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Shot Glasses

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Bringing back memories of school days, this set of 6 School Milk Bottles presented in a vintage style Crate takes you right back there!
If you're brave enough to knock back a shot you're going to need a glass that can handle a shooter or two. These Glasses have an extra heavyweight base.
From £1.49
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From a quick start espresso to a seafood themed entrée, the Endeavor Espresso Shot Glass is both versatile and practical. Made from Libbey's DuraTuff glass
You might not fit much of your pint in these 9cl Sunray Mini Glass Tankards, but they are perfect for serving up a shot of liqueur or taste testing beers.
From £7.99
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This stunning Artesa Mini Mug is made from durable stainless steel with a copper finish, its mini mule mug design makes it a unique way to serve shots.
From £11.99
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For a glass that's as strong as the shot you're about to consume, look no further than the American Shot Glass. Ideal for serving up some tequila slammers.
From £6.99
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Designed to look like a miniature Moscow Mule Mug, this Gun Metal Black Mini Cocktail Mug is the perfect way to serve up shots at the bar or at parties.
Whether you are serving up vodka or tequila these Casablanca Shot Glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs!
Robust with a heavy base, these Tall Casablanca Shot Glasses are perfect for serving up a wide variety of shots, shooters or liqueurs.
What's cooler than a shot glass made of ice? Fill the Cool Shooters ice tray with water, freeze, and then pop out your four frozen shot glasses!
From £3.99
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The Barista Espresso Glasses are perfect for a stylish way to present shots of espresso or spirits. With a tempered glass construction.
A return trip from the bar can often result in casualties, which is why the Drinks Paddle Board is specially designed to hold up to 12 shot glasses.
What better way of carrying and serving a dozen shots than with this Pine Shot Paddle Board, complete with 12 City Shot Glasses.
Large enough to hold up to 12 shots at once, this Pine Shot Paddle Board with 12 Hot Shot Glasses is the perfect way to serve shots.
With six City Shot Glasses holding 50ml, this Pine Shot Paddle Board is the perfect way to serve shots, shooters, or even desserts.
Complete with six CE marked Hot Shot shot glasses, this pine shot paddle board is the perfect way to serve shots alongside drinks.
From £9.99
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Giving you the opportunity for a unique example of drink presentation, the Helsinki features a mottled glass effect, immediately adding aesthetic quality.
SALE £7.99
What's better than chocolate? Chocolate combined with liqueur of course! Cornish confectionery makers have successfully brought the two together.
Treat your tastebuds with the Embassy Sorbet Glass, perfect for serving desserts such as sorbet or ice cream. This short stemmed 8cl glass could also be used to serve entrées, liqueurs or mini cocktails.
From £4.99
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As well as featuring a tall, slim design, the Vigne Shot Glass boasts perfect balance and durability with its rounded heavyweight base.
From £3.99
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The Conique Shot Tumblers are the perfect size for a generous shot of spirit or liqueur. Ideal for serving up a shot to get your party started.
From £10.99
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The classic conical shape of the Shetland Double Shot Glasses gives them a classic presence that allows them to fit in with any existing glassware.
Add a modern touch when serving Espresso and Macchiato coffees with these geometric pattern Diamond Glass Espresso Cups.
The superior appearance of these crystal shot glasses makes them the ideal choice for presenting an aperitif. From Luigi Bormioli's Michelangelo range.
From £1.99
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Stylish and practical, the Ellipse Amuse Bouche Glass is the perfect way to serve an enticing entrée, dessert or liqueur of your choice.
From £4.99
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The name Pony in glassware often associated with having a quick drink between horse races and the Duralex Provence Pony Tumblers are perfect for a tipple.
Practical and durable, these stackable Toughened Grande Shot Glasses are the perfect way to serve generous shots or even shots of espresso.
From £2.49
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The distinctive shape of the Carat Tasting Glass makes it ideal for presenting an entrée, dessert, party canapé or drinks, such as liqueurs.
Made from Crystal Polystyrene these Disposable Shot Glasses have a rigid construction and are the perfect alternative to breakable glassware.
SALE £17.99
Made from durable polycarbonate these shot glasses are virtually unbreakable and are CE marked making them perfect for presenting shots in bars and pubs.
These White Elite Remedy Shot Glasses are uniquely styled with tumbler glass design and sleek white finish. These shot tumblers are suitable for bars.
SALE £0.99
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Great for shot and beer promotions, the top of bottle shot glass lets you serve a shot with a beer, while making it easier to carry 2 drinks at once.
Full of retro charm, the 6 School Milk Bottles In Crate with Red Striped Paper Straws is the only way to serve vintage style milkshakes.
For a unique way to serve shots at the bar look no further than the Drinks Paddle Board. Holds 6 shots, this paddle is ideal for serving a round of drinks.
Ideal for serving a round of shots at your bar, the Drinks Paddle Board comes with 12 Hot Shot Glasses. The wooden board is perfect for promotional events.
The Econ Neon Red Polystyrene Shot Glasses are perfect for getting your party started. They each hold a single 25ml shot to the brim.
Perfect for your next party or for use at your bar, the Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses come in a vibrant yellow colour which glows under UV light.
With a funky green finish that glows in UV light, the Econ Neon Green Shot Glasses are the ultimate party glasses. Made from highly durable, plastic.
SALE £13.99
To make your party go off with a bang, the Shot Bandolier Belt helps you relive your childhood! Slip on this bandolier belt and load it up with shots.
Get a round in with the Econ Neon Orange Polystyrene Shot Glasses, perfect for handing out at your next party. These durable glasses are also CE marked.
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What is a Shot Glass?

