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Libbey Glassware

Libbey Glassware
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With a retro-style and stackable design, these Gibraltar Stacking Beverage Glasses are perfect for a wide variety of refreshing beverages.
From £74.99
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Whether you are serving up a whiskey on the rocks or fresh orange juice, these Gibraltar Stacking Rocks Glasses are incredibly versatile.
SALE £17.99
Perfect for serving up classic Old Fashioned cocktails, the Endeavor Rocks Tumblers are the ideal size for presenting neat spirits.
Practical yet stylish, these Endeavor Beverage Glasses are robust and have a stackable design. Made from Duratuff glass from Libbey.
With a sleek shape and stackable design, these Endeavor Hi-Ball Tumblers provide a modern drink presentation. Perfect for cocktails and soft drinks.
The classic shape of a balloon glass but with a unique PVD platinum finish, these Misket Glasses are perfect for adding a modern touch to Gin'o'clock!
With a stunning cut-diamond effect, these unique Platinum Radiant Double Old Fashioned Tumblers add a vintage touch to your bartop.
These modern Platinum Radiant Highball Glasses add a unique twist on the original Radiant glasses, with the PVD platinum coating.
Bring your drink presentation up-to-date with these stylish Platinum Hobstar Long Glasses! Providing a modern touch to any bartop.
Provide a distinctive cocktail presentation with these Platinum Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses! Perfect for serving an Old Fashioned cocktail.
A unique twist on the original hobstar glasses, these Platinum Hobstar Wine Goblets are perfect for creating an on-trend drink presentation.
A unique twist on the classic coupe glass, these Platinum Hobstar Coupe Glasses bring a modern touch to any drink presentation.
The perfect way to serve up traditional Hawaiian cocktails, these Platinum Tiki Long Drink Glasses are ideal for serving delicious Piña Coladas!
With a traditional tiki head design and modern platinum PVD finish, these Tiki Old Fashioned Tumblers are perfect for presenting cocktails.
Perfect for creating an on-trend drink presentation, these Platinum Tiki Pineapple Tumblers are ideal for mixing up weird and wonderful cocktails.
With a flared shape and a modern design, these stackable Endeavor Cooler Glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages.
Whether you are serving up a classic Old Fashioned or a Bramble cocktail, these Endeavor Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are perfect for all your cocktails.
These Endeavor Rocks Tumblers provides a versatile drinks service, with a modern design, these rocks glasses are perfect for short cocktails or spirits.
These Everest Beer Glasses feature a vertical ribbed design, made with strengthened Duratuff glass and are perfect for a host of drinks.
Showcasing a vertical ribbed design, these stylish Everest Highball Glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages, such as cocktails.
With a contemporary style and vertical ribbed design, these Everest Rocks Glasses are perfect for enjoying a whiskey on the rocks.
Enhance your drink presentation with these Teardrop Cobalt Goblet Glasses from Libbey. Deep blue in colour, perfect serving a variety of wine.
Boasting a sleek design and a heavy base, these Perception Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are the perfect way to showcase a classic Whisky Sour!
From £21.99
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The Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glasses are finished with an elegant smokey grey bowl that is ideal for adding variety to drink service.
From £21.99
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With an elegant black stem, the Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glasses are a vintage touch to serving drinks. Perfect for serving a Gin & Tonic or other cocktails.
From £19.99
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With a smokey grey bowl, the Speakeasy Cocktail Coupes speak volumes in style, taste and sophistication. Perfect for serving champagne or cocktails.
From £19.99
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With a stylish shaped black stem, these Speakeasy Cocktail Coupes take the best of vintage design and bring it new life.
From £21.99
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With an on trend copper finish, the Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses are ideal for serving whisky or other spirits.
These Royal Leerdam Carré De Luxe Rosso Red Wine Glasses are perfect for adding a touch of class to your dinner parties and table settings.
Add a touch of sophistication too your table settings with these Royal Leerdam Carré Grand Vini Wine Glasses.
Looking to add a touch of style and glass to your celebrations and dinner parties? Then look no further than these Royal Leerdam Carré Champagne Flutes.
From £10.99
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Add a taste of the tropics when enjoying your favourite cocktails with the Red Tiki Mug, perfect for Hawaiian themed parties and luau.
These Inverness Hiball Glasses with their pentagon base are a perfect alternative to your typically conical hiball glasses.
Featuring a pentagon shaped base these Inverness Hiball Tumblers are a truly quirky alternative to the usual conical shape.
Perfect for serving a number of drinks these Gibraltar Twist Glasses are robust, versatile and boast and exciting hexagonal shaped design.
Made from DuraTuff Glass these Gibraltar Twist Rocks Glasses are extremely versatile and durable as well as being resistant to thermal and mechanical shock.
Add some variety to your glassware collection with the Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses with their unique twisted design.
From £11.99
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Featuring a vertical ribbed and stackable design these Everest Beverage Glasses hold 400ml and are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages.
From £17.99
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A perfect alternative to run of the mill water glasses, the Catalina Goblets are a breath of fresh air, with a short thick stem and fluted bowl.
These Arome Tasting Glasses are sure to be the centre of attention at any table setting or wine tasting evening.
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Libbey Glassware

For a great choice of stylish and practical glassware, the Libbey glassware range offers a wide range of domestic glassware and commercial glassware. Libbey glasses are ideal for use as pub glassware, bar glassware and restaurant glassware. You’ll find some of Libbey’s domestic glasses for the home under the Royal Leerdam brand.

Libbey glass offers a toughened glass design with the Libbey Duratuff glasses, which are shock resistant glasses and dishwasher safe glasses. Many Libbey glasses come with Libbey’s glassware guarantee, the Libbey Safedge rim and foot lifetime guarantee or the Libbey Safedge rim lifetime guarantee.

The Libbey glassware range includes a wide selection of Libbey stemware and Libbey tumblers, including Libbey wine glasses, Libbey champagne flutes, Libbey beer glasses, Libbey stemmed beer glasses, Libbey hiball glasses, Libbey old fashioned glasses, Libbey beverage glasses, Libbey martini glasses, Libbey margarita glasses, Libbey shot glasses, Libbey liqueur glasses, Libbey sherry glasses, Libbey soda glasses and Libbey carafes.

Our entire Libbey glassware range, including Libbey tumblers, Libbey wine goblets, Libbey champagne glasses and Libbey cocktail glasses are available with fast UK delivery, direct to your door.