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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Drinking Gadgets

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An ingenious, revolutionary method of mixing cocktails in layers, the Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool helps you create visually appealing cocktails in seconds! Host your very own cocktail party and wow your friends with your cocktail making skills!
From £14.99
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With a 1930s retro style, the Vintage Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser is the only way to serve your high octane liquor of choice. Perfect for whisky, this novelty liquor dispenser is a miniature replica of a retro gas station pump found across the USA.
SALE £11.99
To make your party go off with a bang, the Shot Bandolier Belt helps you relive your childhood as cowboy! Slip on this bandolier belt and load it up with the plastic shot cups perfectly shaped like a chunky bullet. Each shot cup has a lid to seal your liq
SALE £44.99
Ready to be the coolest person ever at your next party? Yes? Good. With the Chambong you will be able to drink champagne better than ever.
At a simple press of a button you can have perfect foam in seconds! The Menu Beer Foamer completes the beer experience and brings the pub home.
These Wine Bottle Re-Sealers are perfect for when you can't quite finish your favourite bottle of wine, keeping the contents fresher for longer.
Raise some spirits from the dead with this bone chilling Final Touch Brain Freeze Jigger & Stopper, featuring a hellish skull design.
Holding an incredible 8 litres, this square drinks dispenser from Kilner is perfect for parties, garden parties or even weddings.
From £5.99
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Give your Kilner jars a new lease of life with the Kilner Drinking Jar Flower Lids, perfect for serving home brew, soft drinks or jam jar cocktails! Suitable for use with the Kilner Preserve Jars and the Kilner Handled Drinking Jars, these lids feature a
Offering a handy way to store and present test tube shots, the 24 Hole Test Tube Rack is great for use at your party or bar. Ideal for a novelty touch.
For impressive drinks presentation, the Frucosol Glass Froster creates the illusion of a frozen glass without the tedious waiting. Flash freeze any glass in an instant with a powerful jet of CO2, with a cutting edge design, this glass froster i
Perfect for serving chilled schnapps or vodka, the LSA Paddle Vodka Set & Oak Paddle is an ideal way to present after dinner drinks. This set features 6 shot glasses with a stylish graduated frost finish which sit on a specially hand-crafted paddle, a des
Fool your friends with this Half Cut Wine Glass. Looks like a regular wine glass at first, but when you turn it there's half missing!
Transform your pumpkin into a beverage dispenser with this Pumpkin Keg Tapping Kit. This simple to use Pumpkin Tap Kit is ideal for Halloween.
When the weathers good, it's nice to get out and enjoy Mother Nature's bounty. What better way is there to celebrate a beautiful day or evening than a barbecue with friends or family. Make sure they know how to stay cool with the Ice Blue LED Ice Bucket.
From £0.99
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Protect yourself and others from drink spiking. The Spikey Bottle Stopper fits inside the top of your bottle. The small hole through the centre is just the right size to slide a straw through. By closing the gap between the straw and edge of the bottle yo
From £17.99
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If you have products to display, such as ice buckets, wine coolers or ice crushers, real ice is not a practical solution. The Acrylic Ice Cubes can be put to a variety of uses for displaying products or food. They have the look of real ice and each cubes
From £19.99
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Designed for display purposes for bars, hotels, photo shoots, movie sets and more, the Acrylic Ice Chunks are available in 2lb bags of approximately 220 pieces. Each bag comprises of various uniquely shaped chunks to give the real look of shards of ice.
Create the finest molecular gastronomy dishes and cocktails with ease using these disposable plastic cocktail pipette droppers.
From £3.99
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For the ultimate finishing touch to your Mason jar, the Drinking Jar Lid With Straw Hole offers a vintage inspired touch. With a secure screw top, this jar top offers a convenient way to keep your drink fresh and free from unwanted pests. This spill-preve
Make a statement with the LSA Paddle Grand Vodka Set & Oak Paddle, perfect when entertaining guests. Designer Monica Lubkowska-Jonas has been inspired by the way schnapps is served on wooden trays in the mountain bars in the Tyrol to produce this stylish
This Spare Lid is suitable for use with the Gulp Beer Tower Drink Dispenser, helping to keep your drink hygienically covered. Made from plastic, this lid is simple to remove, making it easy to refill your dispenser.
