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Plates And Dishes

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Plates and Dishes

Serve up some amazing food with our range of commercial plates and dishes, ideal for pubs, restaurants, cafes and event catering. With a great selection of trusted brands including Royal Genware crockery, Elia crockery and Steelite crockery, we offer a wide selection of white plates and white dishes to suit your dinnerware requirements.

From breakfast plates to dinner plates and from salad dishes to dessert dishes, our range of porcelain plates, porcelain dishes, ceramic plates, ceramic dishes, fine china plates and fine china dishes are ideal for serving a variety of starters, mains, sides and desserts.

Our range of Royal Genware porcelain and Royal Genware fine china includes classic plates, deep winged plates, narrow rim plates, gourmet plates, side plates, dessert plates and coupe plates for a complete choice of tableware. For more specialist food service, we offer pizza plates, couscous plates and salad plates.

There’s no need to stick to the classic round plate, as we also offer a range of oval plates, square plates, rectangular plates, rounded square plates and rectangular platters for a unique table service. For a complete tableware selection, we offer a selection of Royal Genware dishes and Elia dishes, including salad dishes, coupe dishes, side dishes and rectangular dishes.

Our complete range of serving plates and serving dishes are all available with fast UK delivery so you can have them delivered direct to your door in no time.

The impact resistant Royal Genware Rounded Square Plates are perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Utilising impact resistant glaze and pure classic white porcelain, they offer a contemporary approach to your tableware, complementing most existing
Sporting high impact resistance with a classic pure white appearance, the Rounded Square plates are the perfect blend of two very different shapes. This hybrid dinner plate is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Manufactured by Royal Genware, yo
Royal Genware, just the name assures good quality and the Rounded Square plates are no exception. Manufactured using high impact resistant glaze and pure white porcelain, the contemporary design will fit seamlessly with most existing tableware.
SALE £24.99
Manufactured to a professional level, the Royal Genware Coupe Plates are perfect for almost any occasion. Glazed for high impact resistance, they are durable and microwave and dishwasher safe. With a classic white appearance they will complement most exis