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Spirit Measures

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From £2.99
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Ensure your cocktails are made to perfection with the Jigger Spirit Measure from bar@drinkstuff. Two spirit measures combine in one handy little unit, ideal for use by any aspiring bartender. With a stylish brushed finish, this stainless steel jigger meas
Now there's no need to fumble around to pick up the measure after you've poured - it's already in your hand! Simply grip the handle of the Hammer Jigger Measure as you pour your desired measure, then you can easily twist the handle to dispense it in to yo
Cater for every variety of cocktail with the Thimble Bar Measure 3 Piece Bundle Set. Containing the standard UK spirit measures, this set is an essential for any home or professional bar. CE marked for use in licenced establishments, these measures also f
Complete your home bar with the Stainless Steel Thimble Bar Measures 6 Piece Bundle Set. Containing all the legal UK measures for spirits and wine, you'll be prepared for any request! Each measure is CE marked.
Made from top quality stainless steel, this professional Thimble Bar Measure is favoured by professional bartenders. CE marked at 25ml to brim, it's suitable for use in licenced establishments as well as home bars.
This Stainless Steel Thimble Bar Measure allows you to pour an accurate 35ml measure every time, helping you save your money and your liver! Perfect for any cocktail enthusiast, home bar owner or pub landlord, this spirit measure is CE marked for a legal
For the perfect double measure, the 50ml Stainless Steel Thimble Bar Measure is CE marked. This means it can be used in licenced establishments for use at the bar and is equally useful for your home bar or next cocktail making session.
This professional quality Stainless Steel Thimble Measure is CE marked for use in licenced establishments. Ideal when serving spirits at the bar or at home, this measure is best used in combination with a pourer for mess free service.
From £4.49
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Stainless steel double ended measure essential for all cocktailers. Gives an accurate measure of both 25ml and 50ml shots.
From £8.49
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The Barsolve Combo Cup and Pourer. Selected as the best quality product available on the market at present carries a CE stamp. Ideal for exact measures, provides and airtight seal and a good means of stock control.
Because no two cocktails are the same, the ProJig World Multi Measure can measure up to 12 different volume combinations, compared with 4 combinations on a standard jigger. This unique patented jigger features 5ml, 10ml and 15ml compartments at one end an
Not everyone can mix drinks by eye, it takes years of drink mixing to know what's too much, and even worse, too little! Using the Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup you will know exactly how much of your chosen spirit you're putting in.
Inspired by Japanese design, the Ginza Jigger is the perfect addition to your home barware collection. This double ended measure features both 25ml and 50ml measures for quick and easy dispensing of spirits and other cocktail ingredients.
The sleek and stylish Rose Gold Plated Ginza Jigger Measure has been inspired by Japanese design. The rose gold plated finish makes it perfect for creating a contemporary or classic vintage look. Featuring a double ended design this spirit measure serves
Serve shots with the Gold Plated Ginza Jigger Measure from Urban Bar, perfect for creating a classic or contemporary look. Inspired by Japanese design this gold plated spirit measure serves both 25ml and 50ml shots.
An essential set for any bartender, the Small Shot Rail Set includes 25ml and 50ml Thimble Measures housed in a Shot Rail. This set means you'll always know where to find your spirit measures, as well as keeping you bar looking tidy.
With a Japanese inspired design, this Glass Ginza Jigger has a 25ml and a 50ml measure and is sure to be a versatile addition to any bar.
Keep your bar looking sleek and professional with the Stainless Steel Shot Rail Set. The rail houses four spirit thimble measures so you'll always have a selection of measures close to hand when making cocktails and shots.
With a stylish Japanese inspired design, this Japanese Jigger Measure is ideal for measuring 25ml and 10ml shots for cocktails.
With elegance and practicality, this Yukiwa Jigger Measure has an hourglass inspired design and is perfect for measuring out spirits.
Serve the perfect measure every time with The Pearson Paw Bar Measure by Urban Bar. This stainless steel measuring device features four different measures for spirits and other ingredients for serving cocktails and mixed drinks at the bar.
Double ended, this Stainless Steel Coley Jigger Measure features a long stem and loop making it easier to pick up and pour your measures.
Pour perfectly measured 25ml or 50ml spirits with ease and style using this Gold Plated Coley Jigger Measure from Urban Bar.
Serve perfectly measured spirits with style and finesse using this Rose Gold Plated Coley Jigger Measure from Urban Bar.
With the Manhattan Martini Cocktail Shaker Set from bar@drinkstuff, you can start creating precise cocktails at home. Perfect for parties or home bars.
With a stylish Japanese design, this Final Touch Japanese Mixing Glass Jigger is the perfect way to serve spirits to friends and family.
The Final Touch Stainless Steel Jigger takes the best of Japanese style and brings it straight into your bar. With a delicate weave design.
Add a touch of vintage to your bar with this British Leopold Style Gold Jigger Measure. Dual ended this jigger serves a range of measures.
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Spirit Measures

Whether you're following a cocktail recipe at home or need to serve carefully measured shots in a bar, we offer an essential selection of spirit measures. Our high quality Stainless Steel Thimble Bar Measures are CE marked, making them ideal for home bars and professional bars.

We also offer a variety of stainless steel double jigger measures and hammer jigger measures, which offer a 25ml shot and 50ml shot. Our selection of bar measures also include branded jiggers and unique jigger designs.