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Home Cinema Accessories

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Hosting your own Hollywood-style party can be a troublesome affair! The Prestige Rope Barriers provide a simple and effective way of blocking off any private rooms, or any exclusive areas for VIPs only! More info
$211.16 Brass Stand More options
Direct Delivery
Bring the cinema experience home with the Hollywood Popcorn Boxes. These disposable cardboard boxes are perfect for filling up with freshly made popcorn, handing out to all your friends and settling down to watch your favourite movie. More info
On Sale $4.86 RRP $6.48 | Save 25% Case of 96 More options
In stock
The Classic Sweet Vending Machine has been a staple of many childhoods, regularly seen in shopping centres, cafes, leisure centres and on the street. Now you can relive and pass on that joy with this Vending Machine, which can be filled with small loose sweets such as gumballs, jelly beans, chocolate raisins or skittles. More info
On Sale $129.94 RRP $146.18 | Save 11% Pipe Stand Only More options
In stock
Forget the Oscars, the hottest ticket in town will be your place! Make sure you get your photograph taken on the red carpet with this novelty Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out. Simply poke your face through the hole and you'll be the best dressed couple around! More info
On Sale $51.97 RRP $64.96 | Save 20%
In stock
This is an award statue with a difference - the statue can give the speech! Simply pop your head through the face hole and you'll become one of the most desired golden men around, everyone will want their picture taken with you. More info
On Sale $48.72 RRP $56.84 | Save 14%
In stock
The Black Rope for Barrier Stands is perfect for crowd control, either keeping queues in an orderly fashion or keeping a private area sealed off. Finished in a smart black colour with chrome plated clip ends this rope barrier is ideal for clubs, bars, cinemas and other establishments. More info
On Sale $35.72 RRP $40.59 | Save 12% Single More options
In stock
To help keep queues in order, the Red Ropes join the Barrier Stands together to make a professional standard rope barrier, ideal for use in clubs and cinemas, and even for art galleries and other events for a unique visual touch. More info
On Sale $35.72 RRP $40.59 | Save 12% Single More options
In stock
Keeping control of queues is an essential part of a smooth running club, bar, cinema or event, which is why the Barrier Stand is an indispensable piece of queue management. Perfect for placement outside busy clubs, or for use in cinemas to help herd queues. More info
On Sale $69.83 RRP $81.21 | Save 14% Single More options
In stock
Give your guests a treat with the Monochrome Magic Black & White Favour Bags, ideal for party and wedding favours. These paper bags come with stickers to seal, making them ideal for filling with sweets, snacks or small gifts. More info
On Sale $4.86 RRP $6.48 | Save 25%
In stock
Perfect for a movie night or slumber party with the girls, the cute Pink n Mix Treat Holder Popcorn Boxes are ideal for serving up some sweet treats such as popcorn, marshmallows or sweets. These card boxes feature two different designs with stripes and polka dots and are ideal for parties and events. More info
On Sale $7.29 RRP $9.73 | Save 25%
In stock
For the ultimate movie night in, the Family Sized Popcorn Cups Set offers a size for every member of your family. With a classic cinema style, these popcorn tubs include two large family size buckets, four medium buckets and four small individual buckets. More info
On Sale $8.11 RRP $11.35 | Save 29%
In stock
Perfect for sharing, these family size Popcorn Cups are ideal for movie nights in. Finished with a retro cinema style popcorn theme, these disposable buckets are a great way to recreate that cinema feel in the comfort of your own home. More info
On Sale $3.23 RRP $6.48 | Save 50% Pack of 2 More options
In stock
Gather your family and friends on the sofa and enjoy a classic movie night in with the Popcorn Cups Set. Featuring two cinema style large family size buckets and four individual buckets, you'll be able to serve up enough popcorn to keep everyone happy. More info
On Sale $6.48 RRP $9.73 | Save 33%
In stock
Get ready for some blockbuster action with the Lights! Camera! Action! Reusable Popcorn Bowl. This plastic bowl is perfect for filling with your favourite freshly popped and seasoned popcorn and enjoying a movie night with friends. More info
On Sale From $5.67 RRP From $6.48 | Save 13% Set of 4 More options
In stock
Are you a film buff? Maybe you want to make your own movie? Well why not? These days with the Internet and digital cameras you can now make a movie almost anywhere about almost anything. Get the authentic film maker feel with this movie clapper board. More info
