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European Beer Glasses

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Serve pilsner on tap with the 10oz Euro Pilsner Glasses CE marked for draft beer service. Part of the Pasabahce Service Line, these pub glasses are made for regular use in busy environments, lending themselves perfectly to busy bars. More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 30% Case of 48 More options
In stock
With a tall shape design, the Utopia Aspen Activator Half Pint Beer Glasses are the ultimate way to serve up a European style lager. These 28cl beer glasses are fully toughened, ideal for a durable way to serve beverages in bars, pubs or restaurants. A half pint CE pilsner glass adds a stylish European touch to your drinks service. More info
On Sale £7.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 20% Set of 4 More options
In stock
With classic European flavour, the Utopia Aspen Pint Beer Glasses offer an elegant approach to serving beer or lager. This toughened beer glass provides the perfect home for your favourite pint, a curvaceous shape creates a more comfortable hold with a stylish look. More info
On Sale £9.99 RRP £12.99 | Save 23% Set of 4 More options
In stock
Bring a touch of European style to your pint with the Munique Stemmed Beer Glass. The elegant stemmed design of this pint glass makes it ideal for a variety of beverages including beer, lager, cider or even water. CE marked at a pint, this glass is suitable for use in licenced establishments. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8%
In stock
No-one drinks better than the Germans! So recreate the famous German beer festivals with a Traditional 2 pint Stein Beer Glass! More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £12.99 | Save 46% Single More options
In stock
For fun drinking game, nothing beats a challenge of speed drinking! Mounted on a birch wood stand, the Glass Quarter Yard of Ale with Stand provides around 2/3 of a pint to give a fun drinking game with friends, or even to offer a unique way to serve ales at a beer festival. More info
On Sale £9.99 RRP £12.99 | Save 23% Single More options
In stock
For an elegant way to serve beer, the Gusto Beer Glasses offer a sophisticated option. With a wide bowl and thick stem, this glass is perfect for beer, ale, cider and stout. A stylish goblet shape offers a formal alternative to the standard beer glass, ideal for dinner parties with guests. More info
On Sale £21.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 12% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Catering to the increasing need for craft beer glasses, the Spiegelau IPA Glass has been designed as a beer tasting glass for appreciating IPA. Created out of countless design and tasting workshops, Spiegelau have crafted a drinking vessel that is the perfect gift for budding beer sommeliers. More info
On Sale From £14.99 RRP From £19.99 | Save 25% Set of 2 More options
In stock
The elegant and versatile Bacchus Poco Grande Tulip Beer Glasses are shaped after the classic Belgian tulip beer glass style, making them perfect for serving Belgian ales. Lined and CE marked at half a pint, these Belgian beer glasses are suitable for draught beer service, and lend themselves perfectly to craft beer and cask ale. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 15% Case of 48 More options
In stock
For a striking beer service, the Hoffman Panelled Glasses are made from thick heavyweight glass for a strong everyday glass. Suitable for serving Belgian IPAs and German doppelbocks in a classic Belgian beer goblet. More info
On Sale £79.99 RRP £89.99 | Save 11%
Direct Delivery
The Willi Becher Half Pint Glasses offer a stylish shape, ideal for serving up your favourite beer. Great for your home or bar, these glasses are government stamped at half a pint to allow extra room for that all important head. More info
On Sale £7.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 20%
In stock
There's many theories about how the classic German Bierstiefel came about, a popular theory is that German soldiers drunk from their boots during the war. Don't worry, you don't have to tarnish your Timberlands, as the Giant Glass Beer Boot is now available to drink from! More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
Made from heavyweight glass, this Hoffman House Chabela Beer Goblet is not for lightweights. This solid-looking goblet is durable enough for raising a toast with your favourite beer and holds a generous 60cl. Also ideal for cocktails and desserts. More info
On Sale £7.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 20% Case of 12 More options
In stock
Get a little piece of the legendary Munich Oktoberfest beer festival with the Hofbrauhaus Stein Glass! This giant beer glass comes straight from the most popular beer house of the Oktoberfest, the Hofbrauhaus, and is sure to bring a smile to the face of any beer fan! More info
£14.99 Single More options
In stock
The Munique Stemmed Beer Glass is the perfect choice for serving up your favourite beer, lager or cider. With a stemmed design, this 28cl glass offers an elegant touch, ideal for the dining table and can also be used to serve water. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 15%
In stock
For a sophisticated way to serve beer, the Gusto Beer Glasses have a stylish stemmed design. A more elegant alternative to the standard pint glass, these stemmed glasses hold an oversized pint, making them idea for serving beers with a large head, European style. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £26.99 | Save 15% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Offering a unique way of drinking your beverage, the Trinkhorn Beer Glass is modelled on the classic Scandinavian style horns used as drinking vessels. Fully updated with handmade glass and a highly detailed pewter band around the horn, this unique glass is ideal for any beer connoisseur. More info
In stock
Adorned with scenes of deer, the Sternbodenseidel Stag Beer Stein makes a great collectors piece for any beer lover. Perfect for a unique drink, each 50cl glass stein is handmade in Austria and features a pewter flip lid which is also decorated with an image of a stag. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8%
In stock
The Sternbodenseidel Wild Boar Beer Stein offers a timeless piece that will sit well in any beer glass collection. Decorated with a scene of wild boars, this 50cl handled beer mug has been handmade in Austria and topped with a pewter lid for a unique finish. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8%
In stock
Bringing beer back to nature, the Sternbodenseidel Duck Beer Stein shows a scene of wildlife. The unique handmade design features a heavyweight base and pewter flip lid, perfect for enjoying a traditional beer or for display as a collectors piece. More info
On Sale £21.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 12%
In stock
A giant version of the traditional German beer glass, the Super Schooner Glass lets you drink as much beer as you can handle! Holding a generous 2.8 pints this piece of giant stemware also makes an excellent cocktail punch bowl or decorative centrepiece. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £22.99 | Save 26% Single More options
In stock
The stylish Brussels Beer Glasses are ideal for serving lager, ale, cider and more. The elegant tulip bowl is the perfect size for offering bottled beer service, and even lends itself to serving cocktails and soft drinks. More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £18.99 | Save 21% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
The large volume of the Beer Basic Pints Glasses, combined with the slightly widened mouth allows you to comfortably fit your pint with extra room for the head to fully develop. Made from Tritan crystal glass, these beer tumblers are an ideal gift for a beer connoisseur, whether they prefer beer, lager or ale. More info
In stock
Handmade from pewter, the Pilstulpe Freischütz Beer Glass depicts scenes from a popular German folklore tale. The images show the story of a marksman who has a contact with the devil that ensures he hits his mark without fail. However according to the legend the final bullet is controlled by the devil himself. More info
On Sale £44.99 RRP £54.99 | Save 18%
In stock
Whether trying to impress your other half with a romantic meal for two, or guests at a dinner party the Capri Beer Glass is definitely the way to go. A stemmed pokal glass, this tall stem beer glass is ideal for a variety of beers, particularly lending itself to schwarzbier, lambics and even pilsners. More info
On Sale £9.99 RRP £13.00 | Save 23% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
From cocktails to beer, the Catalina Sling/Beer Glasses make a versatile choice of drinking vessel. With a tall and elegant design and footed base, these 35.5cl glasses bring an elegant touch to any drink. Ideal for use in busy bars and parties, these glasses are covered by Libbey's Safedge rim and foot guarantee. More info
On Sale £89.99 RRP £109.99 | Save 18%
In stock
When a pint glass just won't do, serve up your favourite beer with the two pint bar@drinkstuff Plastic Beer Stein! This large plastic glass combines the traditional German beer stein design with a polystyrene plastic construction, making it ideal for parties, beer festivals and more. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 38% Single More options
In stock
Just because you're using plastic doesn't mean you have to compromise on sophistication. Enjoy a cool beer or lager with the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Beer Goblets. Completely washable and reusable, they are ideal for garden parties and BBQs as well as for use in commercial bars and events. More info
On Sale £35.99 RRP £46.99 | Save 23%
In stock

