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Disposables & Reusables

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The biggest craze to hit parties and bars in years, these Bomb Shotz are ideal for serving up some unique bomb shots. These disposable plastic cups are a safer alternative to dropping a shot glass in a pint and allow you to serve up the perfect balance of liquor to chaser. More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £11.99 | Save 42% Case of 500 More options
In stock
The Round Embossed Foil Platters are perfect for catering at events. Made from aluminium they offer a reusable design that is also disposable and recyclable at the end of their life. Finished with an elegant embossed design, these platters are ideal for buffets, BBQs and parties. More info
On Sale £8.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 10% Case of 50 More options
In stock
The Blue Striped Milkshake Cups help to give your shakes, smoothies and slushies a classic retro, carnival look for a flawless drink service. Coated with a thin layer of polyethylene to help enhance the structure of the paper, these cups have been certified as fully recyclable, making them the perfect choice fast food restaurants and milkshake bars. More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 14% Sleeve of 50 More options
In stock
The Disposable Smoothie Tumblers with Lids are the perfect way to serve up cold beverages such as smoothies, slushies and milkshakes. The domed lid makes these disposable tumblers ideal for on the go, at parties and for use in your food outlet or cafe. More info
On Sale £13.99 RRP £16.99 | Save 18% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Perfect for parties, buffets and BBQs, the Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons offer a practical and eco-friendly design. Harvested from sustainable forests, these spoons are biodegradable, taking only months to compost. More info
On Sale £3.49 RRP £3.99 | Save 13% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
These classic 8 Inch Bendy Straws feature a candy stripe finish in assorted colours, ideal for adding a subtle touch of colour to your beverage. Suitable for soft drinks, juices, cocktails and more, these stripey straws are finished with a bendy hinge. More info
On Sale £0.99 RRP £1.49 | Save 34% 40 Boxes of 250 More options
In stock
Highly versatile, the 9 inch Paper Plates are the ideal choice when catering for events of any size. These disposable plates feature a plastic coating, perfect for serving up food at BBQs, buffets and parties or for use in your takeaway and at catered events. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 20% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Whether you're serving lemonade, or a nice fruity cocktail, the Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses live up to their name with their large yellow lemon wedge shape! Complete with a green lid and a flexible drinking straw, these plastic glasses are ideal for taking with you on the move! More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 75%
In stock
Everyone wants to feel like they're doing their bit for the environment. We recycle our rubbish, use the car less and reuse our plastic bags at the supermarket. Now you can swap your plastic coated paper plates at your next BBQ, buffet or outdoor event for the Biopac Biodegradable Sugarcane Disposable Plates. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £21.99 | Save 23% Pack of 125 More options
In stock
The Recycled Novafold Napkins from Swantex offer a simple solution for helping the environment. Made from 100% recycled material and printed with water based inks, these paper napkins are the ideal choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to standard paper napkins. More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £8.99 | Save 22% Pack of 500 More options
In stock
The classic Blue Striped Paper Straws are perfect for adding a retro feel to any party. Finished with white and blue stripes, these straws are perfect for adding to cold beverages such as milkshakes, soft drinks and cocktails. More info
On Sale £2.75 RRP £3.99 | Save 31%
In stock
Serve the worlds' favourite soft drink in its own branded cup with the Coca Cola Paper Cups. With a large capacity holding just over a pint, these disposable tumblers are ideal for packing your drink with ice for a nice chilled drink. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 17% Sleeve of 50 More options
In stock
Styled in the classic conical tumbler shape, the Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers are great for use at events and outdoor parties. No need to worry about breakages, these polystyrene plastic tumblers can be dropped without fear of smashing! More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £2.99 | Save 33% Case of 100 More options
In stock
Multi-tasking while drinking or using your phone can be difficult, however the Plastic iStraw Tumbler offers the perfect solution, letting you combine both tasks with ease. Putting an end to juggling your beverage and phone, this plastic tumbler features a specially shaped reusable Krazy Straw for holding your mobile! More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 17% Set of 4 Assorted Colours More options
In stock
To save yourself all the trouble associated with glass breakages, all you need is a set of reusable 'glassware.' These Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses provide you with the opportunity to keep the party going without any worry of breakages! More info
On Sale £44.99 RRP £54.99 | Save 18%
In stock
