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Established in 1977
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Kitchen Utensils

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These Carlisle Solid Black Buffet Spoons are perfect for providing portion control for buffets, salads, fruit or pasta dishes. Made from polycarbonate.
From £4.99
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Add a unique and vintage touch to your table service with this Copper Finish Mini Colander. Perfect for serving sides, or vegetables.
Enhance signature dishes, desserts or decadent cocktails with this Beaumont Nutmeg Grater! This superfine grater is perfect for lightly grating nutmeg, nuts, citrus fruit or chocolate.
From £4.99
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Featuring a soft grip, non-slip handle this stainless steel Firm Grip Y Julienne Peeler is ideal for professional kitchens.
Designed to be used on high temperature surfaces, these stylish Carly High Heat Red Scalloped-Edge Tongs work well with steam tables.
Extremely practical and durable, these Carly High Heat Black Scalloped-Edge Tongs can be used on high temperature surfaces, such as steam tables.
SALE £9.99
With nut cracker, bottle opener and non-slip, soft grip handles these Firm Grip Kitchen Shears from Tablecraft are a kitchen essential.
Whether you are scooping sauces, soups or pasta, these solid Carlisle Carly Black Ladles are perfect for a wide variety of uses.
These Carlisle Black Pasta Forks are not only perfect for pasta dishes but are great for use with salads, fruits and buffet food.
From £2.99
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Perfect for flipping burgers or fast food, this Square Blade Turner is perfect for keeping your kitchen running smoothly and effectively.
From £4.99
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Made of stainless steel and complete with a non-slip handle, this Firm Grip Oyster Shucker from Tablecraft is perfect for opening oysters.
Designed for buffets and catered events these disposable Medium Bamboo Paddle Tongs are made from a biodegradable bamboo.
The Genware Stainless Steel Speed Peeler is the multi-functional utensil every kitchen needs. Ideal for peeling anything from lemons to potatoes.
With the Plastic Olive Stuffer, you can make your own pimento stuffed or garlic stuffed olives with ease. Features an easy to use design.
From £1.99
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With versatile usage, these black Pom Tongs are the perfect implements to serve food, garnishes or ice cubes. The heat resistant PVC provides a soft grip.
With a durable build, the Meat Tenderiser aims to make any cut of beef or chicken juicy and tender. The simple design is perfect for tenderising thick cuts of steak or any other red or white meat. A meat hammer is an essential item for preparing meat or p
The Colour Coded Stainless Steel Tongs are the ultimate kitchen tool for hygienic food preparation and service. The colour coded PVC handle prevents cross-contamination between different food groups and raw meats/fish. Compliant with hygiene recommendatio
The Colour Coded Stainless Steel Tongs are ideal for using in busy commercial kitchens. With colour coded handles, you can safely cook or serve food and prevent cross-contamination. These kitchen tongs comply with hygiene recommendations on colour coding
From £1.99
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Ideal for portion control, the Spoonout Colour Coded Portion Control Spoon is an essential utensil for canteens and restaurants. It features a colour coded cool to touch plastic handle for ease of identifying the capacity. This Spoonout features a one pie
From £2.99
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This Spoonout Colour Coded Portion Control Spoon is made from professional quality stainless steel and is finished with a cool to touch polycarbonate plastic handle. Conveniently colour coded to easily identify capacity, this solid serving spoon is ideal
Ideal for buffet, canteen and restaurant catering, the Spoonout Colour Coded Portion Control Spoon Set will ensure perfectly even portions. These stainless steel spoons each feature a cool to touch colour coded plastic handle which allows for easy identif
The Colour Coded Stainless Steel Tongs are the safest way to prepare food in domestic or commercial kitchens. With a cool-to-touch PVC coated handle and scalloped shape claw head, you can grip, flip and serve with ease. Compliant with hygiene recommendati
For a safe way to cook, the Colour Coded Stainless Steel Tongs offer a hygienic way to prepare or serve food. With a colour coded handle, you can reduce the threat of cross-contamination and handle food with confidence. The PVC coated handle is cool-to-to
With a stainless steel finish and PVC handle, the Colour Coded Stainless Steel Tongs are the safest way to serve food at buffets, and cook in busy kitchens. A colour coded handle helps to prevent cross-contamination of food, as compliant with standard hyg
