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Whether you're tending behind the bar or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the Complete 7 Piece Cocktail Garnish Tool Set & Case is a must have for any bartender or chef. Packed in a handy travel wallet, this set comes complete with seven essential tools
Presentation is important in catering, so ensure your drinks service is perfect with the Genware Foam Knife. Specially designed for removing excess head from draught beer or foam from hot beverages, this stainless steel knife is ideal for use in bars and
Filleting a fish is an art form and without the proper equipment it's nigh on impossible. The Genware Fillet Knife is perfect for the job. Designed with filleting in mind and available in red for use with raw meat to help match your other hygiene consciou
From £6.99
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Perfect for creating a relaxing ambience, the Stainless Steel & Frosted Glass Table Lamp is ideal as a centrepiece for your dining table. Holding standard tealights, this tall and elegant table lamp is ideal for use at home, or in a bar or restaurant.
From £4.99
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Bring a new dimension to your dinner table with the Midnight Square Coupe Plate, made from durable stoneware. This four sided plate offers a contemporary design with its matt black finish, ideal for use at home or in a restaurant.
From £3.49
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With four sides, the distinctive Midnight Square Coupe Plate stands out in a world of circles. The contemporary style of this matt black stoneware plate makes it ideal for a variety of cuisines, and is particularly suited to oriental and Mediterranean dis
From £4.99
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Create an eye-catching place setting with the Midnight Rectangular Coupe Plate. This rectangular plate is ideal for oriental or Mediterranean dishes, ideal for use at home or in your restaurant. The stoneware construction offers great durability, while th
From £3.99
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The stylish and contemporary style of the Midnight Rectangular Coupe Plate makes it ideal for Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. This rectangular plate is made from durable stoneware and finished with a matt black glaze.
Filleting is an art form - it takes dedication, hard work and the correct tools. Look no further, as the Raw Fish Fillet Knives from the colour coded Genware range are the perfect tool for the job. No longer will bones get in the way of a good meal.
From £1.99
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Ideal for catered environments, the Genware Squeeze Bottle offers a practical design. The flexible plastic construction makes for easy dispensing, while the translucent finish lets you know when to make a quick and easy refill.
From £1.99
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Serve up an after dinner treat with the Stainless Steel Sundae Cup from Genware. Made from high quality stainless steel for a stylish and practical design, this footed cup is ideal for ice cream sundaes and other desserts.
Easily keep tables tidy with the Stainless Steel Table Bin, ideal for clearing away waste, such as tea bags, after breakfast service. Made from durable stainless steel, this mini swing-lid bin could also be used for the kitchen counter or office.
From £5.99
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Create that gastropub look with this Mini Chrome Fryer Serving Basket, the perfect way to serve chips at the dinner table. With a unique and novel design, this fryer basket shaped server is ideal for pairing with wooden boards for a complete table service
This professional quality Genware Vegetable Knife is ideal for use in the commercial kitchen. Featuring a steel blade and colour coded polypropylene handle, this knife conforms to food hygiene regulations in commercial kitchens.
This 4 inch Vegetable Knife from Genware features a colour coded handle to ensure it conforms to commercial kitchen food hygiene regulations. Suitable for salad and fruit, this professional quality knife is ideal for chefs, caterers and domestic cooks.
Ideal for the professional or domestic cook, this Genware Vegetable Knife features a quality steel blade and colour coded handle. The red polypropylene handle features a textured, slip resistant finish and ensures this knife conforms to food hygiene regul
The 4 inch Genware Vegetable Knife features a professional quality steel blade and colour coded handle for use in commercial kitchens. The yellow handle for cooked meat ensures food preparation conforms to food hygiene regulations.
This handy Vegetable Knife from Genware is ideal for use in commercial kitchens. Offering professional quality, this knife features a 4 inch steel blade and colour coded polypropylene handle which conforms to food hygiene regulations.
Help prevent cross contamination with the Genware Rigid Boning Knife with 5 inch steel blade. Ideal for use with raw meat, the red handle allows for quick and easy identification, and conforms to food hygiene regulations for commercial kitchens.
This handy Chefs Knife from Genware is ideal for the professional or amateur cook. Featuring a durable steel blade, this 6inch knife has a colour coded handle to prevent cross contamination in busy commercial kitchens.
The 8 Inch Genware Chefs Knife offers a professional and practical design. Finished with a colour coded handle in white for bakery and dairy use, this knife helps prevent cross contamination in commercial kitchens so your establishment conforms to food hy
Ensure you're operating a safe and hygienic kitchen with the help of the colour coded Genware Chefs Knife. This knife has a red handle, for clear distinction for use with raw meat only. This professional knife uses a steel blade and is ideal for both home
Make sure you don't pick up your raw meat knife by accident with this colour coded Genware Chefs Knife. The yellow handle allows you to quickly identify this knife for cooked meats. The blade is manufactured from durable steel, while the handle features a
Create an eye-catching presentation of food with the unique Genware Olive Wood Rustic Platter. Hand crafted from natural olive wood, each board is unique in shape, size and finish, giving them a rustic look for serving starters, mains and sharing platters
The Genware Olive Wood Rustic Platter is perfect for serving starters, sides and mains gourmet style. Offering a distinctive finish, each board has been hand crafted from natural olive wood and therefore varies in size and shape.
Bring a unique touch to your food presentation with the Genware Olive Wood Rustic Platter. Each board is made from natural olive wood resulting in a unique size, shape and finish, perfect for adding a rustic look to your starters and sides.
To help you avoid picking up your meat knife by mistake, the Genware Cooks Knife is colour coded brown for use with vegetables. Ideal for busy kitchens, this knife is made from professional quality steel and finished with an extra grip handle.
Perfect for preparing fresh salads and fruit, the professional quality Genware Cooks Knife features a colour coded handle to help avoid confusion and cross contamination of foods. This knife is manufactured from steel and is finished with an extra grip ha
From £7.99
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The versatile Rectangular Non-Slip Mahogany Tray offers itself to a variety of uses, from service in cafés and coffee shops to self service canteens and kitchens. The mahogany wood features a varnished finish, making it hard wearing, easy to clean and sui
The Jesmond Cutlery Dessert Set includes everything needed for a classic dessert service. Made from stainless steel this cutlery offers a professional quality finish for catering of all kinds.
Perfect for casual dining, the Jesmond Cutlery Everyday Set features a traditional design. Made from professional quality stainless steel, the Jesmond Cutlery is a prime choice for use in restaurants and hotels.
A great choice for everyday dining, the Jesmond Cutlery Set offers a traditional design and professional quality. A classic choice for restaurants and hotels, this stainless steel cutlery ensures excellent stain resistance to maintain a polished finish.
Perfect for a traditional dessert service, the Kings Cutlery Dessert Set offers a classic design fit for royalty. Manufactured from stainless steel, this professional quality cutlery is resistant to staining to maintain an excellent finish.
The Kings Cutlery Everyday Set features all the essential flatware you need for everyday dinner service. The traditional design of this cutlery compliments other classic tableware pieces, while the stainless steel construction offers a stain resistant fin
Bring a royal touch to your dining table with the Kings Cutlery Set. The traditional and elegant design of this stainless steel cutlery makes it ideal for regular use. This set contains all the essential flatware you need for everyday dining.
The Dubarry Cutlery Dessert Set features a traditional design for an elegant touch to your dining table. Featuring all the essential cutlery you need for serving desserts and coffee, this set is an ideal choice for fine dining.
A great choice for everyday dining, the Dubarry Cutlery Everyday Set brings a traditional look to your dining table. Made from 18/0 stainless steel, this professional quality cutlery is ideal for regular use.
Add some elegance to your dessert service with the Florence Cutlery Dessert Set. The contemporary stainless steel design of this cutlery makes it an ideal choice for everyday dessert service.
The Florence Cutlery Everyday Set is ideal for casual everyday dining with a stylish, refined edge. Offering a sleek contemporary design, this polished stainless steel cutlery resists staining to maintain an excellent finish.
With a practical and contemporary design, the Florence Cutlery Set is ideal for everyday dining. The professional quality finish and stain resistant finish of these stainless steel pieces makes this set ideal for daily use.
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GenWare professional catering products are a popular choice among catering professionals, supplying a wide range of GenWare cafe equipment, GenWare restaurant equipment and GenWare bar equipment. The GenWare catering equipment range includes GenWare cookware, GenWare bakeware, GenWare tableware, GenWare cutlery, GenWare barware, GenWare kitchenware, GenWare pizza equipment and GenWare cleaning equipment.

