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Established in 1977
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Half Pint CE Marked Beer Glasses

Need other CE marked beer glasses?
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The Toughened Activator Max Hiball Glasses give long lasting bubbles and head retention. Ideal for serving beer in commercial settings such as bars.
CE marked for use in commercial settings, these Toughened Hiball Glasses are built with safety and endurance in mind. With impact resistance.
Perfect for presenting cocktails, beers and mixers, these Centra Tall Hiball Glasses offer a contemporary touch to your drinks service.
Showcasing a slight v-shaped and tall design, these Senator Activator Max Glasses are perfect for presenting a wide variety of drinks.
CE Marked and stackable these Toughened Grande Beverage Tumblers are idea for serving water, juice and even beer in pubs, clubs and bars.
Super toughened and CE Marked these Toughened Grande Long Drink Glasses are the perfect half pint glasses for bars, clubs and pubs.
These Casablanca Beverage Glasses are highly versatile and are ideal for a variety of drinks including cocktails, soft drinks and juices.
Featuring a the classic Gibraltar shape and design but with a twist... literally. These beverage glasses are perfect for adding a modern touch to your existing glassware.
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Whether it's a fruit cider or refreshing larger, these authentic Carling Cider Glasses are perfect for serving your favourite beverage.
Perfect for serving a number of drinks these Gibraltar Twist Glasses are robust, versatile and boast and exciting hexagonal shaped design.
Add some variety to your glassware collection with the Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses with their unique twisted design.
With a sleek conical shape and fully tempered glass body, these Conique Headstart Half Pint Tumblers not only look great but can withstand a busy commercial environment.
Seen in pubs up and down the country, the classic Conique Pint Glasses are perfect for showcasing your beers, lagers or ales.
From £9.99
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The versatile Granity Cooler Tumblers are perfect for a wide variety of drinks. Whether you are enjoying a ice cold beer, cocktail or a spirit with mixer.
From £17.99
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The unique Duralex Unie Tri Lined Pint Glass is CE marked at 1 pint, and is also CE lined at 1/2 pint and 1/3 pint for an all purpose glass, great at beer festivals.
These elegant Stemmed Munique Beer Glasses are perfect for serving a cold beer, ale or cider. Cleverly designed to minimise rim to rim contact and damage.
The classic Nonic Half Pint Glass in a half-pint size with CE Mark. Also known as a 10oz volume, this glassware is ideal for both pub use and at home.
Whether you are enjoying a beer or a gin and tonic, these Islande Hiball Tumblers are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages.
Don't let your beer go flat, these Tulip Activator Max Half Pint Glasses have been specially designed to enhance the effervescence and maintain the head of the drink. The laser etched nucleated base helps improve the appearance of carbonated drinks, such
With a fully tempered finish, the highly practical Conique Half Pint Glasses from Arcoroc are ideal for everyday use. CE marked and suitable for licenced establishments, this 28cl glass offers a highly resistant finish and if broken will shatter into blun
The classic Half Pint Hiball Glasses are a great all-round pub glass CE marked at half a pint for acting as draft beer glasses, soft drink glasses or cocktail glasses.
The Ultimate Half Pint Glass has been specially designed by glassware manufacturer Arcoroc in partnership with the Design Council and UK government with the aim to help reduce the amount of alcohol glass related crime. The ideal choice for bars and clubs,
If you're after a glass that's as versatile as your drinks cabinet, the Elegance Hiball Tumblers might just be the perfect solution. Ideal for serving up refreshing soft drinks, snazzy cocktails or a chilled lager, they are LCE at half a pint to ensure yo
If you find your drink lacks some fizz even after pouring the perfect glass, the Elegance HeadStart Hiball Glasses might just be the answer to your troubles. Featuring a special nucleated base, it keeps the bubbles flowing to help retain the head on your
The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. Great for juices and soft drinks, no home should be without them!
From £7.49
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The perfect everyday glass, the Islande Hiball Glasses are ideal for use at home and in commercial establishments. Lined and CE marked at half a pint, it allows you to serve up an accurate and legal measure.