Boston Shot Glass
Boston Shot Glass

Shot glasses are small glasses that are designed to hold liquids in measurements of 25ml to 50ml. Shot glasses are most widely known as a drinking glass, though they can also be used as a jigger measure when making cocktails.
A shot glass is usually used to serve strong spirits and liqueurs in appropriate amounts, and even to serve small cocktails. Shots are traditionally drunk in a quick-fire manner, hence the name 'shot'.

The UK Weights and Measurements Act defines that a premises may sell a single shot measured at 25ml or 35ml, and a double measured at 50ml. The USA defines shots in US fl oz with a small shot measuring 1floz (30ml), a single 1.5floz (44ml), and a double 2.5floz (74ml).

See the table below for more details on shot measurement classification.
Rather than simply pouring a spirit or liqueur straight from the bottle, a pourer is commonly used. This is ideal for the small size of a shot glass as a pourer gives greater control over the flow of the liquid. A pourer is particularly useful when creating a layered shot such as a B-52 because the liquid can be poured slowly so the contents do not mix.
Despite their small size, shot glasses will often have a thick base, which is ideal for slammers, which require the drinker to 'slam' the glass on the bar top. A slammer shot contains a fizzy ingredient, that when slammed, fizzes up to give the drinker an added sensory experience to the strong alcoholic shot.

 UK  25ml or 35ml  50ml
 US/Canada  30ml (1USoz)   44ml (1.5USoz)   74ml (2.5USoz) 
 Ireland  35.5ml  71ml
 Australia/New Zealand   30ml  60ml
 Germany  20ml  40ml
 Poland  25ml  50ml  100ml

Shot Glasses

From after dinner drinks to shooters, our range of shot glasses cater for a variety of spirits and liqueurs. With a wide range of shot glasses from brands such as Arcoroc glassware, Libbey glassware, LSA glassware and Waterford glassware, our shot glasses make excellent gift ideas.

Our range of shot glasses include heavyweight shot glasses and toughened shot glasses which are ideal for slammers and include tequila shot glasses, vodka shot glasses, sambuca shot glasses and whiskey shot glasses.

We offer a wide range of different styles and sizes, including single shot glasses and double shot glasses, CE shot glasses and LCE shot glasses for use in licensed establishments. In addition to our shot glassware we have plastic shot glasses, resusable shot glasses and diposable shot glasses.

For something a bit different, we offer novelty shot glasses, branded shot glasses, edible shot glasses and chamber shot glasses for Jagerbomb shots. Our entire range of commercial shot glasses and domestic shot glasses are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.