritage Cocktail Strainer Set, you can convey a truly professional look and feel. Taking the new copper bar trend by storm.
SALE £2.79
If you served your guests or clients a poorly made cocktail, with big chucks of ice and fruit pips, it would be the social equivalent of serving your mother-in-law lumpy gravy. This Two Prong Hawthorn Strainer is ideal for ensuring there's no unwanted bit
This Gun Metal Black Premium Hawthorne Strainer fits tightly to your cocktail shaker tin preventing chunks of ice or fruit entering your cocktails.
For perfectly smooth cocktails, the ProStrainer Double Strainer features an extra fine strain for a pure blend. With a professional strainer like this, you can tweak your cocktails to your personal liking. This bar tool is an essential item and perfect fo
From £9.99
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With a spring that fits tightly into your Boston shaker can, this Gun Metal Black Cocktail Strainer allows you to the smoothest cocktail creations.
The Copper Sprung Julep Strainer is the professional choice for a smooth cocktail blend. With an extra large spring to catch chunks of fruit and ice.
The Calabrese Hawthorn Strainer is the perfect way to create a finer blended drink. With a premium finish and professional design.
Finished in a premium copper plating, the no-prong Calabrese Hawthorn Strainer puts an end to unwanted chunks of fruit and ice.
With a unique coating, this Black Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainer is ideal for the mixologist taking their cocktails to the next level.
With a grey textured coating, these Grey Komodo Koat Hawthorne Strainers offer greater grip and control when pouring cocktails.
An essential tool in any bar, this Gun Metal Premium Sprung Julep Cocktail Strainer is perfect for creating smooth blend, professional quality cocktails.
When serving up a fancy cocktail you need the right equipment. Somehow straining a cocktail through your kitchen sieve doesn't quite have the same elegance as using a proper cocktail strainer. This Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer is perfect for use with a B
A stylish addition to your bar arsenal, the Rose Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer will ensure your cocktails are served perfectly smooth and free from chunks of ice. Ideal for use with a Boston Cocktail Shaker, this rose gold plated strainer lets you strain
The Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer is no ordinary cocktail strainer, it doubles up as an ice scoop making it a highly versatile and essential bar tool. Manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel, the Juliep offers a unique angled design which fits perfe
Bringing a sleek and sophisticated feel to your bar equipment, the 47 Ronin Copper Plated Bar Strainer offers a premium design that's ideal for professionals or home bars. Ideal for matching with other luxury cocktail items, this strainer is designed for
Perfectly paired with the Urban Bar Copper Plated Boston Cocktail Shaker, this Hawthorn Strainer is a stylish addition to any bar.
Ideal for an ultra chilled cocktail without chunks of ice, the Premium Hawthorn Strainer is the only choice. Perfect for straining with a glass or shaker.
The Gold Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer offers a luxurious way to create professional cocktails. With an ultra fine mesh and made to fit over a cocktail shaker tin.
The Silver Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer aims to make your cocktails as smooth as possible. With a fine mesh, a mini sieve is ideal for double straining.
The Copper Plated Fine Cocktail Strainer takes the finest quality design and gives a fresh new twist. With premium copper plating and a luxurious finish.
With a unique design, the Stainless Steel Biloxi Strainer is the perfect way to keep ice and crushed ingredients out of your cocktails.
With a concave shell design, this Gold Plated Biloxi Julep Strainer is the perfect way of keeping troublesome ice out of your cocktails.
This Rose Gold Biloxi Julep Strainer fits perfectly in a Boston Cocktail Shaker and is sure to keep chunks of ice out of your cocktails.
Add a touch of luxury to your barware with the Copper Plated Biloxi Julep Strainer, perfect for keeping ice out of cocktails.
Take your cocktail equipment up a notch with this Black Matte Hawthorne Strainer, a variation of the classic 4 prong cocktail strainer.
The Antique Copper Julep Cocktail Strainer is designed like a large perforated spoon. Ideal for fitting on the majority of mixing glasses or tins.

Cocktail Strainers

An essential bar tool for any bartender, a cocktail strainer is specially designed to keep out large bits of ice and fruit pulp. Our range of metal strainers includes stainless steel strainers and gold plated strainers, ensuring a range of quality professional strainers.

Our range of cocktail strainers and cocktail sieves come in a variety of different designs, including 2 prong strainers, 2 eared strainers, 4 prong strainers and 4 eared strainers. Our range includes the classic hawthorne strainer and julep strainer, all available with fast UK delivery.

For a stylish bar, our range of cocktail shaker strainers and cocktail shaker sieves includes designer cocktail strainers and branded cocktail strainers. You’ll find our range of hawthorn strainers and juliep strainers are ideal for use as Boston shaker tin strainers or Boston shaker glass strainers.