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Pint Glasses

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Enjoy your favourite Indian beer with these officially branded Cobra Pint Glasses. These tall glasses are finished with the instantly recognisable Cobra logo, while the lower half of the glass is ridged for better grip when condensation hits and to reduce More info
On Sale €11.30 RRP €16.33 | Save 31% Set of 4 More options
In stock
The Ultimate Pint Glass has been specially designed by glassware manufacturer Arcoroc in conjunction with the Design Council to help combat the number of glass related violent crimes. This glass features a unique toughened design that makes it highly resi More info
On Sale €7.53 RRP €10.04 | Save 25% Case of 24 More options
In stock
There are few nations that know how to drink like the Aussies! That's why Foster's, Australia's premier Lager, is such a worldwide hit! Why drink your favourite amber nectar in a standard glass when you can drink it in style in your very own set of Foster More info
€12.55 Pack of 4 More options
In stock
Enjoy a pint of your favourite beer or lager in style with the Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glass. The sophisticated design of the Cervoise makes it perfect for use at the bar or dining table. This 62cl glass is lined and CE marked at a pint, allowing extra room More info
On Sale €22.61 RRP €25.12 | Save 10% Case of 24 More options
In stock
While these Geo Hiball Pint Glasses may look like they're supposed to sit alongside your range of collins hiballs, they offer up a different take on the standard tulip shaped pint glass. These contemporary pint glasses feature a tall, straight-edged desig More info
On Sale €12.43 RRP €16.33 | Save 24% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Ideal for enjoying your favourite beer, the Linz Beer Glasses have a conical shape and footed base. Slightly oversized at 23oz, this glass is lined and CE marked at 20oz, allowing you to serve up the perfect pint with extra room for a decent head. More info
On Sale €18.84 RRP €23.87 | Save 21% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
With classic European flavour, the Utopia Aspen Pint Beer Glasses offer an elegant approach to serving beer or lager. This toughened beer glass provides the perfect home for your favourite pint, a curvaceous shape creates a more comfortable hold with a stylish look. More info
On Sale €12.55 RRP €16.33 | Save 23% Set of 4 More options
In stock
There's no need to compromise just because you're using plastic, the Elite Polycarbonate Tulip Pint Tumbler has a nucleated base to keep your pint tasting freshly poured. Ideal for outdoor events, parties and busy bars, these tumblers offer a practical al More info
On Sale €6.27 RRP €8.78 | Save 29% Pack of 48 More options
In stock
With a slender pilsner shape, the Strongbow Pint Glasses celebrate the brand's proud heritage. Printed with 'Made in Herefordshire', these draught cider glasses also feature an orchard tree design. As Britain's favourite apple cider, the Strongbow pint gl More info
On Sale €16.33 RRP €18.84 | Save 13% Set of 4 More options
In stock
The Prague Pint Beer Glass is slightly oversized, which makes the total volume more than a pint, so you can fill up your glass with the usual 20oz, and still have room left over for a head on your beer! The perfect excuse to sneak in a little bit more! More info
On Sale €21.35 RRP €28.89 | Save 26% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Perfect for serving European lagers, the Utopia Aspen Pint Beer Glasses offer a stylish and practical design. These 57cl pilsner shape glasses are ideal for contemporary bars, hotels and restaurants, offering a durable fully toughened finish. More info
On Sale €11.30 RRP €15.07 | Save 25% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Offering a tall and slender design, these Regal Polycarbonate Pint Glasses are both practical and stylish. Holding a pint to the brim, these CE marked virtually unbreakable glasses are an ideal choice for bars and clubs aiming to reduce glassware breakage More info
On Sale €12.55 RRP €16.33 | Save 23% Case of 24 More options
In stock
If you consider yourself a true beer connoisseur, then you will understand the importance of your pint glass. The tall and elegant Tokyo Pint Glass is the ideal companion to an evening of refined beer drinking with your chums. More info
On Sale €32.66 RRP €37.69 | Save 13%
In stock
A party essential, the Katerglass Plastic Pint Tumblers offer a safe and practical alternative to glass. Made from recyclable polypropylene plastic, they feature an injection moulded construction, offering a rigid feel and uniform wall strength. More info
On Sale €3.46 RRP €5.01 | Save 31% Pack of 25 More options
In stock
The Willi Becher Beer Glasses are the European influenced way to serve draught beer or soft drinks. With a contemporary design, these pint glasses are CE marked and lined at 20oz. Perfect for use in licensed establishments, these German beer glasses take More info
On Sale €8.78 RRP €11.30 | Save 22% Case of 12 More options
In stock
Drinking beer is considered by some as an art form, so having the right drinking vessel is essential. The Beck's Vier Pint Glasses let you sample Germany's finest beverage with a touch of class. More info
On Sale €13.81 RRP €16.33 | Save 15% Pack of 4 More options
In stock
The Stella Artois Cidre Pint Glasses are perfect for draught cider on tap. Stella Artois chalice glasses are toughened and include a nucleated base. More info
On Sale €21.35 RRP €25.12 | Save 15% Set of 4 More options
In stock
The Premier Pint Glasses are CE marked at a pint to the brim and lined and CE marked at half a pint to offer the best of both worlds. Ideal for beer festivals and licenced establishments needing to offer both sizes, this conical shaped glass offers a simple and classic design for serving beer. More info
On Sale €87.96 RRP €98.01 | Save 10%
In stock
With its thick base and iconic trademark Durobor bubble, the Bubble Beverage Tumblers are the perfect way to serve beverages from beer to soft drinks. Designed to stand out from standard glassware, the stylish Bubble tumblers offer a more elegant drinks s More info
On Sale €23.87 RRP €30.15 | Save 21% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
With its wide base and sturdy design, the CE marked Bubble Beverage Pint Tumblers are the perfect glass for commercial environments that want to offer a stylish beverage service. The iconic Durobor bubble base is a stylish feature that separates this tumb More info
On Sale €28.89 RRP €31.41 | Save 8% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
There's nothing more refreshing than a nice cool pint with the bubbles flowing and a perfect head on top. The Geo Hiball Glass uses a nucleated base to help make a perfect pint, and with these customisable glasses from Arcoroc, you can have your brand incorporated in the nucleation. More info
Direct Delivery
Customise the innovate Stack Cups with your own logo for a memorable drinks service. Perfect as event glassware and venue glassware, these stacking cups make a bold impression. More info
€2,136.47 1 Colour Print - Set of 1,000 More options
Direct Delivery
The classic shape of the Econ Polystyrene Tulip Pint Tumblers makes them a practical alternative to breakable glassware. Suitable for use outdoors, these CE marked polystyrene plastic tumblers are ideal for large events, parties or use in a licensed estab More info
On Sale €2.50 RRP €3.76 | Save 33% Case of 48 More options
In stock
Versatile and practical, the Econ Polystyrene Tulip Pint Tumblers make a great alternative to glassware. Made from polystyrene plastic, these LCE pint tumblers feature a classic pint glass shape, and are oversized to accommodate a larger head. More info
On Sale €2.50 RRP €3.76 | Save 33% Case of 36 More options
In stock
Beer, the oldest, as well as the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world deserves to be drunk out of the finest vessel. So forget swigging from that tin can and enjoy a pint the traditional way with this Straight Sided Pint Pewter Tankard. More info
In stock
Drink the extra smooth drink in extra smooth style with these officially branded John Smith's tulip pint glasses. With no unnecessary frills, these pint glasses feature an organic, easy-to-hold shape with the John Smith's logo on one side. More info
€12.55 Pack of 4 More options
In stock
The oversized Gibraltar Original Beer Glasses are lined and CE marked at one pint, leaving plenty of extra room for that all important beer head. Suitable for a variety of cold beverages, these 62cl glasses are toughened with Libbey's DuraTuff glass. More info
On Sale €91.73 RRP €113.10 | Save 19%
Direct Delivery
Bringing a nice refreshing edge to your glassware collection with Britain's favourite apple cider! These officially licensed Strongbow pint glasses are CE marked at a pint, and feature a nucleated base to keep the bubbles flowing! More info
On Sale €18.84 RRP €21.35 | Save 12% Pack of 4 More options
In stock

