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Drip Trays & Bar Mats

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From £14.99
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There's nothing worse than a large, unsightly stain on your bar, so help keep it protected from abrasive drinks with this Stainless Steel Bar Drip Tray from bar@drinkstuff. Ideal when preparing and serving drinks, this drip tray collects spills and conden
Keep your bar top tidy with the help of the Rectangular Stainless Steel Drip Tray for thimble measures. In between preparing drinks, keep your spirit measures on this drainer drip tray to help drain thimble measures between use.
As anyone who has tried to pour a pint will know, it's not always easy to get it all into the glass. Dalliance, distractions, or just plain drunkenness can all conspire to cause your precious brew to spill, dripping all over the floor, the table, or your
From £4.99
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A modern alternative to the traditional bar towel, this Rubber Bar Mat is ideal for contemporary bars. Wide enough to accommodate most classic glasses, it's the best way to protect your precious bar top from spillages and condensation marks.
From £14.99
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Help keep your bar looking as good as new with this Stainless Steel Long Drip Tray from bar@drinkstuff. Ideal for placement on back bars or when serving beverages, this drip tray will collect spills to prevent marks and stains on your bar top.
From £5.99
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As used in trendy bars and restaurants, this durable black rubber mat is easily washable making it a cleaner and more hygienic alternative to traditional bar towels! Keep your bar free from spillages and ring marks with this ultimate bar accessory.
From £5.99
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Keep your bar clean and drip-free and do away with soggy beer towels with the long-lasting washable Rubber Bar Mat from Tablecraft. This extra-long mat is designed for bar use and is also ideal as a prep area for cocktail creators and mixologists.
This beer mat set contains an assortment of 50 authentic beer mats, featuring some of the worlds most famous breweries.
SALE £11.99
The Sol Wetstop Bar Runner provides essential protection from everyday spills. With a drip free bar top, you can continue to serve beer all night long.
Bring an authentic pub feel to your home bar or keep your bar free from unwanted spillages, with this branded Corona Bar Runner.
Protect your bar in style with the Cobra Wetstop Bar Runner! With a rubber base that provides extra grip and a polyester pile top that is absorbent.
From £5.99
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With the Rubber Square Drip Tray, you can provide a smooth, clean beverage service. Integrated rubber tips catch excess drips and condensation.
The Stainless Steel Framed Bar Mat is the classy way to smarten up your drinks service. Designed to prevent drips and ring marks ruining your bar top.
Ideal for equipping your home bar or pub, the Uni Bar Plastic Drip Tray is an ideal affordable bar essential! Perfect for preparing drinks and pulling pints, this brown plastic drip tray ensures your bar isn't covered in ring marks.
A pub beer mat is so much more than a drinks coaster, it's a little piece of brand and advertising history that anyone can own, whether you're a casual collector or consider yourself a tegestologist (a collector of beer mats). This pack of Traditional Pub
Chances are you've got a couple of beer mats scattered around your home, whether you've pocketed a couple from the local public house or consider yourself an avid collector. It's a popular and great way of owning a little piece of advertising and brand hi
To help keep a tidy bar top, the Thimble Measure Drip Tray is ideal for use as a spirit drainer tray for thimble measures between use.
From £6.99
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If you've just installed your very own home bar, the last thing you want is beer stains and cocktail juices ruining the look and varnish finish. This large rubber bar mat will collect spilt liquids between the rubber prongs, leaving your bar looking spark
From £5.49
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With the Rubber Square Drip Tray, you can keep your counters and surfaces free from condensation and ring marks. Integrated rubber tips catch excess drips.

Drip Trays & Bar Mats

If you've just set up your very own home bar, the last thing you want is it to be tarnished with beer stains and corrosive spirits. Protect your bar top with a metal drip tray or rubber bar mat and you can keep it looking good as new for years to come.

Our professional quality metal drip trays are ideal if you want to give your bar a pub feel. They collect liquid in the tray underneath, ensuring your bar is kept free from spilt liquids. We offer a variety of both stainless steel drip trays and brass drip trays in various shapes and sizes.

A cheap rubber bar mat offers an affordable, practical and high quality solution to protecting your bar top. Easy to clean, a rubber bar mat will collect spilt liquid and condensation, ideal when serving pints and cocktails. We also offer a range of branded rubber bar mats which make a great gift idea.