This Spare Tap is suitable for use with the Gulp Beer Tower Drink Dispenser, with the simple to use lever-type action allowing you to dispense straight into your glass.
An iconic drinking game deserves pride of place in your pub or home bar. Your Yard of Ale Glass can be displayed the proper way with the wall mounted Yard of Ale Bracket. A distinctive glass such as this is hard to safely store, with a convenient wall bra
From £7.99
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A party isn't a party unless you have some jelly shots to hand! But how are you supposed to take your shot without using your fingers to scoop it out, or by scrunching the cup into oblivion? The Twist n' Shot Cups are the perfect solution to the messy pro
The LSA Paddle Liqueur Set & Oak Paddle provides a smooth drinks service for port or sherry. With hand crafted LSA quality and sustainable sourced oak.
The LSA Paddle Cocktail Set & Oak Paddle offers truly exception drinks service. Inspired by mountain bars, this drinks paddle is pure elegance.
The LSA Paddle Vodka Serving Set & Oak Paddle provides truly Scandinavian style drinks service. With LSA shot glasses, an LSA oak paddle and LSA bucket.
The LSA Paddle Water/Wine Serving Set & Oak Paddle provides multi-functional serving. This wine set includes 6 stemless wine glasses and an oak paddle.
SALE £39.99
The LSA Wine Collection Water & Wine Carafe Set & Oak Base provides premium drinks service. With mouth-blown glass and expertly crafted oak.
A great way to allow your punters to carry their beer, the Wooden Beer Flight Paddle also doubles as a beer tasting flight for beer festivals and pubs.
With all you need for vintage style drinks service, the Kilner 7 Piece Clip Top Bottle Caddy Set is perfect for storing your home made beverages.
Infuse your home made beverages with a splash of colour with the Kilner 7 Piece Coloured Clip Top Bottle Caddy Set. With retro pastel blue, green and pink, these preserving bottles are ideal for serving home made still lemonade, juice or cordials.
With traditional appeal, the Kilner 7 Piece Vintage Clip Top Bottle Caddy Set is full of retro charm. A handy Kilner branded bottle caddy creates the perfect home for 6 Kilner Vintage Clip Top Bottles. These preservation bottles are perfect for storing an
SALE £4.99
Revolutionise the way you drink wine with the Intelligent Ice Chillball. This freezable drinks cooler has been specially designed for use with traditional wine glasses, allowing you to keep your pre-chilled wine at the perfect temperature while you drink.
SALE £8.99
The Worlds Greatest Bottle Opener just got better. The original ZapCap bottle opener is an ingenious invention which removes all crown cap lids with a simple punch.
SALE £14.99
To enjoy most wines you should allow them to breathe for at least an hour or more before drinking. The Rouge O2 Wine Breather cuts down wine aeration to just 1 minute.
Celebrate in style with the seriously cool Martini Glass Vodka Luge! This stunning ice sculpture not only looks great sitting on your bar top, but will chill your drink as it passes through the luge, ready for you to enjoy at the other end.
From £39.99
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The Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser is the rustic way to serve wine. With a traditional wooden barrel design, this drinks keg dispenses wine with ease.
From £39.99
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With an elegant black lacquer finish, this rustic styled Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser features a traditional barrel design. Perfect for serving wine.
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Drinking Gadgets

Our range of drinking gadgets ensures there’s always new and innovative ways of serving and drinking your favourite beer, wine, cocktail or shot! Great for parties, our range of novelty drinking accessories includes novelty beer gadgets and novelty beer glasses, such as beer bongs, beer towers, beer dispensers, yard of ales and beer hats. We also offer a great selection of novelty cocktail gadgets including gadget cocktail shakers, cocktail fountains, drink dispensers and novelty cocktail accessories. Great for beer lovers and cocktail enthusiasts, our range of drinking gifts include beverage dispensers, novelty shot glasses, shot holders, drink paddles, breathalysers and fake ice cubes, all available with fast UK delivery.