With an elegant yet practical design, the Islande Tubo Hiball Glasses are perfect for serving up a chilled beverage. Lined and CE marked at half a pint, these 31cl glasses are ideal for serving up beer or cider, but are equally suited to soft drinks and c
From £15.99
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The Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses offer a sleek and elegant design for those that like to enjoy their beer in style. Lined and CE marked at half a pint, the 32cl Cervoise is suitable for use in licenced establishments.
From £15.99
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The perfect choice for any beer lover, the Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glass offers a sophisticated style that's ideal at the bar or the dinner table. This 38cl glass is lined and CE marked at half a pint, offering extra room for a head on your beer.
The stylish Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses offer the perfect way to serve up your favourite beer or lager. To help make the most of that all important head, this 32cl glass is slightly larger than half a pint for extra room while the nucleated base helps k
From £9.99
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With an effortless simplicity, the Duralex Unie Tumblers offer stylish design with durable practicality. These CE marked tumblers are perfect for using in commercial establishments such as pubs, bars and restaurants. With Duralex Tempered Glass you can ha
Presenting a middle ground between craft beer glasses and draught beer service, Libbey's Gemini Stemmed Beer Glasses feature a classic beer chalice shape with a half pint CE mark for commercial use. Great for serving doppelbocks, heavy Belgian ales and ot
CE marked at half a pint, the Gibraltar Original Hiball Glasses are an ideal all-rounder. Toughened with Libbey's DuraTuff technology, these general purpose beverage glasses are ideal for beers and soft drinks. With a classic design, the Gibraltar range o
The Granity Hiball Half Pint Glasses are versatile enough for a variety of uses. Whether you're serving up chilled soft drinks and juices, light beers and shandies or just a refreshing glass of water, these CE marked glasses are perfect for getting the am
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For an impeccable drinks service, the Granity Beverage Tumblers are lined and CE marked at half a pint, and have gone through Arcoroc's tempering process for a more durable drinking glass. Ideal for serving beverages in licenced pubs and bars, these heavy
From £7.99
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Each Haworth Tankard is CE marked at 10oz, which makes them suitable for use in pubs and clubs, as well as for enjoying a nice cool beer at home. In fact, you don't have to serve up beer, the sleek and simple shape also allows you to serve soft drinks at
Made from virtually unbreakable plastic, the Elite Penthouse Polycarbonate Hiball Tumblers are ideal for both commercial or domestic use. Lined and CE marked at 10oz, these 12oz reusable plastic glasses offer a safe solution to serving beer at events, par
From £5.99
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With a virtually unbreakable plastic, the Elite Penthouse Polycarbonate Hiball Tumblers are the ultimate way to serve a half pint of your favourite beer. A nucleated base provides better head retention, giving you a perfectly frothy beverage every time.
From £5.99
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An ideal alternative to a standard tulip beer glass, or a dimple mug, this half-pint Pilsner glass is a great way of serving up a variety of beers and lagers. The tall, slender shape of the Martigues Pilsner Glass ensures these classy beer tumblers stand
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Half Pint CE Marked Beer Glasses

When a pint is too much, the trusty half pint glass offers a half measure beer glass, and our range of half pint CE marked beer glasses gives you the widest selection of CE stamped half pint glasses on the market. Including half pint nonic glasses, half pint tulip glasses, half pint beer mugs, half pint beer goblets, half pint highball glasses and half pint stemmed beer glasses, all of our half pint glasses with a CE mark are available on fast UK delivery to help you serve draught beer in licenced half pint glasses.

All conforming to UK licencing laws, our CE marked 10oz glasses are perfect for use as pub glassware, and we even offer CE marked plastic half pint glasses for use in a licenced mobile catering service. Whatever service you provide, our half pint glasses are ideal for all commercial hospitality situations.