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Disposables & Reusables

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Be part of the latest drinking trend with the Elite Bomb Shots! This all-in-one Jagerbomb cup offers a convenient way to serve 25ml of spirits with a 100ml chaser together in one glass. These durable, stackable, polycarbonate bomber cups are CE marked, perfect for using in licensed bars, clubs and pubs. More info
On Sale €9.70 RRP €12.13 | Save 20% Sleeve of 12 More options
In stock
Ideal for celebrations, these Striped Bendy Straws feature a stylish black and gold striped design to get your guests in the party mood. These 9.5 inch straws are ideal for hiball glasses and are made from disposable plastic. More info
On Sale €4.85 RRP €6.06 | Save 20% Pack of 250 More options
In stock
No party is complete without a fish bowl! With the Individual Mini Cocktail Fish Bowl, you can now serve miniature versions of your favourite fruity beverage. Serve punch or cocktails in a classic party fish bowl in a more convenient, hand-held size. A durable plastic construction makes these reusable fish bowls the perfect addition to your next party. More info
On Sale €18.20 RRP €20.63 | Save 12% Case of 120 More options
In stock
Light up your party with the Champagne Sparkler Set, the perfect addition to your celebration. This set features a clip which attaches to the neck of a champagne bottle and holds the three included Light Sparkles for a truly explosive celebration! More info
On Sale €6.06 RRP €7.27 | Save 17%
In stock
Any self-respecting bartender knows no cocktail is complete without a straw, but why settle for a plain old bendy straw, when you can have a colourful, twisty and flamboyant addition to your cocktail? The Drinking Straws Cocktail Set contains a variety of funky straws in various designs and colours that are perfect for long drinks and cocktails. More info
On Sale €4.85 RRP €7.27 | Save 33%
In stock
Perfect for enjoying your favourite soft drink or cocktail, the Striped Bendy Straws are the ideal length for hiball glasses. These clear bendy straws feature red and blue stripes to add a retro feel to your beverage. More info
On Sale €1.57 RRP €2.42 | Save 35% Pack of 120 More options
In stock
Cater for any event with the Disposable Wine Glasses, perfect for large and outdoor parties, events and functions. Made from crystal polystyrene plastic, these plastic glasses are completely disposable meaning you won't have to worry about breakages. More info
On Sale €3.63 RRP €4.85 | Save 25% Sleeve of 12 More options
In stock
Perfect for a multicultural feast, the Mixed International Flag Picks are each topped with a flag from around the world. These picks are perfect for decorating cocktails, sticking in party food or topping off a cake. More info
On Sale €3.63 RRP €6.06 | Save 40% Pack of 250 More options
In stock
Liven up your party with these jumbo straws with foil palms! A cheap and cheerful way to brighten up a quite frankly average looking cocktail or drink. More info
€1.20 48 Packs of 8 More options
In stock
Join in the latest drinking craze with these Bomb Shots! A great alternative to a plastic shot glass in a glass, these keep the shot and chaser separate until you're ready to drink. They are ideal for serving up bomb shots. More info
On Sale €6.67 RRP €14.56 | Save 54% Sleeve of 50 More options
In stock
Now you can celebrate in style with champagne and sparklers with the help of the Sparkler Bottle Clip. This handy plastic clip holds 3 ice fountain style sparklers and attaches to the neck of a champagne bottle to really make your party go with a bang! More info
On Sale €1.20 RRP €1.32 | Save 9% Single More options
In stock
It's time to party like its 1999 with the fun Glow Bracelets! Simply bend, shake and wear for the ultimate party accessory, great for nightclubs, raves, festivals and concerts. Each pack includes a pink, blue and green bracelet for a colourful glow. More info
On Sale €1.81 RRP €2.42 | Save 25%
In stock
The Disposable Shot Glasses are ideal for parties, events or use in your bar. CE marked to the brim, they are suitable for use in licensed establishments. Made from crystal polystyrene plastic they offer a rigid construction making them a great alternative to breakable glassware. More info
On Sale €3.02 RRP €3.63 | Save 17% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
Practical and colourful, the Solo Blue American Party Cups are an essential for any party! Solo cups are popular across the pond, and now you can throw a frat style party at home just like the ones in American films. These disposable 34cl cups can be filled with beer, punch or soft drinks, or even used in a game of beer pong! More info
On Sale €7.27 RRP €8.49 | Save 14% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
Proving that plastic glassware can be sleek and stylish, the Regal Polycarbonate 2/3rd Pint Glasses combine a practical virtually unbreakable design with an elegant look. With a tall and slender design, these reusable polycarbonate tumblers are ideal for serving beer or cocktails. More info
On Sale €10.92 RRP €13.35 | Save 18% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Offering a tall and slender design, these Regal Polycarbonate Pint Glasses are both practical and stylish. Holding a pint to the brim, these CE marked virtually unbreakable glasses are an ideal choice for bars and clubs aiming to reduce glassware breakages and related injuries. More info
On Sale €12.13 RRP €15.77 | Save 23% Set of 4 More options
