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Established in 1977
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Copag Playing Cards
4 Colour Copag Cards
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Code: 2082

4 Colour Copag Cards

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Copag Four Colour Series are 100% plastic playing cards that will bring a new element to your game! The card faces use different colours for each suit. The suit colours are not just Black and Red, but they are actually black for spades, blue for diamonds, green for clubs, and red for hearts.

This is a very popular card type for Texas Hold'em to enable players to better distinguish suits from wherever you may sit on the table. The four color playing card has been growing in popularity for years in Europe and is gaining a strong fan base in the United States as well.

Please Note: The 4 Colour Copag Cards come in blue or red packets - the colours are sent out randomly, so we can not guarantee a certain colour.

4 Colour Copag Cards are washable, please follow manufacturers instructions on cleaning your cards.

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Estonia £26.99
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Germany £12.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £26.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £19.99
Latvia £39.99
Lithuania £39.99
Luxembourg £12.99
The Netherlands £12.99
Poland £25.99
Portugal £26.99
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Slovenia £26.99
Spain £23.99
Sweden £26.99

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Product Features:
• Official Copag playing cards
• 100% PVC plastic
• ISO 9002 certified
• Resistant to bending and tearing
• Will last approximately 50 times longer than regular paper cards
• Washable
• Available in blue or red packets

Brand: Copag Playing Cards

Manufacturer Part Number:
• CPG-18

• 7896008946661

• Height: 89mm
• Width: 64mm
• Weight: 132g

Customer Reviews
4 Colour Playing Cards
"Fantastic product. Ideal for home poker games. Top quality plastic cards."
Nick - Bognor Regis, 4th February '13
5 stars
"Bought these cards, on behalf of a friend, as a gift for our usual poker host, who had been banging on about four colour decks for a number of sessions. These did not disappoint :)
The cards are excellent, and shuffle better than the other 100% plastic Copag cards we were already using. And also, although I was sceptical about the four colours, they work really well in-game and it's impossible to make any rookie mistakes by misreading your card suits. Fantastic product, might have to get some for myself now!"
Brendan Carroll - Stevenage, Herts, 26th July '11
5 stars
"Excellent. Best deck of cards ever used, they glide across the table and are a dream to shuffle. Will never use any other cards than Copag again. The four colours are a bonus. You'll never miss a flush again."
Andy Harvey - Scotland, 10th June '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Andy. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
"Excellent cards. You get what you pay for as usual!
4 colour index is the future for poker. Get with it!
Be nice to have the option of normal size index too."
Ian - Dublin, 25th July '10
One Word
Well worth the extra few quid. Hard to damage and if used with a decent table they glide across the top, casino style!
A definite buy."
Brett Laurenson - Aberdeen, 28th April '10
4 Color Deck
"Used them for 10 hours and already no sign of wear. Great cards, highly recommended, spot on delivery."
Michael Mitchell - Leeds, 17th February '10
"I ordered these after playing too much PKR, order placed on Wednesday cards here on Friday. Great quality cards, easy to shuffle and good detail. Can't wait to rinse the boys later!!!"
Paul - Norwich, 13th February '10
"Top quality."
Po - Liverpool, 16th December '09
Amazing delivery speed!
"Well I ordered two packs of these cards on Friday at 2:15pm, and at 9:20am on Saturday the postman had been with my new cards! Well packaged and ready for a quick game on Saturday night. I'll be coming back again for more things given the speed of service."
Dave Wright - Hertfordshire, 16th November '09
4 stars
"The 4 colour copag cards are ideal for new or old players, as you can easily tell what hands are played because of the individual colours."
Andrew - Easington, County Durham, 22nd February '09
5 stars
"These are by far the best coloured and hold their shape so well, it's unbelievable so tidy and cool."
Nathan Turner - Southampton, 8th February '09
Four colour Copag cards
"I use four colour cards when I play online. I bought two packs for my home games. I have to say they worked a treat. Everyone loved them and I had to refuse to sell them on....'buy your own'.
I was also pleased to receive a free pack of temptations playing cards, equally useable. Always good to have spare packs around the house.
Delivery was fast, well packed and quality goods.
Now I am eyeing up a new playing table from drinkstuff, as recommended in a poker magazine. What more can you say? They even invite criticism.....get buying!
Geoffrey Brown - Thornton, 13th December '08
"An excellent product, dispatched quickly.
However, one of the packs had been opened and placed in a sandwich bag instead of it's sealed celophane wrapper.
drinkstuff says:We are sorry that you got a pack of cards not properly packaged. We will get a new pack sent out to you."
Ryan - Brighton, UK, 16th July '07
"These cards are ace, very large display is perfect for poker, and the 4 colour deck is something which i much prefer when playing poker. The feel of them is unlike any cards i have used before, they have a soft, yet durable feel to them. They shuffle well and slide well too.
overall a truely superb deck of poker cards!"
Graham M - UK, 26th February '07
"Great quality cards, excellent finish and four colours definitely help avoid some accidental all-ins :) If you play poker you MUST have these cards."
Richard Begg - Stockton-on-Tees, 22nd February '07
"Great cards. They shuffle well, hold their shape and are easy to clean after snack dirtied fingers have been holding them.
They do seem to have a life of their own straight from the box....put them down and the top card sort of floats off the top of the deck, but they soon bed in after a game or two. Only imporvement would be if they could get the colours a bit brighter....one of the old boys I play with had trouble telling the difference between the green and the blue.....but it could just be his ageing eyes :-)"
Paul - Lincs, 9th February '07
"These must be some good cards. The first game i played with them, i won! I think if this carries on, i may have to start giving a percentage of my winnings to Copag!!"
Paul Keating - Widnes, Cheshire, 29th August '06
"Another winner from Copag.

