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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Princesa Glassware

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SALE £89.99
Perfect for everyday use, the highly robust Princesa Wine Glasses are great for the home or bar. These glasses have been tempered, allowing them to retain their elegance while offering a higher resistance than untreated glass and breaking into safe, blunt
While these Princesa Wine Glasses may look like delicate wine glasses at first sight, you'll soon discover exactly how robust they really are. They are dishwasher safe, heat and shock resistant, and will even shatter into blunt fragments for safety.
SALE £59.99
Proving that tough can be beautiful, the Princesa Wine Glass is an ideal choice for your dinner setting or party. Whichever bottle your guests reach for, this stemmed glass will accommodate both red and white wines perfectly.
When you're hosting a dinner party, you can't forget the glassware! Ensure you cater for all your guests tastes with the Princesa Wine Glass, which is ideal for both red and white vintages. The simple yet elegant design ensures this wine glass is suitable
With a simple yet elegant design, the Princesa Wine Glasses are ideal for both red and white wines, the perfect glass for everyday use. Suitable for use in commercial environments, as well as in the home, the Princesa is fully tempered and lined at 175ml.
SALE £137.99
For a generous helping of your favourite vino, look no further than the Princesa Wine Glass. This elegant looking glass is perfectly adaptable to any occasion and is suitable for both domestic and commercial environments.
Perfect for serving up a large glass of your favourite red, white or rose, the classic design of the Princesa Wine Glass makes it ideal for everyday use. Fully tempered for a durable finish, the Princesa offers high shock resistance and adds safety by sha
SALE £14.99
Case of 48
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The Princesa Champagne Flute lives up to its regal name by providing an effortlessly elegant champagne service that raises the aesthetic of table setting.
SALE £119.99
Featuring a stemmed design these Princesa Beer Glasses are perfect for presenting a variety of bottled beers, lagers and ales.
From £9.99
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The Princesa Rocks Glass offers the perfect vessel with which to unwind with your favourite drink. With enough room for a handful of ice cubes and a dram of whisky, scotch or other liqueur, the Princesa Glasses are durable enough for both domestic and com
Whether you're serving up a JD and coke or just a simple glass of water, the Princesa Hiball Glasses are perfect for parties and at the dinner table. With a robust design, they are great for everyday use, either in the home or at the bar.
The Princesa Hiball Glass offers a practical, robust design while retaining an elegant style. Great for family dinners or at the bar, these glasses are tempered offering safety features such as shock and heat resistance, a dishwasher safe finish and they
For an all round glass, look no further than the half pint Princesa Hiball Glass. Perfect for serving up a beer, cocktail or soft drink.
Extremely versatile and highly resistant, the Princesa Hiball Glass are fully tempered for extra safety. Perfect for use at home or at the bar.
Suitable for a variety of beverages, the Princesa Hiball Glasses allows you to serve up almost any drink your guests require. From cocktails to beer and from water to soft drinks, the Princesa is an all round everyday glass that's essential for any glassw
From £7.99
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The Princesa Hiball Glasses offer a practical and versatile design that's ideal for both home and commercial use. They are fully tempered.
Tall and elegant, this large capacity Princesa Hiball Glass is ideal for long drinks, cocktails and soft drinks. Ideal for domestic and commercial use.
SALE £94.99
Perfect for any occasion, the elegant Princesa Champagne Flute leaves you with one less thing to worry about when hosting your next big celebration.
From £17.99
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The Princesa Champagne Flutes are the perfect choice for serving up a bottle of bubbly. These flutes not only look great, but also offer durability.

Princesa Glassware

Elegant and practical, the Princesa glassware range is ideal for everyday use. Part of the Arcoroc glassware range, the Princesa glasses are manufactured from fully tempered glass, which offers a break resistant glass and dishwasher safe glass.

Our wide range of Princesa glasses include Princesa Wine Glasses, Princesa Ballon Wine Glasses, Princesa Champagne Flutes, Princesa Hiball Glasses, Princesa Rocks Glasses, Princesa Stemmed Beer Glasses and Princesa Margarita Glasses. The Princesa range includes LCE wine glasses, LCE champagne glasses, LCE tumblers and CE tumbler glasses. The entire Princesa glassware range is available with fast UK delivery.