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Riedel Glassware

Riedel Glassware

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With four stemless wine glasses and decanter ideal for serving Cabernet or Merlot, this gift set is the perfect gift for any wine lover.
SALE €44.55
Specially designed for those that enjoy their wine, the Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses are grape specific. Optimised for tasting both red and white wines, Riesling and Zinfandel, this glass features a tall bowl with a fine rim.
Inspired by the curves of the classic Coca Cola bottle, these Coca-Cola + Riedel Glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your favourite drink.
Ideal for serving young, full bodied red wines, these glasses have been designed with Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot wines in mind.
The Nachtmann Highland Tumbler Set gives a true sense of vintage flair. With 4 unique cut glass designs in each pack, for whisky or spirits with style.
From €32.76 RRP
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The perfect choice for everyday wine enjoyment, the Riedel O Cabernet & Merlot Wine Tumblers offer a stemless design for casual dining yet are grape variety specific for optimum tasting. Each 60cl glass is manufactured from lead-free crystal and make the
The grape specific Riedel Vinum Shiraz Wine Glass is perfect for those who really want to appreciate each sip. Designed for enjoying Shiraz, Syrah and other full bodied fruity red wines, this glass highlights the tannin of the wine for a perfect balance w
Designed for those who want to appreciate wine, the Riedel 'O' Decanter lets you enjoy it to its full potential. The inverted well in the base, known as a punt, is designed to let the wine splay when it's poured in, allowing it to oxygenate.
From €72.77
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The gorgeous Riedel Vitis Champagne Flutes feature an angled bowl and tapered stem that brings elegance to any occasion. These tall flutes are machine-made using crystal glass for a flawless finish with complete clarity. Designed to highlight the finest q
Optimised for enjoying light white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre and Sémillon, the Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc Glasses direct wine to the correct zones on the palate.
From €32.76
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Designed for beer lovers, the Riedel Ouverture Beer Glass offers ultimate enjoyment in a refined stemmed piece. Perfect for serving up beer, lager, ale or stout, this piece will add a touch of elegance, while fitting perfectly with other stemware at the d
Offering a generous 8 gift boxed glasses, these Riedel O Cabernet & Viognier Wine Glasses feature a contemporary stemless design.
SALE €46.78
Pack of 2
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These crystal Vinum Wine Glasses from glass-makers Riedel have been specially optimised for white wines such as Chardonnay, Chablis, Bordeaux and Pinot. The tall bowl accompanied with the tapered rim, means you drink from the glass with slightly pursed li

Riedel Glassware

Over the years Riedel Glassware has transformed the way we taste wine by producing a range of grape varietal specific wine glasses. Manufactured in Austria using lead crystal glass, this range of Riedel glasses includes Riedel crystal wine glasses, Riedel crystal champagne glasses, Riedel crystal decanters and Riedel crystal spirit glasses.

Our Riedel glassware collection includes Riedel Vinum glasses, Riedel Vitis glasses, Riedel O glasses and Riedel Bar glasses. With a wide variety of both Riedel white wine glasses, Riedel red wine glasses and Riedel stemless glasses, Riedel wine glasses make the ideal glassware gift for friends and family.

In addition to Riedel grape specific wine glasses, we also offer a variety of Riedel beer glasses, Riedel champagne flutes, Riedel martini glasses, Riedel brandy glasses, Riedel port glasses, Riedel whisky glasses, Riedel spirit glasses, Riedel water glasses and Riedel wine decanters. Our complete range of Riedel wine goblets, Riedel champagne glasses, Riedel decanters and Riedel spirit glasses are available with fast UK delivery.