A few nights back me & the boys were having a little game outside (weather was nice so why not ?), but as is the way, it started raining. Really heavy rain. These cards got soaking wet, but with a towel are back to full working working order. Extreme test? Well I guess so, but they worked! Beer proof aswell it seems!"
wiggysan - wiggysan.com H.Q, 31st July '06
"Excellent product, will never go back to regular playing cards again! Well worth the extra money"
Adam Simmonds - Ashford, Kent, 30th May '06
"These cards are great if you are teaching new players the game, as you can spot the flush very easy - which is the most common missed hand for beginners. High quality same as the rest of the COPAG range."
Lisle Wallace - Normandy, France, 29th April '06
"These cards are fantastic, not only the great four colours but the 100% plastic composition makes them last so much longer than any other cards!"
Ryan Donoghue - Leeds, 18th April '06
"These plastic cards are 'just the packet' for serious Poker players. Using four colours instead of the traditional two makes it extremely unlikely that the player will make a costly mistake! Being made from high grade plastic not only ensures that they will last a lifetime, but also makes them easier to shuffle and easier to clean. Well worth the money!"
Mr. A. Bridgewater-Walker - Endon, Staffordshire M, 1st April '06
"Very professional cards. Excellent to shuffle. Great buy."
Mark Bladen - Burnley, 21st March '06
"These cards are definitely nice. Good to shuffle with and good to look at. I much prefer the alternative 4-colour deck by Copag that's out at the moment though, but I could only find them from American distributors. The alternatives have regular-size numbers in the corners, and only in two corners, which looks a lot more classy in my opinion. Hopefully drinkstuff will get these for their site soon.
drinkstuff says: The COPAG cards, along with most other playing cards we sell, come in Jumbo Poker Size (Wide Index). We have found that the majority of poker players enjoy using these cards rather than regular index cards."
James Chancellor - Bristol, 20th February '06
"Great to see the 4 coloured decks in drinkstuff. Ever since switching online to 4 colours I have got hooked to the idea because of it's ability on spotting flushes easily etc. Played a home game with 2 coloured deck the other day and thought I had the flush but was wrong suit!
Highly recommended deck that is becoming more and more common online and in live games throughout the world."
fishin4chips - Northern Ireland, 23rd January '06
"Makes game play that bit different. Interesting"
Steve - Bristol, 27th December '05