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Unique Tableware
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Designed to be used with the rest of the Rio or Turin collection, these Utopia Rio Cutlery Steak Knives are perfect for adding colour to any table.
From £1.89
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Featuring a grey finish, these Stainless Steel Ramekins are perfect for adding a subtle hint of contemporary style to food presentation.
From £5.99
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These Genware Cast Iron Effect Cutlery Holders are perfect for adding a rustic artisan aesthetic to table settings.
From £7.99
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Crafted from recycled glass with a green tinted finish, these Salt and Pepper Shakers are a perfect addition for any dinner table.
From £8.49
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With a smooth and modern design, these Salt & Pepper Shakers are a must-have addition to any table presentation.
From £4.99
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The Small Resealable Salt & Pepper Shaker from Tablecraft offer contemporary style. With a stainless steel, clip top lid, you can refill with ease.
From £4.99
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Dress your table in style with these Tablecraft Resealable Salt & Pepper Shaker! With a modern design and easy to use resealable lid.
From £17.99
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These Nordic White Cutlery Boxes are perfect for achieving an on trend rustic aesthetic and are perfect for storing all your cutlery.
From £24.99
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Add some rustic charm to any tabletop with this Meranda 3 Piece Mason Jar Cutlery Holder! Featuring a black powder coated metal rack with 3 mason jars.
From £14.99
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Designed to hold Tablecraft's Disposable Serving Cones, this unique holder is perfect for presenting canapes, appetisers or tasters.
From £19.99
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The Brickhouse Collection Rectangular Caddy is perfect for providing a retro diner feel to your table presentation. Features 4 compartments.
From £9.99
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Ideal for sharing platters or main meals, these Acacia Wood Serving Boards are the rustic food presentation choice for any dish.
From £7.99
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With a handled Acacia Wood Serving Board, you can serve up anything from main meals and sharing platters to rustic style tapas.
Designed for serving coffee shots, these Utopia Titan Bowl Shaped Cups are the perfect size for presenting espressos or macchiatos.
The perfect vessel for delicious hot chocolates, teas or lattes, these modern Utopia Titan Bowl Shaped Cups are highly versatile.
The classic coffee shop mug, these Utopia Titan Bowl Shaped Cups are perfect for serving larger drink portions. Whether its a hot chocolate or cappuccino.
Designed for a classic drink service, these Utopia Titan Double Well Saucers are the perfect addition to your beverage presentation.
The perfect size for a buffet service or sharing platters, these Utopia Large Presentation Plates are highly versatile. With a pure white glazed surface.
The perfect solution for any establishment, these Utopia Titan Pizza Plates are ideal for a wide variety of pizzas. Whether its classic pizza or calzone.
Specially designed to present pizzas or calzones, these Utopia Pizza Plates are built to last and perfect for restaurants or hotels.
Enhance your food presentation with these Utopia Titan Rectangular Platters! With a pure white glazed finish and sleek rectangular design.
Allow your delicious dishes to stand out as these Utopia Rectangular Platters act as the perfect blank canvas! With a pure white glazed finish.
Designed with sharing dishes, sushi platters and appetisers in mind, these Utopia Rectangular Plates are perfect for adding a modern touch to any table.
These Utopia Square Plates complement any table setting and fit effortlessly with existing tableware. Featuring a smooth square shape.
The Titan collection offers durability and a superb pure white finish, these Utopia Square Plates have been created to cover a variety of requirements.
These Utopia Savannah Rectangular Plates have a pure white glazed finish, which allows your dishes to be the center of attention.
Perfect for signature dishes, delicious desserts or an appetizer platter, these Utopia Savannah Rectangular Plates are highly versatile.
From £14.99
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This Wooden Table Caddy features 4 compartments, a carry handle and a chalkboard for displaying messages, specials and table numbers.
From £14.99
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Complete with two compartments and a menu or sign holder, this Wooden Condiment Caddy is perfect for storing sauce bottles and cutlery.
Featuring an elegant light lined design and slightly curved shape, these Utopia Signature Square Plates create a truly unique table setting.
With a slightly curved design and an elegant lined finish, these Utopia Signature Square Plates provide a distinctive table presentation.
Designed with soups and pastas in mind, these Utopia Titan Options Wide Rimmed Bowls are perfect for a modern food service in restaurants or hotels.
With a unique curved design and pure white glazed finish, these Utopia Titan Wave Plates are perfect for providing a distinctive food presentation.
Ideal for adding an understated style to your tableware, the Churchill Beverage Latte Mug is perfect for serving lattes and frappes.
Ideal for serving small meals, starters and desserts, these Utopia Pure White Wide Rim Plates are extremely versatile. Finished with a white glaze.
From £4.99
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With an on-trend copper finish, these Stainless Steel Serving Buckets are the ultimate in gastropub food presentation for sides.
The only choice for professional fine dining these elegant Volga Gold Fish Forks provide a luxurious feel to any table presentation.
Dive into desserts with these Volga Gold Dessert Forks! Featuring a unique gold PVD finish, this cutlery adds a touch of luxury to any table setting.
Show off your desserts with these Midnight Dessert Plates, the sleek black finish allows your delicious pudding to stand out!
The Midnight Bowls from Viejo Valle are perfect for serving side salads, pasta, rice dishes and more! With a highly versatile design.
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For a sleek tableware service, our wide range of tableware includes cheap tableware for use as restaurant tableware, cafe tableware and hotel tableware. All our catering tableware allows you to promote a classy dinner table presentation in your dining room.

Including table signs and place settings for your dinner table, our range of commercial tableware also includes snack bowls, display platters and condiment dispensers. All of our tableware is available on fast UK delivery, and for catering tableware emergencies, we also offer next day delivery on most items.

Whether you need tableware for restaurants, tableware for hotels, tableware for B&Bs, or other tableware sets, our comprehensive range of tableware helps you kit out your tableware service with a professional finish.