SALE £8.99
With a cool-to-touch handle, the Chrome Plated Non-Stick 4 Egg Ring is the most efficient way to fry eggs. Each ring creates a perfectly round fried egg, giving you consistent results every time, perfect for sandwiches, muffins and breakfast. The Teflon c
From £3.49
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The Spoonout Colour Coded Portion Control Spoon helps ensure even portion control when dishing up meals, ideal for use in canteens, restaurants and other catering environments. Finished with a cool to touch colour coded handle to identify capacity, this s
From £2.29
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Complete with a colour coded handle, the Spoonout Colour Coded Portion Control Spoon is ideal for portion control in canteens and restaurants. Manufactured from stainless steel, this Spoonout features a polycarbonate plastic handle which stays cool to tou
Easily portion, cut and lift dough with the handy Stainless Steel Dough Scraper. Offering a practical, professional quality design and finished with an ABS handle, this Dough Scraper is an essential tool for any baker.
The handy Stainless Steel Griddle Scraper is the perfect way to keep your griddle clean and free of excess grease and burnt food while you cook. The stainless steel blade easily removes stubborn burnt on food, helping avoid cross contamination and spoilin
Perfectly slice pizza with the Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter from Tablecraft. This professional quality cutter with white ABS handle is an essential tool for any takeaway, restaurant or home where pizza is served.
Whip up a treat with this Cream Whipper from bar@drinkstuff, perfect for adding whipped cream to hot chocolate, coffee or desserts.
SALE £18.99
For perfectly cooked pasta, spaghetti or vegetables without the hassle of draining, this Pasta Basket is ideal. Suitable for use with most pasta boilers.
With molded spouts either side, the Chrome Punch Bowl Ladle makes serving punch, sauces and drinks easy. The extra long handle makes this ladle suitable for almost any punch bowl, the high quality chrome finish also complements all styles.
You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and you can't make delicious Eggnog or a Pisco Sour without using the ProSep Egg Separator. To make the perfect egg based cocktails, you need an accurate and safe way of separating egg whites from yo
To obtain the optimum temperature for frothing milk, the Genware Frothing Thermometer will help ensure you don't burn your milk for a perfect coffee. A simple clip design makes it more convenient to test high temperatures, simply clip to the side of froth
From £3.99
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With an ultra clear, durable polystyrene construction, the Clear Punch Bowl Ladle has the high quality appearance of glass without the risk of breakages. The high impact design is ideal for spooning punch with a generous 7oz capacity per ladle.
From £8.99
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The Non-Stick Spring Form Cake Tin delivers long lasting cooking performance. Perfect for home made cakes, this baking tin includes a spring form design.
From £7.99
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For a cleaner, safer way to cook, the Saferfood Solutions BBQ Brush Dispensing System allows you to dispense and brush at the same time. With a silicone construction, there is no risk of broken bristles left in your food, this innovative brush replaces yo
Whether you're tending behind the bar or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the Complete 7 Piece Cocktail Garnish Tool Set & Case is a must have for any bartender or chef. Packed in a handy travel wallet, this set comes complete with seven essential tools
For the perfect finish to food and cocktails, the Canele Cutter makes creating citrus peel twists a doddle. Ideal for bartenders and chefs, this professional canele knife features a stainless steel blade and plastic easy-grip handle.
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Kitchen Utensils

Our wide range of kitchen utensils offers up a vast selection of kitchen equipment for professional kitchen and domestic kitchen alike. All our kitchen tools are available on fast UK delivery, and if you need your catering equipment in a hurry just select our next day delivery option.

Whether you need cooking utensils, or serving utensils, or even bar tools and bar equipment, our choice of stainless kitchen utensils offers a wide selection for all needs. Perfect for use as restaurant kitchen utensils, our commercial kitchen utensils and cooking utensils are equally suited as kitchen utensils for home. For fun gift ideas, we even offer novelty kitchen utensils, and plenty of bar tools to help you make cocktails.

No matter what kitchen utensils you need, our full range of cheap kitchen utensils and professional kitchen utensils is sure to cater for your catering needs.