In stock
Perfect for parties, this pack of 4 Wine Glass Plate Clips, also known as Buffet Maid Clips, makes mingling easier by providing you with a free hand to meet and greet! Simply clip one of these on to the side of a plate and your piece of stemware can comfortably sit alongside your plate so you don't have to hold it! More info
On Sale €2.42 RRP €3.63 | Save 33% Case of 768 More options
In stock
These large Foil Platters are ideal for presenting party and buffet food. Whether you're catering for a birthday party or Sunday lunch, these disposable platters are an ideal alternative to splashing out on some fancy silver trays. More info
On Sale €24.27 RRP €38.85 | Save 38% Pack of 10 More options
In stock
Never drink good wine from bad glasses again with the GoVino Plastic Wine Glasses. With a crystal clear BPA free polyethylene construction, these shatter-proof glasses are the ultimate reusable glasses for on the go. An ergonomic thumb notch and punt make this stylish stemless glass have improved comfort and grip. More info
On Sale €14.56 RRP €16.99 | Save 14%
In stock
The GoVino Plastic Champagne Flutes are the ultimate glasses for on the move, the perfect balance between reusable practicality but with a sleek stemless design. A crystal clear BPA-Free polyethylene plastic gives these flutes a high quality glass look and a shatter-proof construction. More info
On Sale €14.56 RRP €16.99 | Save 14%
In stock
With a unique design, the GoVino Plastic Cocktail Glasses are perfect for cocktails on the move, ideal at parties or picnics. Each glass features an ergonomic thumb notch and punt for increased grip and comfort. With a shatter-proof construction, these stemless glasses are the only way to enjoy stress-free cocktails. More info
On Sale €14.56 RRP €16.99 | Save 14%
In stock
Perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining, the Compass 21 Piece Party Platter Set offers a sophisticated look, but is comprised of plastic pieces for a practical and lightweight design. A polypropylene slate effect platter accommodates polystyrene shot glasses, dishes, canapé spoons and cutlery, ideal for serving appetizers or desserts. More info
On Sale €9.70 RRP €12.13 | Save 20% Single Set More options
In stock
Create an impressive appetizer or dessert with the Compass 25 Piece Party Platter Set. The slate effect platter offers the look of real slate, yet is made from robust, lightweight plastic. The accompanying dishes and cutlery are also made from plastic, making this set a great choice for indoor and outdoor entertaining. More info
On Sale €8.49 RRP €9.70 | Save 13% Case of 12 Sets More options
In stock
Dish up a feast of food with the Compass 37 Piece Party Platter Set, perfect for appetizers, party canapés or desserts. Each piece is made from reusable and recyclable plastic, which offers a practical, lightweight and durable design. More info
On Sale €10.92 RRP €14.56 | Save 25% Case of 12 Sets More options
In stock
Give your cocktails a tropical touch with the unusual Bamboo Straws, perfect for Hawaiian and Tiki themed parties. Made from sustainable bamboo, these straws offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, and are both reusable and biodegradable. More info
On Sale €12.13 RRP €14.56 | Save 17%
In stock
For the ultimate way to make and serve fresh milkshakes, the Pink Paper Cup Milkshake Kit offers you an all in one set to get you started. With traditional pink striped cups and matching straws, this set gives you a fresh taste of retro diner style milkshakes. More info
On Sale €23.06 RRP €27.92 | Save 17%
In stock
For a classically styled straw, the Bendy Straws Clear Spiral are an essential party item. With an ultra bendy neck and formal twisted stripe pattern, this straw will suit any occasion. The long design is perfect for highball glasses and tall cocktails, making your drinks easier and more enjoyable to drink. More info
On Sale €1.20 RRP €2.42 | Save 50%
In stock
For the ultimate cocktail party accessory, the Roundhead Cocktail Stirrers are an essential item for your home bar. With a practical design and bright, vivid colours, you can stir and mix your drinks in style. Perfect for cocktails and mixers, these stirrers ensure your drink reaches its maximum flavour potential. More info
On Sale €4.24 RRP €6.06 | Save 30% Pack of 72 More options
In stock

Disposables and Reusables

The worst part of a party is the cleaning up afterwards, so make it easier without range of party disposables and party reusables. For all your party accessory needs, choose from our convenient range of party supplies.

For a quick party clean up, our choice of disposable glasses, disposable cutlery and disposable plates are the perfect solution. No matter what you’re serving, our paper plates, disposable wine glasses, disposable tumblers and plastic cutlery will suit your needs. For the environmentally conscious of you, we even offer biodegradable plates and biodegradable cutlery for eco friendly disposable party supplies.

If you would rather keep hold of your party supplies the morning after, then our range of reusable party supplies will be perfect for you. Including reusable plastic glasses, plastic wine glasses, and polycarbonate glasses, our range of reusable party supplies lets you keep a clear mind because you don’t have to throw things away after the party.

For a party in a hurry, use our next day delivery service to get all of your party supplies delivered in time for your guests.

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