European Beer Glasses

Differentiating themselves from classic British pub glasses, European beer glasses come in many different shapes, including stemmed beer glasses, straight beer glasses, pilsner glasses, beer mugs, beer boots and even beer horns. With the range of Belgian beers being so vast, the range of Belgian beer glasses is similarly varied to accommodate the different types of Belgian beers and Belgian ales. Belgian beer glasses and Belgian ale glasses are often known for being stemmed beer glasses, particularly beer snifters, tulip beer glasses, beer schooners, beer goblets and beer chalices.

The classic snifter beer glass is characterised by a large bowl on a stem, looking like a brandy glass for beer, the Belgian beer snifter is designed to concentrate aromas towards the nose. Belgian tulip beer glasses are similar to beer snifters but have a fluted top to aid head retention. Stemmed tulip beer glasses can be substituted with cocktail glasses of a similar shape so you can have Pina Colada glasses for beer and Hurricane glasses for beer.

Beer goblets and beer chalices offer a wide bowl beer glass on a stem, while classic schooner glasses sit in between a beer goblet and a beer snifter. Great for use as a beer sipper glass, goblets, chalices and schooners are often associated with the big Belgian ale brands and are used as a Chimay beer glass, an Abbey beer glass and a Trappist beer glass.

So to ensure you are tasting European beers in the best way possible, our range of cheap European beer glasses are all available on fast UK delivery direct to your door.

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