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Outside Catering Equipment

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The Blizzard Induction Cooker offers a safe, clean and efficient alternative to gas or electric cooking. Heat is generated through magnetic cookware, meaning there's no flames or hot surfaces and an even heat distribution. More info
On Sale $746.46 RRP $896.67 | Save 17%
Direct Delivery
The Connoisserve Coffee Pot offers excellent insulation with its unbreakable polycarbonate liner to keep your coffee fresh and hot for hours. Ideal for commercial catering, such as hotel breakfast service or office meetings, this pot is manufactured from More info
On Sale $16.85 RRP $18.38 | Save 8%
In stock
The Connoisserve Coffee Pot is ideal for beverage service in hotels, restaurants and offices, offering excellent heat retention with triple-wall insulation. Unlike glass thermal jugs, the Connoisserve features an unbreakable polycarbonate liner for a dura More info
On Sale $26.04 RRP $30.64 | Save 15%
In stock
The 180-Cup Red American Party Cup and Shot Glass is the ultimate party essential! With a classic red american cup style, you can enjoy your favourite punch or beer in the latest US trend. After you have finished, simply flip your reversible cup and chase More info
On Sale $15.31 RRP $19.91 | Save 23% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
These foil platters are a cheap way of instantly providing a smooth, clean surface for presenting your food.
Great for posh dinner parties, buffets and celebrations, they can be washed and re-used. More info
On Sale $5.35 RRP $7.65 | Save 30% Case of 100 More options
In stock
These large Foil Platters are ideal for presenting party and buffet food. Whether you're catering for a birthday party or Sunday lunch, these disposable platters are an ideal alternative to splashing out on some fancy silver trays. More info
On Sale $22.98 RRP $35.24 | Save 35% Pack of 10 More options
In stock
Season in style with the Authentic Recycled Salt & Pepper Shakers, the perfect addition to your dinner table. Made from 100% recycled glass and finished with an authentic stamp, these glass shakers are each topped with a stainless steel lid. More info
On Sale $7.65 RRP $10.71 | Save 29% Set of 2 More options
In stock
The classic design of the Lighthouse Salt Shaker is ideal for pubs, restaurants and homes after a traditional look. Holding 1oz of salt, this glass shaker is easy to use and has a simple screw top for refills. More info
On Sale $1.52 RRP $2.28 | Save 34% Single More options
In stock
The Lighthouse Pepper Shaker offers a classic design that's easy to use. With a clear glass design for easy identification of contents this shaker has a silver screw top for easy refills. This commercial quality shaker is ideal for use in restaurants, pub More info
On Sale $1.52 RRP $2.28 | Save 34% Pack of 24 More options
In stock
Perfect for large parties and buffets, these quality White Napkins from Swantex are also equally suited to use in restaurants and hotels. Completely disposable, they provide a great alternative to linen. More info
On Sale $2.28 RRP $3.05 | Save 25% Pack of 100 More options
In stock
Perfectly matched with any tableware, the Swantex White Napkins are ideal for your next dinner party or big event. Completely disposable, these napkins are made from a high quality paper for commercial use. More info
On Sale $6.90 RRP $7.65 | Save 10% Pack of 125 More options
In stock
A Juice dispenser that, holds 8 litres of the drink of choice, is made from stainless steel so looks the business and can be used wherever you like. Now that's smart! More info
On Sale $153.26 RRP $229.90 | Save 33%
In stock
Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...
Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses! Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden! More info
On Sale $6.12 RRP $7.65 | Save 20%
In stock
If your cocktails or birthday cakes don't quite have that magic sparkle, just stick a few of these Indoor Sparklers in the top and watch everyone's face as they become filled with envy! More info
On Sale From $2.30 RRP From $3.83 | Save 40% Single Tube More options
In stock
The Round Embossed Foil Platters are perfect for catering at events. Made from aluminium they offer a reusable design that is also disposable and recyclable at the end of their life. Finished with an elegant embossed design, these platters are ideal for b More info
On Sale $13.78 RRP $15.31 | Save 10% Pack of 10 More options
In stock
Bring a unique touch to your dining table with the Triangular Salt and Pepper Pots from Royal Genware. These professional quality condiment dispensers feature a unique triangle shape and are finished with a white porcelain glaze. More info
On Sale $3.82 RRP $4.58 | Save 17% Salt Pots - Single More options
In stock
The CPF210 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta is as it's peers, designed for commercial use. Perfect for placement in a wide array of locations, from canteens to coffee house counters. Highly reliable with great tap clearance for even the tallest of jugs and teapots. Perfect for efficient and regular flow of boiled water. More info
Direct Delivery
An essential of any table service, the Royal Genware Salt Pot does exactly what it says on the tin. Made form high impact resistant porcelain with a glossy white glaze finish, these classic salt shakers will complement any table service. More info
On Sale $5.35 RRP $6.12 | Save 13% Single More options
In stock
Make sure dinner guests get the perfect seasoning with the white porcelain Royal Genware Pepper Pot. These pepper shakers feature a classic design that enables them to effortlessly blend with any existing tableware. More info
On Sale $5.35 RRP $7.65 | Save 30% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
A British party just isn't British unless there's a buffet going on, so make sure you're well catered for the occasion with the British Garden Party Napkin Set. Perfect for cleaning up after munching on sausage rolls and cheese & pineapple sticks, these 2 More info
On Sale $9.18 RRP $13.78 | Save 33%
In stock
Make your party explosive with these indoor Light Sparkles. They create an electric atmosphere, wow your guests and make any night an event to remember. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 30 seconds. More info
On Sale $4.58 RRP $6.12 | Save 25% Pack of 2 More options
In stock
