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Established in 1977
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Polycarbonate Glasses

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Perfect for serving Champagne, these Sommelier Champagne Flutes have been made from a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material.
These Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from a robust polycarbonate material and are suitable for serving red, white and rose wines.
A safe alternative to glass, these Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from polycarbonate, eliminating the risk of dangerous broken glass.
Featuring a contemporary shape, these Utopia Venture Stacking Shot Glasses are ideal for serving a number of spirits and shots.
Enjoy your spirits in style with these Utopia Pentagon Old Fashioned Tumblers, featuring a stylish contemporary pentagonal design.
Ideal for adding some variety to your drink presentation, these Utopia Pentagon Hiball Tumblers feature a unique pentagonal design.
Featuring a contemporary pentagonal shape, these Pentagon Half Pint Tumblers are CE marked making them suitable for commercial use.
Featuring a contemporary pentagonal base and design, these Pentagon Hiball Tumblers are perfect for serving a variety of beverages.
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers are made of polycarbonate and are ideal for commercial use.
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers feature a retro panelled design and are made from polycarbonate.
Ideal for adding a retro American theme to your drinks presentation, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers feature a panelled design.
Perfect for outdoor events such as BBQ's and parties, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers are made from a sturdy polycarbonate plastic.
These Carlisle Alibi Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are made from polycarbonate plastic and are ideal for serving spirits on the rocks.
Perfect for serving juices, short cocktails and spirits, these Carlisle Astaire Tumblers are versatile and suitable for commercial use.
Thanks to their polycarbonate material, these Carlisle Astaire Hiball Tumblers are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's.
Perfect for serving cocktails, these Carlisle Astaire Martini Glasses are made from polycarbonate and are suitable for commercial use.
Perfect for serving champagne and other sparkling wines, these Carlisle Astaire Champagne Flutes have been made from robust polycarbonate.
Made from sturdy polycarbonate, these Carlisle Astaire White Wine Glasses are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's and picnics.
These Carlisle Astaire Red Wine Glasses have a contemporary design and are made of polycarbonate for a safe alternative to glass.
Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these Elite Premium Beer Goblets not only offer style but durability. Perfect for garden parties and BBQ's.
Unbreakable and easy to stack, these Roltex Privilege Viini Polycarbonate Wine Glasses are perfect for commerical use or for use at events.
Serve up tropical cocktails or even iced desserts with style using these unbreakable Roltex Bar Polycarbonate Ice Cocktail Tumblers.
A perfect alternative to breakable glassware, this Elite Remedy Tall Frosted Tumbler not only looks great but is virtually unbreakable.
Inject a retro vibe into your table settings and outdoor events with these Blue Polycarbonate Retro Tumblers.
Add a splash of colour to your parties and BBQs with the Blue Polycarbonate Eco Tumblers made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate.
Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your tableware, these Red Polycarbonate Eco Tumblers are perfect for outdoor events such as BBQs and parties.
Raise a toast to your special occasion and celebrate in style with the virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate Gold Champagne Flutes. Cheers!
Perfect for events indoors or out thanks to their virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material these Silver Champagne Flutes are ideal for adding a modern feel to your drink presentation.
Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic these plastic Balloon Gin Glasses are perfect for outdoor events such as parties and BBQs.
Perfect for BBQs, parties and outdoor events these Polycarbonate Frosted Pilsner Beer Glass are made from a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic.
Looking for a stress free serving method for all your drink needs? Look no further than these Frosted Polycarbonate Hiball Tumblers.
These Elite Tristem Polycarbonate Wine Glasses are the perfect alternative to glassware and are ideal for use at party or special events.
From €11.77
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The Elite Tristem Wine Glasses with a sleek tripod stem design for stability, making them great for using outdoors.
SALE €21.20
Made from durable polycarbonate these shot glasses are virtually unbreakable and are CE marked making them perfect for presenting shots in bars and pubs.
These White Elite Remedy Shot Glasses are uniquely styled with tumbler glass design and sleek white finish. These shot tumblers are suitable for bars, clubs and pubs as they are virtually unbreakable.
From €8.24
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The Savoy champagne flutes are made from a nearly unbreakable polycarbonate making them perfect for outdoor use for events such as BBQs and picnics.
From €10.59
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These standard size polycarbonate wine glasses look and feel like real glass providing you with an outdoor safe alternative to your best glassware without compromising the look and feel.
From €17.66
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With these Polycarbonate Balloon Wine Glasses, you can throw parties and events indoors or outdoors without worry. With no risk of fragile glassware.
From €7.06
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With a stackable design, the Elite In2stax Polycarbonate Stacking Jug is CE marked and lined at 2, 3 and 4 pints. Perfect for outdoor events or parties.
From €21.20
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With an on-trend vintage design, these Gatsby Polycarbonate Old Fashioned Glasses are a great way to serve whisky at parties and events.
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Polycarbonate Glasses

Alcohol Related Violence

In recent years, the issues of alcohol related violence have been at the forefront of news reports, with 87,000 violent incidents involving glass occurring each year, 5,500 of which are actual glassings. Around £2.7bn is being spent for NHS to treat alcohol related injuries.

Pubs, clubs and other licensed establishments are understandably under pressure to swap their usual glassware for safer plastic glasses. It is now UK law that pubs and clubs must use plastic drinking glasses to serve drinks for use outside.

Polycarbonate vs. Glass

Polycarbonate plastic glasses are virtually unbreakable, making them the obvious choice for use over the other pieces of plastic glassware that can still shatter and be used as a weapon in alcohol related violence.

Polycarbonate glasses are recognised by licensing officials because they are rigid enough to be CE stamped and lined for legal measurements, just like classic pint glasses and wine glasses.

Unbreakable polycarbonate glasses are also dishwasher proof and more lightweight than standard glasses, meaning they can be more beneficial to staff members who will be able to carry larger stacks of glass at a time. As well as combating glass related violence, there are obvious benefits of no more broken glass to clear up at the end of the night.

Modern moulding techniques ensure that polycarbonate glasses can be created in a variety of styles, ensuring that classic glass designs can be replaced behind the bar with the minimum of fuss. As well as standard polycarbonate pint glasses, there is also polycarbonate wine gasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, cocktail glasses, and standard tumblers licensed for use in pubs, bars and clubs.

Our comprehensive range of plastic drinking glasses offers a wide variety of polycarbonate drinking glasses, all recognised as legally usable in licensed establishments.