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Elia Crockery

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With an elegant and simple design, these Elia Orientix Rectangular Plates offer a contemporary look for optimum tabletop creativity.
Featuring a simple design this bone china Soy / Oil Bottle from Elia is ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to any table.
With an elegant style second to none, the Elia Miravell Tea Cups & Saucers are the finest way to serve afternoon tea. Fully vitrified fine bone china.
For a classic bone china tea set, the Elia Miravell Breakfast Cups & Saucers are the perfect way to serve afternoon tea. With an elegant style.
The simple design of the Elia Orientix Sugar Packet Holders helps to give them a distinct Oriental influence, offering a stylish way to display packets.
Perfect for serving noodles for sharing or a stir fry dish for one, the Elia Orientix Noodle Bowls feature an elegant and sophisticated design.
Elia Miravell Tea Pot is manufactured from bone china to a professional standard. Vitrified glazing ensures longevity of this elegant teapot.
Sophisticated and elegant, these Elia Miravell Tea Cups also offer a practical fully virtrified design. With a classic pure white glaze.
SALE £27.99
The Elia Miravell Side Plates are designed and manufactured to a professional standard for use in the bustle of the commercial dining room.
Perfect for the Elia Miravell Espresso Cups, these Elia Miravell Espresso Saucers offer a robust and elegant design. Made from bone china.
Wake up with the stylish Elia Miravell Espresso Cups, perfect for enjoying a quick espresso. Made from professional quality bone china.
The elegant and sophisticated design of the Elia Miravell Covered Sugar Bowl makes it the perfect accompaniment to your hot beverage service.
The simple, yet graceful design makes the Miravell Coffee Mugs ideal for any occasion from early mornings, to important meetings, to cosy bedtime drinks.
The elegant Elia Miravell Breakfast Saucers are perfect when paired with the Elia Miravell Breakfast Cups for a complete beverage service.
With a generous 30cl rounded bowl, the Elia Miravell Breakfast Cups are perfect for enjoying a breakfast tea or coffee. Made with high quality bone china.
The unique shape of the Elia Orientix Tempura Plates makes for an eye catching appearance at the dinner table. Ideal for both commercial and domestic use.
Perfect when paired with the Elia Orientix Tea Cups, the classic Elia Orientix Tea Saucers offer a contemporary and practical design.
The Elia Orientix Tea Cups are made from bone china for a more refined tea service. Ideal for use in cafes or at home. With a sleek and stylish design.
Inspired by Oriental design, the Elia Orientix Tea Cups & Saucers makes them ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Sleek and stylish.
Ideal for a unique dinner setting, these Elia Orientix Square Plates are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications.
This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity.
The distinctive Elia Orientix Sasa Boat Dishes are ideal for serving a variety of unique side dishes and desserts. Suitable for domestic or commercial use.
With an oriental influenced design, the Elia Orientix mug is manufactured from durable bone china. Fully vitrified to hotelware standard.
The Elia Orientix Milk Jug is ideal for use in commercial establishments such as self service cafes, tea and coffee houses, B&Bs, hotels and many more.
SALE £27.99
This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity.
These elegant Elia Orientix Dewdrop Plates are ideal for a contemporary dinner setting. Suitable for both commercial or domestic use.
With a unique shape, the Elia Orientix Dewdrop Plates are ideal for elegant dining. Made from bone china and finished with a soft white glaze.
With a simple and elegant design, the Elia Orientix Deep Soup Bowls feature a soft white tone to complement almost any table setting.
The Elia Orientix Deep Plates offer a classic design that's perfect for the dinner table. Made from fully vitrified white bone china.
SALE £19.99
The Oriental design of the Elia Orientix Deep Plates makes for an elegant and sophisticated finish. Ideal for use in restaurants and hotels.
Designed for, but not limited to, commercial use, the Elia Orientix Creamer is the ideal addition to your table set. Manufactured from bone china.
Ideal for presenting side dishes and starters, the Elia Orientix Coupe Dishes are ideal for restaurants or home use.
The Elia Orientix Coupe Dishes offer a simple and elegant design, ideal for use in restaurants and hotels. Made from bone china.
SALE £82.99 RRP
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The stylish Elia Orientix Oval Plates have been inspired by the Oriental. Ideal for the dinner table, these white plates are made from bone china,

Elia Crockery

Our range of Elia Crockery offers great value and durability for commercial applications. This range of restaurant crockery and hotel crockery includes Elia Miravell crockery and Elia Orientix crockery. Choose from a range of Elia china crockery and Elia white crockery, including Elia plates, Elia bowls, Elia dishes, Elia cups, Elia saucers, Elia mugs, Elia teapots and Elia jugs. This range of Elia tableware is available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service, so choose your china plates, china bowls, china dishes, china cups, china saucers, china mugs, china teapots and china jugs now!