The perfect size for enjoying a spirit and mixer, the Katerglass Plastic Tumblers are ideal for parties, events and outdoor entertaining. Made from injection moulded polypropylene, they offer a rigid feel, yet are completely disposable and recyclable. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 20% Case of 1000 More options
In stock
The Plastic Palm Tree Cup filled with a tropical cocktail is all you need to transport yourself to paradise! The perfect drinking vessel for Hawaiian, Tiki and beach themed parties, this novelty cup is shaped like a palm tree and comes with a reusable Krazy straw. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 20% Case of 24 More options
In stock
If you've got a party fast approaching, your check-list will probably include straws. What better choice of straw than the Bendy Straw from bar@drinkstuff? If you want you can keep them straight, or you can bend the neck for easier access. So simple, yet so essential. More info
£1.50 4 Boxes of 250 More options
In stock
Serve up some Coca Cola in style with the Coca Cola Paper Cups Set. Consisting of some classic Coca Cola branded paper cups, Straw-Slit Lids and drinking straws, this set is ideal for use in diners, cafes and cinemas for serving cold drinks on ice. More info
On Sale From £7.99 RRP From £8.99 | Save 11% Set of 50 More options
In stock
Blowing bubbles in your drink has never been more fun than with the Deep Drink Diver Bubble Straws! This pair of straws each feature a food grade silicone underwater character - a happy blue shark and a yellow deep sea diver. Adding a novelty touch to any drink, these reusable straws are perfect for kids or adults! More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 40%
In stock
One sip from the Floral Paradise Lime Green Margarita Glass and you'll feel like you're in paradise. This tropical themed glass is made from reusable plastic, eliminating the worry of glassware breakages at your next party. This large margarita glass is also perfect for serving up a tasty ice cream dessert. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock
It doesn't matter what age you are, everyone's fascinated by these Colour Changing Drinking Straws! Simply pop them in an ice cold drink and watch as they change colour, just like magic! When you take them out again, they change back to their original colour at room temperature. More info
On Sale £2.25 RRP £3.99 | Save 44%
In stock
When the clock strikes midnight, it's time for the party to really start! The sparkly Midnight Plastic Martini Glasses are decorated with a gold stem and a glittered bowl, perfect for serving an exciting martini at your latest party. More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £2.80 | Save 29% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Whether you're hosting a party for friends or have a large event to cater for, the Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Forks offer a practical alternative to cutlery. Manufactured from food safe, impact resistant polystyrene, these disposable forks can be recycled. More info
On Sale £1.20 RRP £2.99 | Save 60% Case of 2000 More options
In stock
The Domed Lids are suitable for use with the 16oz and 20oz Smoothie Cups, helping to cover the drink and prevent spills. Made from disposable plastic, these lids are ideal for cafes and food outlets serving cold beverages such as smoothies, frappes, milkshakes and slush drinks. More info
On Sale £6.00 RRP £8.99 | Save 33% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Get that summer time feel whatever the weather with the funky Plastic Luau Stripe Hurricane Cup. Finished in bright, colourful Luau themed stripes and topped with a reusable Krazy Straw, this plastic cocktail glass is the perfect way to serve some tropical drinks at Luau, Hawaiian, Tiki and summer themed parties. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £3.99 | Save 25% Set of 4 Assorted Colours More options
In stock
Ideal for a girly themed party, these Bicolor Cups are finished in a vibrant fuschia and pink colour combination. Far from just a visual novelty, these disposable plastic cups are produced to the highest standards, made from recyclable plastic and featuring nodules around the outside to aid grip. More info
On Sale £1.49 RRP £1.99 | Save 25% Case of 1200 More options
In stock
Ensure you have a decent supply of these fantastic Bendy Straws as they are one of the most essential items for any party. Able to bend to accommodate almost any drink, it's easy to see why these are a popular favourite of many commercial and domestic customers. More info
On Sale £1.20 RRP £1.49 | Save 19% Box of 250 More options
In stock

Disposables and Reusables

The worst part of a party is the cleaning up afterwards, so make it easier without range of party disposables and party reusables. For all your party accessory needs, choose from our convenient range of party supplies.

For a quick party clean up, our choice of disposable glasses, disposable cutlery and disposable plates are the perfect solution. No matter what you’re serving, our paper plates, disposable wine glasses, disposable tumblers and plastic cutlery will suit your needs. For the environmentally conscious of you, we even offer biodegradable plates and biodegradable cutlery for eco friendly disposable party supplies.

If you would rather keep hold of your party supplies the morning after, then our range of reusable party supplies will be perfect for you. Including reusable plastic glasses, plastic wine glasses, and polycarbonate glasses, our range of reusable party supplies lets you keep a clear mind because you don’t have to throw things away after the party.

For a party in a hurry, use our next day delivery service to get all of your party supplies delivered in time for your guests.

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