The Stainless Steel Skewers are perfect for loading with meat and vegetables for grilling or barbecuing. The pointed ends make for easy skewering, while the looped handles make them simple to turn when cooking. More info
On Sale $6.12 RRP $7.65 | Save 20%
In stock
Not one to be outdone on drinking trends, the Americans favour the stylish red party cup for serving their ice cold beer. The Solo Red American Party Cups have made their way over to the UK and are perfect for serving beer at student parties. More info
On Sale $10.71 RRP $12.25 | Save 13% Case of 1000 More options
In stock
Favoured by American college students, party-goers and even Starbucks, Solo Party Cups are making their way across the pond. Often seen in American movies and TV series such as Sex and the City, they are perfect for parties, BBQs, outdoor events and drink More info
On Sale $9.95 RRP $15.31 | Save 35% Pack of 50 More options
In stock
Designed with bistro chefs and waiters in mind, the Money Pocket Waist Apron is ideal for use in commercial establishments. The large pockets allow for change to be stored easily and be easily accessible. These aprons are tough and are more resistant than More info
On Sale $7.65 RRP $10.71 | Save 29%
In stock
This Connoisserve Coffee Pot has an unbreakable polycarbonate liner, insulated to minimise heat loss. The resin finish has the look of porcelain with the durability of plastic making it ideal for use in the commercial sector. More info
On Sale $17.61 RRP $21.44 | Save 18%
In stock
When glassware isn't a viable option, the Econ Rigid Reusable Pint Tumblers provide the perfect alternative. Ideal for outdoor events, house parties or use in pubs, they are made from polystyrene plastic which offers a lightweight, rigid, reusable finish More info
On Sale $4.58 RRP $5.36 | Save 15% Set of 10 More options
In stock
The Genware Chafing Dish is perfect for buffets, dinners and family gatherings. It can be used to gently slow cook meals or keep them warm. With a high quality stainless steel finish, it offers a durable and smart finish. More info
On Sale $53.63 RRP $76.62 | Save 30% Single - Chafing Dish More options
In stock
Gently warm your chafing dish with the Fusion Chafing Fuel, ideal for slow cooking or keeping dishes warm. This DEG wick fuel burns for 6 hours, ideal for catering in busy kitchens and canteens. This tin of chafing fuel is suitable for use with the Genwar More info
On Sale $2.28 RRP $3.05 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
Display cakes and other baked good with peace of mind that they will be kept fresh and clear of dirt. The Plastic Cake Dome is made from a high impact styrene which means it is sure to last. More info
On Sale $15.31 RRP $19.91 | Save 23% Dome Only - Single More options
In stock
Obviously it's not always convenient to carry around a fine china cup, so for all those situations where you need a portable alternative, these Disposable Poly Cups come in very handy. Their polystyrene construction results in a smoothwall finish and will More info
On Sale $1.52 RRP $3.05 | Save 50% Sleeve of 25 More options
Some items in stock
A great alternative to breakable glassware, the Reusable PET Plastic Wine Glasses offer a practical and stylish design for use in your home or bar. Suitable for both white or red wine, these 21cl glasses are made from highly durable PET plastic, making th More info
On Sale From $3.82 RRP From $4.58 | Save 17% Case of 192 More options
Out of stock | Due in TBA
For a cleaner, safer way to cook, the Saferfood Solutions BBQ Brush Dispensing System allows you to dispense and brush at the same time. With a silicone construction, there is no risk of broken bristles left in your food, this innovative brush replaces yo More info
On Sale $15.31 RRP $19.91 | Save 23% Single More options
Some items in stock
It's time to get saucy at the dinner table with the Tomato Shaped Sauce Dispenser! This novelty piece of tableware is the ideal vessel to serve up the country's favourite condiment, tomato ketchup! More info
On Sale $4.58 RRP $5.35 | Save 14%
Out of stock | Est due in 9th March
The Lil' Reds Party Shot Cups offer a unique twist on the Red American Party Cups. With a miniature red party cup, you can truly get the party started! More info
On Sale $33.71 RRP $38.30 | Save 12%
Out of stock | Est due in 9th March
Whether you're hosting a party for friends or a family gathering, it's almost inevitable that every piece of cutlery and crockery in the house will get used. Save yourself some stress and present buffet food and snacks on this Foil Platter. Completely dis More info
On Sale $10.56 RRP $15.31 | Save 31% Case of 100 More options
Some items in stock
It can feel like a juggling act when you're attempting to shake hands, pick up buffet food and keep hold of your napkin at a party. The Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips are designed to snugly fit onto the side of your plate to hold a stemmed glass, More info
On Sale $7.65 RRP $9.18 | Save 17% Pack of 6 More options
Some items in stock
Perfect for parties, events and restaurants where presentation is key, the Nikko Bamboo Tube Raft Sushi Dishes are styled like a traditional oriental raft. These mini trays are the perfect size for presenting food samples, sushi, amuse bouche and appetise More info
On Sale $13.78 RRP $15.31 | Save 10% Case of 200 More options
Some items in stock

Outside Catering Equipment

To help cater for your event, our outside catering equipment offers a broad range of commercial catering equipment including catering utensils, catering machines and disposable catering equipment.

Whether you’re catering in a mobile catering van, or you need some buffet catering equipment, our range of outdoor catering equipment includes a broad range of mobile catering equipment and event catering supplies for all occasions. From small catering equipment for BBQ catering, to larger catering equipment supplies and commercial catering supplies.

Our selection of disposable catering equipment and reusable catering equipment includes various disposable napkins and disposable cutlery for use as outdoor event catering equipment. Ideal for outdoor parties, our cheap outside catering supplies are available with fast UK delivery for all your outside food service equipment needs.

All our outside catering equipment helps you cater for events including bonfire parties, and are even ideal for wedding catering and birthday party catering, and features plenty of equipment for mobile caterers.

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