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Drink Stirrers

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Nothing is more essential to a bar than a good range of stirrers and these fantastic swizzle disc stirrers are ideal for serving with almost any drink. Coming in a pack of 5 various colours, these stirrers are sure to add some visual flair to your cocktails as well as help swirl around some magnificent flavours. More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £2.49 | Save 20% Pack of 25 More options
In stock
Swizzle Sticks are an essential which should be behind every bar. Whether you're serving up cocktails, long drinks or fruit juice, a good stir will release the full flavour of your favourite drink. More info
On Sale £0.99 RRP £1.75 | Save 43% Pack of 250 More options
In stock
The perfect finishing touch to your cocktail, the Stainless Steel Swizzle Stick Disc Stirrers from bar@drinkstuff offer a sleek and practical design. Made from stainless steel, these reusable stirrers are ideal for adding to hiball glasses and giving your drink a good mix. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 57% Pack of 4 More options
In stock
These Black Flat Ball Stirrers are great for any occasion, and long enough for most tumbler and hi-ball drinks. An essential for any trendy party, bar or club, these boxes of 1000 will ensure there's enough to go round. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £26.99 | Save 26%
In stock
Whatever your favourite drink, make sure it's mixed to perfection with these Flat Ball Stirrers. Great for spirits that can sit at the bottom of a long drink or cocktails that need a good mix to release their full flavour. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 20%
In stock
What do you do when you have just poured yourself a cocktail? Mix it of course, and now you can do it with a fruity twist! More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.49 | Save 11%
In stock
The Sexy Lady Spoon Cocktail Stirrers will tend to your drink all night long, perfect for enjoying a cocktail, slush drink or milkshake. Each spoon stirrer is topped with a nude pin-up shape for adding a novel touch to your cocktail. More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 25% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
Take a break between matches and mix up a cocktail with the novelty Tennis Racket Cocktail Stirrers. Shaped just like miniature rackets, these plastic stirrers in assorted colours will be a hit with any keen spectator. Game. Set. Match! More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 14% Case of 1200 More options
In stock
Show your drink some love with the Heart Spoon Cocktail Stirrers. Perfect for decorating and mixing cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, slushies and more, these plastic stirrers feature a handy spoon end and are topped with a heart shape. More info
On Sale £5.49 RRP £7.99 | Save 31% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
These Prism Stirstics not only reflect light and colours beautifully, but give your drink a much needed stir. They are ideal for accessorizing cocktails with other vibrant decorations. Long enough for most hiball and tall cocktail glasses, they are suitable for any occasion from quiet drinks to packed parties! More info
On Sale From £2.99 RRP From £3.99 | Save 25% Pack of 1000 More options
In stock
Tee off in style with the Golf Club Cocktail Stirrers, the perfect way to mix up your favourite cocktail. Whether you're celebrating a hole in one, or are just chilling back at the clubhouse, these plastic golf club shaped stirrers are certainly on par. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 29% Case of 1200 More options
In stock
Add some pink to your drink with the funky City Nights Novelty Cocktail Stirrers. Perfect for glamming up your cocktail, these pink acrylic drink stirrers are ideal for girly nights in. Each reusable stirrer is topped with a night out themed accessory, including a martini glass, a wine bottle, a cocktail dress and a handbag. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 38%
In stock
Stir up some romance with the Double Heart Cocktail Stirrers. Perfect for special dates or whenever you're feeling the love, these assorted colour stirrers are each topped with a double heart design and are ideal for mixing up your favourite cocktail. More info
On Sale £5.49 RRP £7.99 | Save 31% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
Set sail with the Anchor Cocktail Stirrers, the perfect addition to your favourite cocktail. These novelty plastic stirrers feature an anchor and ship's wheel design, perfect for whipping up a storm in your blue lagoon cocktail! More info
On Sale £3.79 RRP £5.99 | Save 37% Case of 1200 More options
In stock
If you want a useful cocktail decoration, look no further than the Swirl Stirstic. It mixes your drink to get the perfect flavour and can be combined with fruit, straws and other decorations for the ultimate cocktail. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 20% Pack of 1000 More options
In stock
