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Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer

Code: 5315
inc vat
RRP £2.49 | Save 20%
inc vat
Pack of 12
RRP £17.99 | Save 17%
£1.25 per item
inc vat
Case of 288
RRP £357.99 | Save 16%
£1.04 per item
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If you've always wondered how bartenders end up with a perfect pour without spilling a drop, then the chances are they are using a pourer such as the Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer. With a slow to medium speed pour, this is the American bartender's choice of pourer. This free flow pourer is perfect for using with spirit measuring cups or simply pouring straight into the glass.

The flip lid helps protect your spirits from dust and contamination, allowing you to keep it in the bottle for longer. The patented design with a sleek stainless steel finish makes this pourer unique in style and design. The ribbed cork fits most standard bottle necks, ensuring the perfect pour whether you're making a classic cocktail, a feisty shot or a liqueur on the rocks.

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This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery £4.99
Next Day Express £6.99
Saturday Service £12.99
Scottish Highlands £4.99
Scottish Islands £4.99
Northern Ireland £4.99
Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK £4.99
Channel Islands £4.99
Austria £16.99
Belgium £12.99
Bulgaria £39.99
Croatia £26.99
Czech Republic £19.99
Denmark £13.99
Estonia £26.99
Finland £26.99
France £13.99
Germany £12.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £26.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £19.99
Latvia £39.99
Lithuania £39.99
Luxembourg £12.99
The Netherlands £12.99
Poland £25.99
Portugal £26.99
Romania £29.99
Slovakia £23.99
Slovenia £26.99
Spain £23.99
Sweden £26.99

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Product Features:
• Flip lid pourer
• Stainless steel
• Free flow pour with slow to medium speed
• Ribbed rubber cork - suitable for 75cl, 100cl and 150cl bottles
• Patented design

Packs Available:
• 1 x Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer
• 12 x Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourers
• 288 x Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourers

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: MP 285-70
• Pack of 12: MP 285-70
• Case of 288: MP 285-70

• Single: 5055736910234
• Pack of 12: 5055736910241
• Case of 288: 5055736917196

• Height: 120mm
• Diameter: 30mm
• Weight: 14g

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Customer Reviews
"These are great, particularly for sweet liquor which may attract fruit flies. I ordered 10 but one had a manufacturing error because of which the lid doesn't close."
Shane Russell - Belgium, 2nd January '14
"Excellent pourers - love the little lids."
Coriander Dean - Essex, 6th May '13
Works A Treat
"I use the Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer for olive oil, works a treat!"
Kez - London, 3rd March '13
Why spash when u can pour!
"To be honest for the price of these little pourers I was expecting something that was going to be very pound store quality and poorly made. Thankfully I couldn't have been more wrong! They are surprisingly robust, easily cleaned and I have yet to encounter a standard liquer bottle that they don't fit. I found using them made layering cocktails with a bar spoon or my recently purchased shot float kit a doddle when given a bit of practice and provided lots of fun for all the guests at our recent BBQ (the first of many in the summer I hope). One little tip though is to make sure to slowly lift the bottle back to an upright position as there can be a little run back onto your hand if its brought upright too sharply as my jeans found out very early on. Once again though drinstuff has provided a quality product at a very competitive price. If you want your bar looking the part for little cost these are the way to go."
Gareth Hinds - Northern Ireland; Portaferry, 27th June '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review. As a thank you we've added 10 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £10 off your next order.
"Don't let the price deceive you. These are very well made and professional looking. I used them recently with two 70cl bottles: peach schnapps and sidekick. They worked perfectly. The flip lid also works extremely well and makes you look like a true connoisseur."
John - West Midlands, 18th April '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review John. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer
"This was just what I was looking for and was a speedy delivery. I was after an oil pourer with a flip lid and this may not have been advertised as such, but fits the bill. I bought 2, so will consider putting one on my spirit bottles for parties."
J Mistry - Birmingham, 30th January '12
Exactly What I Needed
"I've been looking online for something like this for a while, and every other product I looked at had something wrong with it. No cover, pourer too big, flow too fast, clogged up when pouring, wouldn't stay in bottleneck, wouldn't come out of bottle neck etc...
Not so with this product.
Fits varying widths of neck well, flexible bung that keeps its place when pouring but flexible enough to get out again, pours perfectly, lids work well. I have nothing bad to say and am very happy with my purchase. I was so confident I would like these I bought the 12 pack, and am giving them out to my family and friends as they are so useful."
Hannah - Walton on Thames, 23rd January '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Hannah. As a thank you we've added 10 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £10 off your next order.
Excellent Product!
"I bought both lidless and lidded pourers, and man, these ones are great!
The tiny little cap at the end is a life-saver. It will definitely prevent dust and/or fruit flies from visiting your spirits, and gives your bottles an even more professional look!
And it's a steal at this price!!"
Emanuele Sacchi - Italy, 13th January '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Emanuele. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Perfect Oil Pourer
"I found this item by accident whist I was searching for an oil pourer for the kitchen. I had already bought a couple of pourer tops but they either didn't have a lid or the lids were too annoying to take off. Having found some flip lids, on reviews, they seemed to have problems of either too small to fit a decent bottle or the bung was made of hard plastic so almost impossible to remove when the bottle required refilling.
This one, however, is excellent. Softer, flexible bung, so easy to remove, fits wine bottles so excellent size for oil and to top it all off, was the cheapest of the whole lot. A quality product that arrived promptly.
Many thanks, Drinkstuff. You need to advertise this as an oil pourer also."
Angela - UK, 3rd November '11
Very Satisfied
"When I was buying this product I noticed that no one had left a review mentioning about the lid part of the pourer. Maybe that's because everyone assumes it not to be a problem and I'm just a worrier. Regardless, the lid works perfectly and doesn't get in the way of the liquid; just flips up as you pour. Really enjoy using this pourer. It gives you plenty of control and just works really smoothly, as you'd expect."
Hamish Rhodes - Glasgow, UK, 2nd November '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Hamish. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Nifty Little Pourers
"These are ideal if you want to free pour from a bottle rather than be worried about exact measures with the added advantage of having a little flip lid which will keep any dust out if the bottles are to be left out for long periods of time.
My spirit bottles don't stay full for long enough to warrant a pourer with a lid but I bought these for my cordials. I may have to decant my cordials into empty glass bottles though as they don't really (and I'm sure they are not meant to!) fit a Ribena bottle too well!!!"
Kay - Worcester, 25th October '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Kay. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
No More Spills
"Never used a pourer before and took a while to master but I cracked it in the end.
No more wasted drops of my favorite bourbon.
Great service from Drinkstuff too..."
Luke Varley - Essex, 12th July '11
Good Quality
"I use this with a jigger measure and it really helps as you don't spill a drop and can control the flow better."
Alice - Glasgow, Scotland, 21st January '11
5 stars
"Does what it says and good quality."
Tracey Anderson - Doncaster, 3rd January '11
Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer
"Very good product, has reduced wastage of hand poured products."
C Galloway - Edinburgh, 6th April '10
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