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Lineal Glassware

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SALE £96.99
The Lineal Wine Glasses offer the best of both worlds; elegant design with a robust and practical finish. Each glass has been toughened for a high resistance and glass safety. The 31cl bowl features distinctive angled curves and is lined and CE marked for
The Lineal Wine Glasses have an angled bowl for a distinctive design. These glasses are toughened to withstand everyday use, offering glass safety and a high resistance to breakages. These 25cl stemmed glasses are lined and CE marked for use in licenced e
From £14.99
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To help you enjoy a nice drop of wine with dinner, the Lineal Wine Glasses offer a classic stemware design for an elegant table service. Holding 190ml, these small wine glasses are ideal for sampling a small serving of your favourite tipple.
Made from toughened glass, the Lineal Wine Glasses are the premier choice for serving wine at dinner parties. Designed to be extra shock resistant, these pieces of stemware can withstand a few knocks to ensure you won't have to clear up broken glass after
The Lineal Champagne Flutes feature modern lines, enhanced by a column-shaped stem and angular bowl. Perfect for special occasions.
From £17.99
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With a distinctive design, the Lineal Wine Glasses are perfect for enjoying your favourite wine. These 19cl stemmed glasses are toughened for extra resistance and are lined and CE marked for use in licensed establishments where wine is served by the glass
SALE £84.99
The largest of the Lineal range of wine glasses, these goblets hold a healthy 470ml. With a widened bowl at the base, the Lineal Wine Glasses are great for swirling red wine to help release the hidden aromas and flavours, but their classic design makes th

Lineal Glassware

Ideal for bars, restaurants and at home, the Lineal glassware range offers an elegant selection of Lineal red wine glasses, Lineal white wine glasses and Lineal champagne glasses. Made from tempered glass, this range of toughened wine glasses and toughened champagne glasses are manufactured by Arcoroc glassware.

Available with fast UK delivery, the Lineal glass range includes Lineal Champagne Flutes, Lineal Wine Glasses and Lineal LCE wine glasses, which are lined and CE marked wine glasses.