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The Aluminium Oven Baking Sheet from Genware offers a professional quality finish for use in commercial kitchens. The thick aluminium construction gives excellent heat conduction and helps to prevent bowing.
The Wide Neck Ladle by Genware is manufactured from stainless steel ensuring longevity and durability. Perfect for use in the commercial catering environment, this serving spoon is also brilliant for domestic use.
The Wide Neck Ladle by Genware is manufactured from stainless steel and is designed for heavy duty use. Perfect for the industrial catering market but also ideal for domestic use, this fantastic ladle is made from a single piece for durability and longevi
With nylon bristles and a smooth plastic handle, the professional quality of this pastry brush is impeccable. Perfect for use during food preparation, including baking and cooking, this brush offers a high fluid retaining capacity but does not trap food.
The Genware Heavy Duty Aluminium Saucepan offers a high quality construction that's covered by a 2 year guarantee. Designed for use by professional chefs, this saucepan features a thick base for uniform heat transfer and stay-cool stainless steel handles.
SALE £42.99
The large capacity Genware Heavy Duty Aluminium Saucepan is ideal for use in busy commercial kitchens. Suitable for a variety of applications, this pan offers a thick base for uniform heat transfer and a stainless steel vacuum formed handle for a cool tou
The professional quality Heavy Duty Aluminium Saucepan from Genware has been specially designed to withstand commercial use. Manufactured from 99.5% pure aluminium, this pan also offers excellent heat distribution to prevent hot-spots.
Designed for use in commercial kitchens, the Genware Heavy Duty Aluminium Saucepan offers a robust aluminium construction. The professional finish features large rivets, a stay cold vacuum formed stainless steel handle and a thick base for even heat distribution.
The Genware Heavy Duty Aluminium Frypan is perfect for professional chefs, offering a thick base for an even heat transfer. This aluminium pan is ideal for frying a variety of food and features a vacuum formed stainless steel handle which stays cool throu
Ideal for the most demanding potato mashing needs, the large 25 inch Potato Masher from Genware helps you mash vegetables in even the deepest containers. With a durable 18/0 stainless steel construction, this extra long masher is perfect for commercial ap
Perfect for all round use in the kitchen, the fantastic Roasting Meat Tongs are the ideal utensil for cooking meat. With a 2-pronged fork and a spatula end, their versatility makes them ideal for barbeques, roast dinners and any meal for serving meat.
Designed for hot food service, this fantastic pair of multi-use tongs are ideal for BBQs as well as kitchen cooking. Manufactured from 18/0 stainless steel, not only are they hard-wearing but also dishwasher safe.
Don't let cigarettes make your outside areas look messy. The smart looking stainless steel Wall-Mounted Cigarette Bin is ideal for placing in designated smoking areas, easily attaching to an outside wall. The covered design keeps ash and cigarette ends fr
With a design that conforms to industry standard, this Stainless Steel Frypan by Genware is not only durable and of exceedingly high quality, it also comes with a 10 year guarantee. Perfect for the professional caterer to the budding home chef, this Frypa
Coming with a 10 year guarantee, you can be assured of the high end quality imbued into this fantastic 24cm Stainless Steel Frypan. Designed for use in the commercial environment this frypan is ideal for all types of cooking in the restaurant kitchen or e
Designed by leaders in the catering and cooking industry, Genware, the Stainless Steel Frypan is well up to the task of catering in the professional environment. This fantastic pan comes with a 10 year warranty for complete assurance of quality and longev
With a wide range of applications, the 10inch Serving Spoons by Genware are ideal for serving at delis, buffets, canteens and cafeterias. Utilising an 18/0 stainless steel construction, these fantastic spoons offer a durable finish for longevity.
The Melamine Ramekins by Genware are ideal for a wide range of serving situations. Perfect for use in the busy catering market for sauces and dips.
Designed to cater for the industrial food service market, the Genware Plate Rack is designed to allow for fast, efficient cleaning of plates and crockery. With an open construction to allow better water flow, you can be assured of an excellent wash. Pegs
Designed to prevent cross contamination of food, this durable and easy to clean chopping board will help you to keep in line with the food safety act of 1990. Colour coded blue for use with Raw Fish, separating food for preparation has never been easier.
These 1 inch thick colour coded chopping boards will assist you in conforming with the food safety act of 1990 by helping prevent cross food contamination. Durable, long lasting, easy to clean and mould and stain resistant, it's hard to go wrong with thes
The brown 1 inch colour coded chopping board is designed for use with vegetables allowing you to keep different food types separate and conform with the food safety act of 1990. Highly durable, mold and stain resistant and easy to clean.
This robustly designed 1 inch colour coded chopping board is designed to help prevent cross contamination of food. Since the food safety act of 1990 this chopping board has been used in commercial and domestic kitchens all over the country.
Since the food safety act of 1990 was passed, these colour coded chopping boards have been recommended to many commercial food service businesses. Able help you keep different food substances apart to prevent cross food contamination, the yellow boards ar
To help you comply with the food safety act of 1990, this colour coded chopping board is coloured for use with raw meat. Red is for raw meat to prevent cross food contamination and ensure hygienic food preparation. Perfect for commercial and domestic use.
This professionally crafted chopping board is designed and manufactured with the catering industry in mind. Colour coded to eliminate the possibility of cross food contamination, this chopping board ensures food preparation complies with the food safety a
Perfect for serving up slices of roasted meat, the Stainless Steel Oval Meat Flat from Genware has a highly resistant and easy to maintain finish for use in commercial establishments.
Designed for resting and presenting roasted meat slices, this Stainless Steel Oval Meat Flat from Genware is ideal for use in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels and carveries.
Made from high quality stainless steel, this Oval Meat Flat offers a professional and easy to maintain finish. Ideal for resting and serving up slices of roasted meat, this small meat platter is ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and carveries.
Designed for use in professional establishments, the Stainless Steel Oval Meat Flat is finished to a professional standard. This large platter is ideal for resting and presenting slices of cooked meats.
Suitable for serving up slices of roasted meat, this Stainless Steel Oval Meat Flat from Genware is ideal for use in commercial restaurants and carveries.
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Designed for use in both the professional and domestic markets, the professional quality Polywicker Basket is great for side dishes, bread bins and even for use as chip baskets. The wide range of applications makes this all purpose basket a great buy.
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The Shaterproof Sugar Pourer by Genware is manufactured using a polycarbonate body to almost remove the risk of breaking. With a stainless steel head to stop the pourer staining and making it easier to clean, this sugar dispenser can be used in a wide var
Combining all of the colour coded chopping boards in to one easy to use set, these chopping boards comply with hygiene recommendations on colour coding for food preparation. Manufactured using high resistant polycarbonate, these boards will not crack, chi
Manufactured to a professional standard using stainless steel, the Genware Pierced Blade Turner is designed with the commercial caterer in mind. It has a nylon, heat resistant handle for secure use, fantastic for using with burgers and other such food.
Designed to a professional standard with commercial and domestic use in mind, the Genware Stainless Steel Box Grater has 4 different grating types and is perfect for food presentation. With uses ranging from cheese grating to citrus zesting, this box grat
Clearing up after a large meal or buffet can be tiring work. This Compact 3 Tier Polypropylene Trolley makes clearing tables easy as it has tough polypropylene shelves and can carry loads up to 125kg. Ideal for busy restaurants, bars and hotels.
This Short Cutlery Bin is ideal for use with the Genware Compact 3 Tier Polypropylene Trolley. It clips onto the side of the trolley, allowing you to quickly and efficiently collect cutlery while optimising all the space on the trolley. Ideal for commerci
The Stainless Steel Conical Strainer by Genware is manufactured to a professional standard using 18/10 stainless steel. The high quality of this kitchen strainer means it is viable for use in almost any restaurant or catering venue or business. An excelle
Carrying the Genware name, the Stainless Steel Conical Strainer is, as you would expect, manufactured to a professional standard from 18/10 stainless steel. With handles and hooking bars for ease of use and able to strain a large amount, this strainer is
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GenWare professional catering products are a popular choice among catering professionals, supplying a wide range of GenWare cafe equipment, GenWare restaurant equipment and GenWare bar equipment. The GenWare catering equipment range includes GenWare cookware, GenWare bakeware, GenWare tableware, GenWare cutlery, GenWare barware, GenWare kitchenware, GenWare pizza equipment and GenWare cleaning equipment.

