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Reusable Plastic Glasses

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When hosting a party, the risk of smashed glass can be quite high, especially when serving alcohol. The Clarity Polystyrene Tulip Pint Glasses provide the perfect solution with a shatterproof piece of drinkware that lets you relax to enjoy your party! More info
On Sale €1.86 RRP €2.48 | Save 25% Sleeve of 5 More options
In stock
The Polycarbonate Carafe offers the practical, virtually unbreakable properties of polycarbonate, yet with the elegance and look of glass. Ideal for beverages such as water, juice or wine, these plastic carafes come complete with a clip lid making them ideal for al fresco dining. More info
On Sale €8.72 RRP €12.46 | Save 30% Single More options
In stock
Whether you're hosting a party or have a busy bar to run, the Reusable Plastic Shot Glasses make a practical alternative to breakable glassware. Small, rigid and reusable, these glasses are ideal for a variety of shots including slammers. More info
On Sale €1.25 RRP €3.73 | Save 67% Case of 1040 More options
In stock
The unusual Polycarbonate Wine Glasses feature a solid white colour for a distinctive look at your party or dinner. Offering the feel and look of glass, these goblets are actually made from polycarbonate plastic making them rigid, reusable and highly durable. More info
On Sale €17.45 RRP €23.69 | Save 26% Case of 24 More options
In stock
If you're getting a bit fed up of your usual cocktail glassware, then it's time you tried this plastic Pineapple Cocktail Glass. Unique, novelty and shaped like a fruit, you'll be the yellow envy of all your friends as you sip on a Pina Colada at your next party! More info
On Sale €8.72 RRP €9.97 | Save 13% Single More options
In stock
With a sleek and stylish design, the Polycarbonate Wine Glasses add a touch of mystery to your dinner table. Perfect for both red and white wines, these solid black glasses are made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. More info
On Sale €17.45 RRP €23.69 | Save 26% Case of 24 More options
In stock
When planning a party, drinks are an important feature. However the atmosphere in which the drinks are drunk it what makes a party special. Mystify your guest and keep them guessing with this constantly colour changing Party Pitcher. More info
On Sale €14.96 RRP €18.70 | Save 20%
In stock
Enjoy sharing cocktails with friends with this Malibu Plastic Jug. This durable polycarbonate jug is finished in white and is branded with the Malibu logo, making it ideal when serving cocktails at parties or behind the bar. More info
On Sale €6.23 RRP €12.46 | Save 50%
In stock
With a classic retro and practical design, the Graniti Plastic Hiball Tumblers are perfect for your home or bar. Stackable, rigid and reusable, these polypropylene plastic tumblers are ideal for serving a variety of cold drinks and feature a solid white finish. More info
On Sale €9.97 RRP €12.46 | Save 20% Set of 4 More options
In stock
When serving up some carefully prepared Pimm's, or some juicy punch, it can be disappointing to reach the last drops that are diluted from all the melted ice. To make sure you're serving only the finest drinks, the Coolmovers Acrylic Ice Jug features a freezer core that acts as a non melting ice cube to keep all your drinks chilled. More info
On Sale €23.69 RRP €27.43 | Save 14% Single More options
In stock
Perfect for enjoying an evening cocktail, the Enchanted Evening Plastic Martini Glass is an essential for your party or event. Ideal for cocktail parties, functions and weddings, each reusable acrylic glass features a silver stem with a glitter and star decoration around the bowl. More info
On Sale €2.48 RRP €3.11 | Save 20% Single More options
In stock
Keep glassware replacement costs down with the In2stax Polycarbonate Pint Tumblers, ideal for use in bars, pubs and at functions and events. Virtually unbreakable, these plastic tumblers are a practical alternative to fragile glassware for outdoor use. More info
On Sale €6.23 RRP €8.72 | Save 29% Pack of 48 More options
In stock
With a stylish and practical design, the Amari Carafe is a great choice for serving up a variety of cold beverages at the dinner table. Suitable for wine, water and more, this carafe is made from durable tritan plastic which is safe, hygienic and BPA-free. More info
On Sale €14.96 RRP €18.70 | Save 20% Single More options
In stock
Swap your beer for something stronger with the Mini Pint Plastic Shot Glasses. Shaped like a classic pint glass, these small 4cl glasses are ideal for enjoying your favourite spirit or liqueur. Made from reusable plastic, they are a great alternative to breakable glassware in your bar or at your party. More info
On Sale €1.24 RRP €3.73 | Save 67% Case of 1890 More options
In stock
Practical, versatile and reusable, the Remedy Polycarbonate Hiball Tumbler offers an alternative to breakable glassware. The classic design makes this ideal for a variety of situations, from parties and BBQs to busy bars and event catering. More info
On Sale €7.47 RRP €11.22 | Save 33% Pack of 36 More options
In stock