We have a wide range of GenWare stainless steel catering equipment, GenWare aluminium catering equipment and GenWare melamine catering equipment. Our range of GenWare catering equipment is available with fast UK delivery so it’s easy to find your kitchen cookware equipment and table service equipment.

Our range of GenWare cookware and GenWare bakeware includes GenWare baking dishes, GenWare baking trays, GenWare baking sheets, GenWare bakewell pans, GenWare roasting dishes, GenWare stewpans, GenWare saucepans, GenWare stockpots, GenWare sauteuse pans, GenWare casserole pots, GenWare frypans, GenWare omelette pans and GenWare pan lids. The range of GenWare pots and GenWare pans includes heavy duty stainless steel pots, heavy duty stainless steel pans, heavy duty aluminium pans and heavy duty aluminium pots.

For a complete range of GenWare kitchenware we offer GenWare kitchen utensils, GenWare kitchen tools, GenWare mixing bowls, GenWare chopping boards, GenWare thermometers, GenWare ramekins, GenWare gastronorm pans, GenWare gastronorm lids, GenWare glass racks and GenWare chef’s clothes.

No table setting is complete without a selection of stainless steel cutlery and our GenWare cutlery includes the popular GenWare Millenium cutlery range, GenWare Harley cutlery range, GenWare Bead cutlery range and GenWare Saffron cutlery range.

For a professional catering service we offer a wide range of GenWare tableware which features GenWare condiment dishes, GenWare salt pots, GenWare pepper pots, GenWare serving dishes, GenWare vegetable dishes, GenWare meat flats, GenWare cake stands, GenWare table numbers and GenWare table signs. Our selection of GenWare serving equipment includes GenWare catering trolleys, GenWare food trays, GenWare drinks trays and GenWare bar accessories.

For breakfast service and hot beverage service we have a great range of stainless steel beverage equipment including GenWare teapots, GenWare coffee pots, GenWare cafetieres, GenWare milk jugs and GenWare cream jugs.