We have a wide range of GenWare stainless steel catering equipment, GenWare aluminium catering equipment and GenWare melamine catering equipment. Our range of GenWare catering equipment is available with fast UK delivery so it’s easy to find your kitchen cookware equipment and table service equipment.

Our range of GenWare cookware and GenWare bakeware includes GenWare baking dishes, GenWare baking trays, GenWare baking sheets, GenWare bakewell pans, GenWare roasting dishes, GenWare stewpans, GenWare saucepans, GenWare stockpots, GenWare sauteuse pans, GenWare casserole pots, GenWare frypans, GenWare omelette pans and GenWare pan lids. The range of GenWare pots and GenWare pans includes heavy duty stainless steel pots, heavy duty stainless steel pans, heavy duty aluminium pans and heavy duty aluminium pots.

For a complete range of GenWare kitchenware we offer GenWare kitchen utensils, GenWare kitchen tools, GenWare mixing bowls, GenWare chopping boards, GenWare thermometers, GenWare ramekins, GenWare gastronorm pans, GenWare gastronorm lids, GenWare glass racks and GenWare chef’s clothes.

No table setting is complete without a selection of stainless steel cutlery and our GenWare cutlery includes the popular GenWare Millenium cutlery range, GenWare Harley cutlery range, GenWare Bead cutlery range and GenWare Saffron cutlery range.

For a professional catering service we offer a wide range of GenWare tableware which features GenWare condiment dishes, GenWare salt pots, GenWare pepper pots, GenWare serving dishes, GenWare vegetable dishes, GenWare meat flats, GenWare cake stands, GenWare table numbers and GenWare table signs. Our selection of GenWare serving equipment includes GenWare catering trolleys, GenWare food trays, GenWare drinks trays and GenWare bar accessories.

For breakfast service and hot beverage service we have a great range of stainless steel beverage equipment including GenWare teapots, GenWare coffee pots, GenWare cafetieres, GenWare milk jugs and GenWare cream jugs.