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From £4.99
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Ideal for serving sauces or appetisers side-by-side, the Galvanised Steel Combi Serving Buckets are the perfect solution for offering variety.
Following the new flair bartending trend sweeping bars, the Copper Tin on Tin Boston Shaker is the stylish choice. With a unique tin on tin design.
From £2.99
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The Galvanised Steel Can provides the ultimate in versatile food and drink service. With a rustic design made to look just like a tin can.
From £6.99
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The Copper Plated Serving Cup is the versatile way to serve up sides, sauces or appetisers. Following the latest trend with a warming copper finish.
From £8.99
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The Copper Plated Ramekin is the stylish serving bowl for sauces, dips or condiments. Ideal for a more formal dining presentation.
From £7.99
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The Copper Plated Ramekin provides a more stylish edge to serving sauces, dips or condiments. With warming copper tones added to your presentation.
Ideal for an ultra chilled cocktail without chunks of ice, the Premium Hawthorn Strainer is the only choice. Perfect for straining with a glass or shaker.
The Copper Cocktail Shaker offers a truly stylish way to shake and serve cocktails. With a beautiful copper plated finish and 3 piece design.
With the Copper Boston Shaker Tin, you can shake and serve a professional standard cocktail. Following the new copper barware trend.
For a professional cocktail service like no other, the Copper Boston Shaker Tin shakes things up! With the ability to shake and serve.
The Copper Sprung Julep Strainer is the professional choice for a smooth cocktail blend. With an extra large spring to catch chunks of fruit and ice.
From £9.99
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Designed for preparing fruit for cocktails, the Non Slip Black Bar Board is ideal for chopping fruit to adorn drinks. With a non-slip design.
With an American Steak House inspired design, this greaseproof paper is perfect for serving American starters in buckets or baskets.
Perfect for using with cake and desserts, these Genware Baguette Dessert Knives are made from 18/0, highly polished stainless steel.
Perfect for finishing any table setting, these Genware Baguette Cutlery 18/0 Table Spoons are made from highly polished stainless steel.
The Stainless Steel Bullet Tumbler is truly a unique way to serve cocktails and other drinks. Following the trend sweeping bars, metal drinkware is in!
Featuring a classic design, these Genware Baguette 18/0 Cutlery Table Fork are made from a highly polished stainless steel.
These Copper Martini Glass offers a premium look for serving truly unique cocktails. Following the latest trend for copper drink and barware.
For the ultimate Mojito cocktail, the Plastic Muddler from Genware makes light work out of muddling cocktail ingredients. Ideal for crushing citrus fruit.
With a classic design, these Genware Square Cutlery 18/0 Soup Spoons make the perfect finishing touch to sophisticated table settings.
With a classic design, these Genware Baguette 18/0 Cutlery Dessert Spoons have been recreated perfectly for a modern table setting.
With a traditional design ideal for modern tables, these Genware Baguette 18/10 Cutlery Dessert Forks are perfect for any table setting.
This Mixing Glass from Genware offers a truly premium touch to mixing and creating cocktails. With an embossed diamond cut effect pattern.
With a classic pattern with a modern twist, these Genware Baguette 18/0 Tea Spoons are the perfect accompaniment to any table setting.
From £3.99
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With a Mini Stainless Steel Presentation Saucepan, you can serve your sides or sauces in a unique fashion. As a miniaturised version of the real thing.
From £4.99
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With a modern ribbed design, the Genware Glass Ramekins provide the perfect way to present dips, condiments or sauces to the table.
From £2.99
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The Genware Stainless Steel Hammered Ramekins provide a practical yet stylish way to serve condiments, sauces or dips. With a hammered effect design.
Made from quality 18/0 stainless steel these highly polished steak knives from Genware are the perfect finishing touch to any table.
Finish off your ultra modern table setting with these 18/0 stainless steel square handled table knives from Genware.
Strong and robust, these square 18/0 dessert knives from Genware are ideal for serving alongside lavish desserts and puddings.
Made from a high quality 18/0 stainless steel, these Square table spoons are highly stain resistant and perfect for any table setting.
With a highly polished finish, these square handled table forks from Genware are the perfect finishing touch to any table setting.
With a deep bowl, and high resistant to staining, these Genware Square Soup Spoons are the perfect for enjoying soups, broths or stews.
Made from 18/0 stainless steel, these square dessert spoon from Genware are sure to add a modern touch to any table setting.
Perfect for serving alongside after dinner treats, these stainless steel square dessert forks feature a strong, robust design.
With a robust, and strong design, these Genware Square Cutlery 18/0 Tea Spoons are the perfect finishing touch to any table setting.
The Canvas Food Presentation Bag is the perfect way to present a selection of bread at the dinner table. Made from cotton, this durable bag offers a rustic charm making it ideal for a variety of bread, rolls and other bakery goods.
Designed with bistro chefs and waiters in mind, the Money Pocket Waist Apron is ideal for use in commercial establishments. The large pockets allow for change to be stored easily and be easily accessible. These aprons are tough and are more resistant than
SALE £18.99
For perfectly cooked pasta, spaghetti or vegetables without the hassle of draining, this Pasta Basket is ideal. Suitable for use with most pasta boilers.
Offering a contemporary was of serving and displaying starters and buffet food, this Acacia Wood Serving Platter from Genware is ideal.
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GenWare professional catering products are a popular choice among catering professionals, supplying a wide range of GenWare cafe equipment, GenWare restaurant equipment and GenWare bar equipment. The GenWare catering equipment range includes GenWare cookware, GenWare bakeware, GenWare tableware, GenWare cutlery, GenWare barware, GenWare kitchenware, GenWare pizza equipment and GenWare cleaning equipment.

We have a wide range of GenWare stainless steel catering equipment, GenWare aluminium catering equipment and GenWare melamine catering equipment. Our range of GenWare catering equipment is available with fast UK delivery so it’s easy to find your kitchen cookware equipment and table service equipment.

Our range of GenWare cookware and GenWare bakeware includes GenWare baking dishes, GenWare baking trays, GenWare baking sheets, GenWare bakewell pans, GenWare roasting dishes, GenWare stewpans, GenWare saucepans, GenWare stockpots, GenWare sauteuse pans, GenWare casserole pots, GenWare frypans, GenWare omelette pans and GenWare pan lids. The range of GenWare pots and GenWare pans includes heavy duty stainless steel pots, heavy duty stainless steel pans, heavy duty aluminium pans and heavy duty aluminium pots.

For a complete range of GenWare kitchenware we offer GenWare kitchen utensils, GenWare kitchen tools, GenWare mixing bowls, GenWare chopping boards, GenWare thermometers, GenWare ramekins, GenWare gastronorm pans, GenWare gastronorm lids, GenWare glass racks and GenWare chef’s clothes.

No table setting is complete without a selection of stainless steel cutlery and our GenWare cutlery includes the popular GenWare Millenium cutlery range, GenWare Harley cutlery range, GenWare Bead cutlery range and GenWare Saffron cutlery range.

For a professional catering service we offer a wide range of GenWare tableware which features GenWare condiment dishes, GenWare salt pots, GenWare pepper pots, GenWare serving dishes, GenWare vegetable dishes, GenWare meat flats, GenWare cake stands, GenWare table numbers and GenWare table signs. Our selection of GenWare serving equipment includes GenWare catering trolleys, GenWare food trays, GenWare drinks trays and GenWare bar accessories.

For breakfast service and hot beverage service we have a great range of stainless steel beverage equipment including GenWare teapots, GenWare coffee pots, GenWare cafetieres, GenWare milk jugs and GenWare cream jugs.