On Sale $9.73 RRP $11.35 | Save 14%
In stock
Everyone young child dreams of being a superhero one day, and now's your chance with the Superhero Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out. Simply poke your head through the face hole and you'll soon have the women swooning at your feet with your muscular cartoon body. More info
On Sale $55.21 RRP $60.09 | Save 8%
In stock
The Genware Barrier Post with Retractable Black Belt is ideal for crowd control in your establishment, including cinemas, nightclubs and bars. Quick and easy to assemble, each post features a nylon retractable belt which extends up to 2 metres, allowing for a versatile layout of multiple posts. More info
On Sale $73.08 RRP $81.21 | Save 10% Single More options
In stock
If you want to keep track of your snacks and drinks, the glass fronted TM50G Mini Bar from Tefcold is the perfect unit for you. Great for use in offices, bedrooms, and even hotel guest rooms, this mini fridge also features a lockable door, so you can be sure that no one is taking your treats without permission! More info
On Sale $649.76 RRP $730.98 | Save 11%
In stock
Always get the best seat - no more sitting cramped in a busy cinema! The Home Cinema Chair allows you to relax in comfort while your whole body is massaged and warmed! There's even a drinks cooler/warmer for you to enjoy your chosen beverage at it's best! More info
Direct Delivery
Provide power to your household goods with the master of all plugs, the Masterplug! This 4 Socket Extension Lead includes a 1 meter cord making it ideal for plugging in your essential electrical appliances in one neat and tidy place. More info
In stock
The UK Plug Adapter SCP3 can be used to convert European plugs to a 3-pin UK plug. Simply place the European plug inside and screw closed. Converts both straight and right angled schukos. More info
On Sale $2.91 RRP $4.86 | Save 40%
In stock
A quality nacho warmer which can be used either professionally or at home. More info
Direct Delivery
After a hard day chasing Indians, even the busiest cowboys make time to have a drink and pick up a fine lady in the saloon. You could even pose for a quick snap with this Wild West Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out. Featuring a novelty cartoon cowboy and saloon girl with two face shaped holes, it's perfect for your next wild west themed party! More info
In stock
Create your own mini cinema empire with the Modular Home Cinema Seat. Finished with a classic faux-velvet blue upholstery, these modular seating units are mounted on a black base making them easy to install in rows without the hassle of permanently fixing them to your floor. More info
Direct Delivery
Bring a touch of the Hawaiian to your tropical party with the Hawaiian Couple Stand-In Cardboard Cut Out. Simply poke your face through the hole and you'll instantly become a super hot hula couple in paradise. Sunshine not guaranteed. More info
On Sale $53.59 RRP $56.84 | Save 6%
In stock
Celebrate the best of British with a traditional pint of beer! This Pint of Beer Cardboard Cut Out is perfect for bar, festival and event promotion or British themed parties. More info
On Sale $47.09 RRP $56.84 | Save 17%
In stock
Las Vegas is home to many icons, from places to people, but the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign is one of the most recognisable icons. Now you can set the scene for your casino night or movie night with the funky Las Vegas Sign Cardboard Cut Out. More info
On Sale $51.97 RRP $64.96 | Save 20%
In stock
Serve up some tasty snacks with the Candy Buffet Popcorn Treat Boxes, great for all ages! Perfect for filling with freshly made popcorn for movie nights in, these disposable boxes are also ideal for filling with marshmallows, sweets or other treats for parties or wedding favours. More info
On Sale $4.86 RRP $6.48 | Save 25% Case of 120 More options
In stock

Home Cinema

If you've invested time and money into your very own home cinema room, then you’re going to need some home cinema accessories to complete the look. After all, going to the cinema is not just about the movies, but the atmosphere, company and snacks!

Our great range of home cinema accessories ensure you're the ultimate host, from luxurious home cinema seating to popcorn machines, we’ve got it covered! Our popular range of home cinema seating is made from real leather, complete with massage and heat controls for the ultimate in comfort.

No movie watching experience is complete without a selection of yummy snacks, which is why we offer various snack machines, including popcorn machines, sweet vending machines and mini fridges to cool your drinks.

To complete your home theatre room, why not show your love of movies with our selection of movie memorabilia? We've got a great range of movie statues, movie figurines and movie artwork.

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