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Shot Glasses

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These Utopia Timeless Vintage Shot Glasses feature a vintage cut glass deign that add variety and creativity to drink presentation.
Serve shots, shooters, vodka and even rum in style with these stackable and fully tempered Stack Up Shot Glasses from Arcoroc.
From £3.99
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Ideal for any spirits, the City Shot Glasses from bar@drinkstuff are the perfect party starter. The fluted design offers a more stylish glass.
From £4.99
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These stylish Boston Hot Shot Glasses are exactly like the ones you get in bars for shooters, like slippery nipples, and Aftershock!
From £7.99
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If guzzling pints of beer isn't your thing, then perhaps the Mini Beer Boot Shot Glasses are more your size. Perfect for Munchkin sized helpings of beer.
From £9.99
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With the Shot Basket 7 Piece Tasting Set, you can serve up shots of spirits and liqueurs with style. With a stainless steel carrier and 6 shot glasses.
SALE £7.99
Case of 24
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For a unique way to serve your shots, the Mini Yards of Ale with Stand by bar@drinkstuff recreate the classic yard of ale in mini form.
From £2.50
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With a classic shape, the City Shot Glasses from bar@drinkstuff are the perfect slammer to start your night! For an instant party starter.
From £4.99
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Join in the latest drinking craze with these Bomb Shots! A great alternative to a plastic shot glass in a glass, these keep the shot and chaser separate.
Start the night with a bang with the Bomb Shot Glassware Set, the perfect way to enjoy a liqueur and chaser with friends. Set up your own Jager-train.
From £7.99
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Perfect for parties, the 60ml capacity of the Islande Shot Glasses makes them excellent for creating extra large shots, and even for layered shots.
Liven up your bar or party with the blue Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses, finished in a blue tint which glows under UV light.
From £5.50
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It's claimed that the Ludico Shot Glasses take their inspiration from the leaning Tower of Pisa, these shot glasses are perfect for a variety of spirits.
From £1.99
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Give your shooters and slammers a new edge with the stylish 4cl Stainless Steel Shot Glass from bar@drinkstuff. Reusable and unbreakable cup.
Perfect for a small hit of your drink of choice, these fluted pieces of stemware allow you to mix up your drink serving aesthetics for a unique party.
From £6.99
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With a CE marked line at 25ml, the Hot Shot Glasses offer a classic fluted shooter glass shape perfect for a legal measure of your favourite spirit.
From £13.99
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With the popularity of Jagerbombs booming, the Glass Bomb Shots are the ultimate party cup! Featuring a built-in shot glass inner chamber.
From £2.99
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Be prepared for your next big party or event with these Plastic Shot Glasses. Completely disposable and recyclable, they offer great value when catering.
From £9.99
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There's a reason they call shots shots; they're short, sharp, and hit you right where it hurts! The Granity Shot Glass is a giant in the world of shot glasses.
From £5.99
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Give your drinks service a new angle with the Pisa Shot Glasses. These shot glasses feature a tilted design inspired by the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.
The Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are carved from the finest food grade Himalayan pink salt. Perfect for adding a hint of natural salt to your tequila shots!
Looking their best when filled with a coloured liqueur, these shot glasses feature a frosted exterior, which provides an elegant drink display.
From £14.99
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For a more refined shot drinking experience, the Islande Handled Shot Glasses allow you to raise your pinky when sipping your chosen drink!
The stylish Fill To Brim Shooter Glasses do exactly what they say on the tin and measure an exact 25ml shot when filled to the brim.
Make your parties flow with ease with the Fill to Brim Shooter Glasses. There's no need to fiddle around trying to measure out a perfect shot.
SALE £1.49
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Enjoy the experience of an ice cold shot without putting a single bottle in the freezer with the ice cold Sub Zero Freezer Shot Glass.
From £14.99
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Enjoy a leisurely after dinner drink with the Veronese Oval Base Shot Glasses. This unique looking 7.5cl glass has a heavyweight oval base.
From £10.50
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This feisty little shot glass is perfect for swinging back and slamming down those eye watering shooters. Holding 30ml of your desired shot.
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What is a Shot Glass?

Boston Shot Glass
Boston Shot Glass

Shot glasses are small glasses that are designed to hold liquids in measurements of 25ml to 50ml. Shot glasses are most widely known as a drinking glass, though they can also be used as a jigger measure when making cocktails.
A shot glass is usually used to serve strong spirits and liqueurs in appropriate amounts, and even to serve small cocktails. Shots are traditionally drunk in a quick-fire manner, hence the name 'shot'.

The UK Weights and Measurements Act defines that a premises may sell a single shot measured at 25ml or 35ml, and a double measured at 50ml. The USA defines shots in US fl oz with a small shot measuring 1floz (30ml), a single 1.5floz (44ml), and a double 2.5floz (74ml).

See the table below for more details on shot measurement classification.
Rather than simply pouring a spirit or liqueur straight from the bottle, a pourer is commonly used. This is ideal for the small size of a shot glass as a pourer gives greater control over the flow of the liquid. A pourer is particularly useful when creating a layered shot such as a B-52 because the liquid can be poured slowly so the contents do not mix.
Despite their small size, shot glasses will often have a thick base, which is ideal for slammers, which require the drinker to 'slam' the glass on the bar top. A slammer shot contains a fizzy ingredient, that when slammed, fizzes up to give the drinker an added sensory experience to the strong alcoholic shot.

 UK  25ml or 35ml  50ml
 US/Canada  30ml (1USoz)   44ml (1.5USoz)   74ml (2.5USoz) 
 Ireland  35.5ml  71ml
 Australia/New Zealand   30ml  60ml
 Germany  20ml  40ml
 Poland  25ml  50ml  100ml

Shot Glasses

From after dinner drinks to shooters, our range of shot glasses cater for a variety of spirits and liqueurs. With a wide range of shot glasses from brands such as Arcoroc glassware, Libbey glassware, LSA glassware and Waterford glassware, our shot glasses make excellent gift ideas.

Our range of shot glasses include heavyweight shot glasses and toughened shot glasses which are ideal for slammers and include tequila shot glasses, vodka shot glasses, sambuca shot glasses and whiskey shot glasses.

We offer a wide range of different styles and sizes, including single shot glasses and double shot glasses, CE shot glasses and LCE shot glasses for use in licensed establishments. In addition to our shot glassware we have plastic shot glasses, resusable shot glasses and diposable shot glasses.

For something a bit different, we offer novelty shot glasses, branded shot glasses, edible shot glasses and chamber shot glasses for Jagerbomb shots. Our entire range of commercial shot glasses and domestic shot glasses are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.