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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Ideal for hotel catering or business catering, the Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug is clearly labeled hot water to avoid confusion. Constructed from high quality stainless steel with a shatterproof double-wall liner, this thermal jug will keep hot water at o
Simple and efficient, the Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug CJV will keep beverages warm for up to 12 hours. It features a press lever for easy dispensing and is clearly labelled hot water, making it ideal for hotels, canteens and business catering.
SALE £34.99
The Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug makes beverage service in hotels, cafes, canteens and offices a simple process. Clearly labelled 'tea' on the side, this thermal jug will keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours. This jug features a press lever for safe and
The Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug offers excellent insulation, keeping beverages warm for up to 12 hours. Ideal for use in commercial establishments, canteens and work places, this jug is clearly marked 'tea' for quick identification.
The Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug is ideal for beverage service in hotels, canteens and offices. Clearly labelled 'coffee', this jug helps avoid confusion and cross-contamination. With a shatterproof and highly efficient double-wall construction, this jug
The Elia Slimline Thermal Jug is ideal for beverage in hotels, restaurants and cafes. The sleek design is ideal for contemporary table settings and is suitable for serving up a variety of hot and cold beverages, including tea, coffee and milk.
The Elia Slimline Thermal Jug is perfect for serving tea or coffee, making it ideal for beverage service for two. This professional quality jug is also suitable for a variety of hot and cold beverages, keeping them at optimum temperature for up to 8 hours
Perfect for the Elia Miravell Espresso Cups, these Elia Miravell Espresso Saucers offer a robust and elegant design. Made from bone china, these saucers are suitable for commercial catering in hotels, cafes and offices or for domestic use.
Wake up with the stylish Elia Miravell Espresso Cups, perfect for enjoying a quick espresso. Made from high quality bone china, these cups are suitable for use in commercial establishments such as cafes and hotels as well as at home.
The elegant Elia Miravell Breakfast Saucers are perfect when paired with the Elia Miravell Breakfast Cups for a complete beverage service. These bone china saucers are suitable for use in domestic and commercial environments as they offer a robust finish.
With a generous 30cl rounded bowl, the Elia Miravell Breakfast Cups are perfect for enjoying a breakfast tea or coffee. Made with high quality bone china, these commercial quality cups are ideal for use in the home or in hotels, restaurants or cafes.
The Elia Orientix Tea Cups are made from bone china for a more refined tea service. Ideal for use in cafes or at home, the Orientix takes influence from the Orient for a sleek and stylish design.
Inspired by Oriental design, the Elia Orientix Tea Cups & Saucers makes them ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Sleek and stylish, they are the perfect addition to your table setting and are ideal for afternoon tea.
Perfect when paired with the Elia Orientix Tea Cups, the Elia Orientix Tea Saucers offer a contemporary and practical design. Manufactured from bone china, these saucers are ideal for a sophisticated table service.
The perfect addition to a contemporary table setting, the Aspira Cutlery Set offers a stunning polished finish with a slender design. Well balanced and comfortable to hold, this stainless steel cutlery makes the perfect starter set or gift.
With a delicate design offering a highly polished great looking mirror finish, the Aria Cutlery Set is perfect for any table setting. Made from high quality stainless steel, this set features an elegant and timeless style, with long angled handles for a c
From £11.99
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With a mirror finish design, these beautifully crafted 18/10 Stainless Steel Espresso Cups & Saucers are perfect for use in a wide range of environments.
Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, these Espresso Cups and Saucers are perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Their double walled constructions adds improved insulation as well as increased durability.
SALE £21.06
The Elia Miravell Side Plates are designed and manufactured to a professional standard for use in the bustle of the commercial dining room. Fully vitrified they offer additional resistance to breaking and damaging as well as being fully dishwasher and mic
The stylish Elia Thermal Egg Jug is perfect for any home, office or hotel. Holding up to 1 litre of tea, coffee or hot water, the glass vacuum liner ensures it stays hot for up to 12 hours. The contemporary shape is finished with a chrome lid with lever m
From £39.99
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The stylish Capsule Jug from Elia has the design touch from Nick Holland. It's also highly practical, keeping hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot water at their optimum temperature for up to 12 hours. The lid incorporates a press down stopper for qu
Inspired by 50s retro design, the Elia Beehive Vacuum Jug is made from stainless steel with a chrome finish for a contemporary look. Simple to use, press the lever located on the lid for easy dispensing of both hot and cold beverages.