If a regular 10oz margarita glass doesn't hold quite enough to quench your thirst, then try this Super Margarita SAN Glass. Standing at over 8" tall, it's perfect for sharing the ultimate tequila cocktail with friends. More info
On Sale €24.94 RRP €74.84 | Save 67% Single More options
In stock
One sip from the Floral Paradise Lime Green Margarita Glass and you'll feel like you're in paradise. This tropical themed glass is made from reusable plastic, eliminating the worry of glassware breakages at your next party. This large margarita glass is also perfect for serving up a tasty ice cream dessert. More info
On Sale €4.98 RRP €7.47 | Save 33% Single More options
In stock
With a classical style, the Glam Tritan Water Glasses are ideal for large events and outdoors. These stemmed water glasses are made from unbreakable Tritan plastic for a robust and reusable finish that's BPA-free. More info
On Sale €12.46 RRP €33.67 | Save 63%
In stock
Bringing a colourful touch to your milkshake service, the Plastic Cabana Stripe Milkshake Cup comes complete with a reusable Krazy Straw. Kids and adults alike will love being served a freshly made milkshake, smoothie or soda from this stripy cup. More info
On Sale €3.73 RRP €4.98 | Save 25% Single More options
In stock
Just because you're using plastic doesn't mean you have to compromise on sophistication. Enjoy a cool beer or lager with the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Beer Goblets. Completely washable and reusable, they are ideal for garden parties and BBQs as well as for use in commercial bars and events. More info
On Sale €44.90 RRP €58.62 | Save 23%
In stock
Introduce shots to any party and there's bound to be a few enthusiastic slams. These Polycarbonate Shot Glasses are made from highly durable plastic and are virtually unbreakable. Far more sturdy than many disposable shots, they also offer a practical alternative to glass, ideal for parties or use at the bar. More info
On Sale €4.98 RRP €6.23 | Save 20% Pack of 24 More options
In stock
Ideal for your next party or event, these Polycarbonate Wine Glasses hold a generous helping of red or white wine. From the Elite Premium range, they offer a safe and highly durable finish for both commercial and domestic use. More info
On Sale €37.41 RRP €47.39 | Save 21%
In stock
The Elite Viking Polycarbonate Half Pint Glasses boast a virtually unbreakable construction to offer a safer alternative to breakable glassware. Ideal for use in pubs, bars and at events, these polycarbonate glasses are ideal for serving up beers, lagers and ciders as they feature a nucleated base for excellent head retention. More info
On Sale €8.72 RRP €11.22 | Save 22% Case of 36 More options
In stock
If you're hosting the party of the year, the last thing you want is to be running round with a dustpan and brush clearing up shards of glass. Avoid breakages with these Polycarbonate Wine Glasses, made from virtually unbreakable plastic. More info
On Sale €24.94 RRP €28.68 | Save 13%
In stock
Kick your party into life and give a shout of "Yeehaw!" as you take a swig from the Cowboy Boot Plastic Shot Glasses. Made from a durable and reusable red acrylic, these novelty plastic drinking glasses are a fun way to add to a wild west themed party. More info
On Sale €4.98 RRP €12.46 | Save 60%
In stock
The last thing you need when hosting a party is smashed glass all over your precious coffee table. Avoid breakages and let your friends go wild with the Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Shot Glasses. Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate plastic, they are perfect for a round of tequila slammers or sambuca shots. More info
On Sale €4.98 RRP €7.47 | Save 33% Pack of 24 More options
In stock
Lined and CE marked at both 125ml and 175ml, the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glasses are ideal for bars, events and functions, allowing you to serve a UK legal measure without stocking different glasses. Made from virtually unbreakable elite polycarbonate plastic, they offer a safe and practical alternative to glassware. More info
On Sale €27.43 RRP €36.17 | Save 24%
In stock
Get experimenting with spirits and liqueurs with the Test Tube Plastic Shot Glasses, which come complete with a foam holder. Finished in assorted neon colours, these plastic test tubes add a fun and novelty touch to any party. More info
On Sale €12.46 RRP €18.70 | Save 33%
In stock

Reusable Plastic Glasses

Help avoid breakages with our selection of reusable plastic glasses that are ideal for large events and outdoor parties. Whether you're hosting a garden party for friends or planning a wedding party, we've got the perfect reusable plastic glass for every event.

Our range of cheap reusable plastic glasses offer great value, safety and convenience and includes dishwasher safe plastic glasses. We offer a large variety of plastic reusable glasses, including reusable plastic wine glasses, reusable plastic beer glasses, reusable plastic champagne flutes, reusable plastic cocktail glasses, reusable plastic shot glasses and reusable plastic jugs.

For a unique gift idea, we have a fun range of reusable plastic novelty glasses, including plastic shot glasses, light up plastic glasses, novelty plastic beer glasses and giant plastic cocktail glasses.

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