What’s in a Pint Glass: A Brief History of Pint Glasses

Conique Pint Glass
Conique Pint Glass

There’s much more to your pint of beer than you might think. While beer has long been served in the UK in various measures, the ‘pint’ wasn’t derived until 1824 under the British Weights & Measures Act and was defined as ten pounds of distilled water at 62°C. This measurement has since been required by law for measures in public houses.

For more than 300 years pint glasses have been marked with an etched crown stamp and PINT label as a guarantee of its capacity. Since 2007 pint glasses have been produced with a CE mark, which shows the glass conforms to European law. A popular alternative to the CE to brim pint glass is the LCE pint glass, which is an oversized glass which is lined and CE marked at a pint, allowing extra room for a head.

Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses 21.8oz LCE at 20oz
LCE at a Pint

In the UK if you ask for a pint at the bar, you’ll get 568ml or 20oz, however ask for a pint in another country and you might be surprised at what you get. The UK and Ireland are the only countries where the 568ml pint is governed by law. Go elsewhere in the world and with the exception of some British Commonwealth countries, you’ll find the pint is much smaller or doesn’t exist at all. For example in different regions in Australia a pint can mean 570ml or 425ml.

If you asked for a pint in America you might believe you’ve been short-changed, but a US pint is 473ml or 16 fl. oz (American fluid ounces are also smaller than an imperial ounce), which is approximately 20% smaller than a British pint.

Pint glasses come in many shapes and sizes; some are chosen for their practical and robust design, whereas others optimise the flavours of the beer. Popular pint glass styles are the Nonic Pint Glass, Conical Pint Glass and the Traditional Glass Pint Tankard, while pilsner pint glasses and stemmed pint glasses often offer a better tasting beer.

United Kingdom/Ireland 568ml (20 UK oz) Yes
USA 473ml (16 US fl. oz) No
Australia (excluding South) 570ml (20 UK oz) No
South Australia 425ml (15 UK oz) No
Canada 568ml (20 UK oz) No
New Zealand 450ml (15.8 UK oz) No
Netherlands 500ml (17 US fl. oz) No

Pint Glasses

The classic pint in popular throughout the UK and the traditional designs of the dimpled mug, conical pint glass and pewter tankard has been complimented by even more choice in the form of contemporary designs such as the tulip pint glass, stemmed pint glass and pilsner pint glass.

If you fancy enjoying a pub style pint in the comfort of your own home, we have a great selection of pint tankards, pint mugs and Nonic pint glasses. For a contemporary designed beer glass look no further than our range of branded pint glasses and designer pint glasses.

Our wide range of cheap pint glasses includes CE mark glasses and LCE mark glasses which are suitable for use in licence establishments. This ensures an accurate legal measure of beer when pouring straight into the glass. Our range of pint glasses also includes toughened pint glasses, nucleated pint glasses, disposable plastic pint glasses and reusable plastic pint glasses.

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