The stylish Elia Beehive Vacuum Jug will keep beverages at their optimum temperature for up to 12 hours, making it ideal for events, functions and meeting rooms. The unique design features a rippled body and a press lever stopper for easy pouring.
Beverage service has never been so simple; the One-Touch Pour Jug from Elia has a push button top for ease of use. Simply push the button on the lid once to allowing pouring of contents and push again to close.
This sleek looking jug is ideal for tea and coffee service at home, in the workplace or in cafes and restaurants. It features a double-wall vacuum to ensure hot and cold beverages remain at their optimum temperature for many hours.
The stylish Elia Deluxe Infuser Jug is perfect for use in workplaces, function rooms and cafes. Holding up to 1.5 litres of tea, coffee or other beverage, it will keep it piping hot for up to 12 hours. This jug includes a detachable tea infuser for gradua
The Elia Standard Shatterproof Pump Dispenser features a shatterproof stainless steel vacuum which is excellent at keeping hot and cold beverages at their optimum temperature. There's no lifting involved, simply press the pump dispensing button on the lid
Dispensing is simple with the Elia Standard Shatterproof Pump Dispenser. There's no need to lift to pour, simply pump the button on the lid to dispense hot or cold beverages. With its shatterproof liner, it will keep liquid at its optimum temperature for
From £34.99
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Simply fill up the Elia Airpot Vacuum Beverage Dispenser with your beverage of choice and it will keep it piping hot for up to 12 hours. Ideal for homes, offices and function rooms, the simple serve push button system makes for quick and easy self-service
From £29.98
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The Elia Airpot Vacuum Beverage Dispenser allows for self-service use in domestic, office and catering environments. It will keep liquids such as hot water, tea and coffee hot for up to 12 hours due to the thermal insulation of the glass liner.
The Elia Shatterproof Lever-Type Pump Dispenser can be used to keep a variety of hot and cold beverages at their optimum temperature due to its double wall vacuum lining. The pump action lever allows for ease of service, making it ideal for offices, funct
Ideal for functions and busy meeting rooms, the Elia Lever-Type Hot Water Dispenser is inscribed with 'Hot Water', ensuring there's no confusion over the contents. This quick and easy dispenser has a push lever and is insulated to help keep its contents a
The Elia Lever-Type Tea Dispenser has a vacuum lining to ensure your tea stays piping hot for hours until you're ready to serve. The simple design allows for quick and easy dispensing and refilling, while the clear content labelling helps prevent confusio
This large capacity Elia Lever-Type Coffee Dispenser is perfect for pouring a quick pick-me-up, whether you're in a long business meeting or catering for a small function. Clearly inscribed with 'Coffee' to help avoid confusion and taste contamination, th
The Elia Milk Jug makes beverage service easy with its simple and practical design. The vacuum insulation ensures both hot and cold liquids are maintained at their optimum temperature for longer. This design is perfect for commercial use and business cate
The highly practical Elia Milk Jug can be taken almost anywhere, as its elegant and compact design means it's ideal for both indoors and outdoors. The lid features an easy to serve flow-through stopper, meaning you can even pack it in your picnic basket.
When convenience is key, look no further than the Elia Shatterproof Pump Dispenser. It features a practical design which allows you to easily dispense liquids using the large push button located in the lid, straight into your cup.
The Elia Shatterproof Pump Dispenser allows you to serve a variety of hot beverages with minimum fuss. Ideal for use in the work place or function rooms, this dispenser is also ideal for taste sampling in shops and stalls.
Elia have made dispensing drinks simple with the Shatterproof Pump Dispenser, which features a large top-down push button for dispensing straight into your cup. There's no need to lift and pour or handle hot equipment.
A great space saving device, the Table-Mountable Wine Cooler Holder simply slots on to the edge of a table. Keep your wine and champagne chilled and at arms reach. Taking up next to no space, this stainless steel table mounted wine cooler is sturdy and du
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Whatever your business, our range of Elia catering accessories and Elia catering equipment offers great value and is available with fast UK delivery. Ideal for restaurant catering equipment, hotel catering equipment and cafe catering equipment, our range includes Elia tableware, Elia barware and Elia beverage service.

If you’re offering a hot beverage service, you’ll find a great range of Elia beverage dispensers, including Elia Airpots, Elia vacuum jugs, Elia thermal jugs, Elia coffee dispensers, Elia tea dispensers and Elia hot water dispensers.

For a professional breakfast service, we offer a great range of Elia cutlery and Elia crockery, including Elia tea cups, Elia tea saucers, Elia coffee cups, Elia milk jugs, Elia creamer jugs, Elia sugar bowls and Elia plates. Our Elia Miravell crockery and Elia Orientix crockery ranges offer a great selection of fine bone china crockery.

In addition to our Elia white crockery range, our Elia stainless steel range includes Elia stainless steel cups and saucers, Elia stainless steel wine buckets and Elia stainless steel champagne buckets. This range of Elia wine coolers and Elia champagne coolers is ideal for restaurant and bar use.