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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Cutlery Sets

Absolu Cutlery

Aloa Cutlery

Baguette Cutlery

Bali Cutlery

Bead Cutlery

Chatsworth Cutlery

Churchill Florence Cutlery

Cult Cutlery

Diva Cutlery

Donau Cutlery

Dubarry Cutlery

Durban Cutlery

Elia Harley Deluxe Cutlery

Finity Cutlery

Florence Cutlery

Harley Cutlery

Hollands Glad Cutlery

Ibiza Cutlery

Jesmond Cutlery

Kings Cutlery

Lima Cutlery

Lotus Cutlery

Lvis Cutlery

Millenium Cutlery

Oasis Cutlery

Ovation Cutlery

Rio Cutlery

Saffron Cutlery

Slim Cutlery

Solstice Cutlery

Square Cutlery

Swing Cutlery

Teardrop Cutlery

Turin Cutlery

Verlaine Cutlery

Windsor Cutlery

XY Cutlery

Disposable Cutlery

Steak Knife Sets

Cutlery Trays
From €4.17
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Help preserve the environment by using Eco-friendly Birchwood disposable cutlery. They look good and are much more effective than plastic whilst being harvested from re-planted forests.
From €4.17
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Great for outdoor and large events, the Birchwood Disposable Knives are made from biodegradable wood that has been sourced from sustainable forests. These environmentally friendly knives can be disposed of with natural waste or composted, taking only mont
From €4.17
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Perfect for parties, buffets and BBQs, the Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons offer a practical and eco-friendly design. Harvested from sustainable forests, these spoons are biodegradable, taking only months to compost.
Produced from 18/0 stainless steel, these Millenium Soda Spoons are perfect for iced tea or even a chocolate sundae. With an elongated handle they can reach places a tablespoon can't. Not only do they provide good resistance to staining but they will comp
From €4.76
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Perfect for dining establishments or entertaining at home, the professional quality Tramontina Jumbo Polywood Steak Knife is ideal for tucking into a juicy steak or home made pizza. This knife features a carbon steel blade with a rounded end which offers
From €1.43
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Whether you're hosting a party for friends or have a large event to cater for, the Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Forks offer a practical alternative to cutlery. Manufactured from food safe, impact resistant polystyrene, these disposable forks can be recy
Constructed from 18/0 stainless steel, the Genware Tea Spoons will assist in making the perfect cup of tea. Providing good resistance to staining and maintaining a very good finish, these spoons complement most existing tableware.
From €3.57
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There's no need to have the weight of non-eco-friendly disposables on your mind anymore - now these Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons offer a 'green' way to cater for a party! Made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch, you can comfortably dispose of these pa