Part stirrer, part cocktail decoration, these Swirl Stirstics are ideal for long drinks. Release the potential of your drink by giving a good swirl. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 20% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Chill out and relax while the Palm Tree Ice Stirrers gently cool your drink. These palm tree shaped drinks coolers will transport your drink to the tropics, whatever the weather and are ideal for giving your cocktail a mix. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 29%
In stock
For the ultimate cocktail party accessory, the Roundhead Cocktail Stirrers are an essential item for your home bar. With a practical design and bright, vivid colours, you can stir and mix your drinks in style. Perfect for cocktails and mixers, these stirrers ensure your drink reaches its maximum flavour potential. More info
On Sale £3.49 RRP £4.99 | Save 30% Pack of 72 More options
In stock
The Cocktail Spoon Stirrers are the most practical way to mix your drinks, with a spoon scoop end, this is an essential item for parties and home bars. The design of this stirrer offers a more thorough mixing of cocktails and is also ideal for smoothies and milkshakes. More info
On Sale £4.79 RRP £7.99 | Save 40% Case of 600 More options
In stock
The Spinning Disc Swizzle Sticks are the ultimate way to ensure your drinks are thoroughly mixed. Ideal for finishing off the perfect cocktail, these stirrers come in a variety of fun colours. The spinning disc offers improved mixing and provides a source of entertainment whilst you enjoy your beverage. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 29% Pack of 40 More options
In stock
There's nothing worse than taking a sip of your drink and finding the overwhelming taste of alcohol that's been sitting in the bottom of the glass. Ensure your cocktail tastes and looks fabulous with these Glass Stirring Rods. More info
On Sale £8.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 10%
In stock
Add a colourful touch to your drink with these bright Mini Roundhead Cocktail Stirrers. The short length of these drinks stirrers makes them ideal for old fashioned tumblers and short cocktail glasses, and each one is topped with a round head, perfect for giving your drink a good mix. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 40% Pack of 75 More options
In stock
The Sexy Lady Cocktail Stirrers offer a novel way to swirl your cocktails, with the silhouette of a lady adorned on the top, these swizzle sticks are the perfect way to finish off a classy cocktail. Each stirrer comes in vibrant neon for added style and colour. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 29% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
The Fiesta Cocktail Decoration Party Set is the ultimate way to adorn your cocktails, your drinks will be the highlight of the party with these must-have drinks essentials. With an accessory for every type of drink, you're bound to add a colourful, funky twist to any of your cocktails. More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 25%
In stock
It's time to kick back and chill and here's a cool way to do it! Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink and give it a stir. Just the thing for jazzing up your favourite beverage! More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 67%
In stock
The perfect way to chill a fruity cocktail, the Tropical Fruit Stirrer & Cooler Set instantly adds colour to your glass. With a variety of novelty designs including bananas, strawberries, and palm tree shaped stirrers, this set of drink coolers will chill your drink without diluting it. More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £8.99 | Save 22%
In stock
Give your drink some class with the stylish 47 Ronin Stainless Steel Drinking Straw. Forming part of PROBAR's premium bar collection, this luxury straw is perfect for sipping and stirring long drinks, or could also be used for hot beverages such as lattes. More info
On Sale £3.49 RRP £3.99 | Save 13% Single More options
In stock
To help give you the professional edge, the Twisted Mixing Spoon by bar@drinkstuff offers an easy and economical way to stir your cocktail creations. With a long 11 inch construction, this bar spoon can reach to the bottom of a variety of cocktail shakers for maximum effect. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 40% Single More options
In stock

Drink Stirrers

There's nothing worse than taking a sip of your cocktail and finding all the alcohol has sunk to the bottom. The simple act of popping a drinks stirrer in your cocktail and giving it a quick mix, ensures your cocktail tastes great.

If you're hosting a large party or event, disposable cocktail stirrers make the ideal choice and we offer both cheap drink stirrers and basic drink stirrers. Swizzle Stick Disc Stirrers are a popular choice due to their simple and classic design.

For themed parties and special occasions, our range of novelty drink stirrers bring a touch of fun. We also offer reusable drink stirrers, which are ideal for cocktails at home and are available in a variety of designs. To help you make a professional looking cocktail, we offer twisted mixing spoons and long latte spoons, all available with fast UK delivery for those last minute parties.

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