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Pizza Equipment

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From £9.99
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Ideal for sharing platters or main meals, these Acacia Wood Serving Boards are the rustic food presentation choice for any dish.
From £12.99
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Ideal for serving pizzas, this Black Pizza Board is made from acacia wood with a convenient handle for effortless table service.
Ideal for serving pizzas, flat bread and even sharing platters, these Seasons Storm Pizza Plates feature a hand applied grey finish.
SALE £3.49
Designed with restaurants and Pizzerias in mind, this Genware Aluminium Flat Wide Rim Pizza Pan is perfect for baking and serving your pizza.
Ideal for presenting pizzas and flat breads, these Intensity Pizza Plates feature a classic white finish and a subtle spiraled design.
With a stunning dark grey coloring, these Seasons Graphite Pizza Plates are the perfect way to serve and show off your homemade pizza dishes.
Featuring a rustic and fiery red glaze, these intense Seasons Magma Pizza Plates are perfect for adding a blaze of colour to table settings.
With a delicate coral finish, these Seasons Coral Pizza Plate from Porcelite are perfect for serving homemade pizza or serving platters.
Showcasing a rustic inspired design, these Seasons Sea Spray Pizza Plate by Porcelite are the perfect way to serve pizza and sharing platters.
From £11.99
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Made from an all natural acacia wood, this Wooden Pizza Board is perfect for serving everything from pizza to bread and even sharing platters.
From £8.99
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No more soggy bottoms, cook your pizza to perfection with this Master Class Non-Stick Pizza Baking Pan! Features aerating holes to crisp the food.
From £3.49
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The 12 inch Genware Round Aluminium Coupe Tray is ideal for adding style and class to your serving methods.
From £3.49
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Add a touch of class to your drinks service with the 10 inch Genware Round Aluminium Coupe Tray.
From £24.99
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An essential tool for any pizza chef, the Genware Pizza Peel is ideal for use with pizza ovens or bread ovens. Offering a commercial quality design, this pizza paddle features an aluminium blade and wooden handle.
Perfectly slice pizza with the Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter from Tablecraft. This professional quality cutter with white ABS handle is an essential tool for any takeaway, restaurant or home where pizza is served.
Ensure you're safe in a busy kitchen with this professional quality Silicone Coated Oven Mitt. With an extra long length to protect your forearms, this silicone coated oven glove is designed to withstand temperatures up to 90°C making it a kitchen essenti
Keep your oven spic and span with the Pizza Oven Brush. Designed for ease of cleaning large stonebake ovens and pizza ovens, this brush features brass bristles, a stainless steel scraper and long wooden handle.
Large pizza ovens can be tiresome to clean, but the Pizza Oven Brush Head makes the job easier. Compatible with the Pizza Oven Brush Handle, this brush head has brass wire bristles and a stainless steel scraper for a thorough clean.
The Pizza Oven Brush Handle is compatible with the Pizza Oven Brush Head to assist in the cleaning of large commercial pizza ovens.
Cook perfect pizza every time with this 10inch Pizza Screen. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, it has a wire mesh design that allows hot air to evenly cook the base and crusts.
There's nothing worse than a pizza with a crispy crust and soggy middle. The Pizza Screen helps you bake your pizza to perfection as the wire mesh design evenly distributes hot air when in the oven. Ideal for both home cooking and commercial restaurants.
SALE £4.49
This Pizza Screen helps you achieve pizza perfection every time, ideal for use at home or in professional restaurants. The aluminum wire mesh construction allows for even heat distribution to ensure there's no soggy middle.
The Royal Genware Pizza Plates are manufactured to a professional quality. Using high impact resistance glaze and pure classic white porcelain.
From £17.99
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Being a household name you can be assured that these Royal Genware Pizza Plates will be of professional quality. With an elegant and timeless design.
SALE £3,479.99
The Infrico Granite Worktop Pizza Counter features a chilled work surface, cupboards with dough trays and a gastronorm counter for fresh ingredients. This makes this unit ideal for use in commercial restaurants, take-aways and pizzerias offering a dedicated space for pizza preparation.
SALE £3,221.99
This dedicated Granite Worktop Pizza Counter from Infrico is ideal for use in commercial kitchens for pizza preparation. It features a chilled granite top, gastronorm counters and a chilled cupboard with plastic trays.
The Infrico Granite Worktop Pizza Counter is specially designed to cater for pizza preparation. Ideal for use in commercial kitchens, this unit features a chilled granite work top, gastronorm containers with a stainless steel lid for fresh ingredients and a chilled cupboard with plastic trays for dough.
SALE £3,999.99
Prepare pizzas with ease on the Infrico Granite Worktop Pizza Counter. Specially designed for pizza preparation, this unit features a gastronorm shelf with glass lid, chilled cabinet with plastic trays and a chilled granite worktop.
SALE £3,239.99
The Infrico Pizza Counter is perfect for restaurants, takeaways and canteens specialising in freshly prepared pizzas. This counter allows you to store pizza dough and ingredients in the chilled cabinet below while the raised gastronorm pan holder gives easy access to toppings.
SALE £4,429.99
Perfect for restaurants and takeaways, the Infrico Pizza Counter offers a specialist work space for pizza preparation. The chilled counter below holds plastic trays for chilling pizza dough and ingredients, while the stainless steel counter top provides adequate room for preparing pizzas.
From £7.99
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Create a perfectly crisp pizza with the Master Class Crusty Bake Non-Stick Pizza Tray! With perforated holes to crisp the dough while baking.
From £19.99
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With an extra long handle, this Pizza Peel from Genware is ideal for use with stonebake ovens and large pizza ovens. Designed for commercial kitchens, this pizza paddle has a 12" x 14" aluminium blade and real wood handle. Perfect for easily lifting pizza
From £4.99
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Manufactured from high quality aluminium, the 12 inch Genware Wide Rim Pizza Tray is ideal for use in commercial restaurants and pizzerias. Designed with a wide rim, this tray is ideal for baking and serving freshly cooked thin crust pizza.

Pizza Equipment

From the Margheritas to the Americano, pizza is always a popular choice in commercial establishments. Kit out your pizzeria, restaurant, cafe or takeaway with our wide range of commercial pizza equipment. From pizza preparation to pizza delivery, we’ve got a great selection of professional pizza equipment and professional pizza accessories.

For pizza preparation we offer a range of pizza preparation equipment and pizza work stations which includes pizza counters, pizza dough boxes, pizza dough dockers and pizza pan racks with pizza pan separator discs.

An essential part of pizza making, our range of pizza cooking equipment features pizza ovens, pizza pans, pizza screens, pizza peels, pizza oven brushes and pizza oven mitts. For serving up freshly cooked pizzas, we have a selection of pizza cutters, a pizza rocker knife, pizza plates, pizza trays and pizza delivery bags. Our wide range of pizza catering equipment is available with fast UK delivery with our next day UK delivery service.