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Unique Tableware
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These Seasons Storm Bowls are the perfect size for serving portions or rice, pasta and salad and have hand painted grey finish.
These Seasons Rectangular Platters from DPS are perfect for serving buffet food, canapes and appetisers and feature a grey finish.
Suitable for serving a wide variety of dishes, these Seasons Storm Rectangular Platters have been crafted from Vitrified Porcelain.
These Rectangular Platters have been crafted from Vitrified Porcelain for strength and feature a contemporary grey finish.
Whether you are serving fries, scampi or onion rings, this Inox Gold Chip Cone is perfect for presenting a wide variety of sides.
From £32.99
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Perfect for showcasing your tapas or appetizers in rustic style, this Handled Tapas Tray is great for a distinctive food display.
From £32.99
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This Handled Tapas Tray is the perfect way to showcase your delicious appetizers, tapas platter or canapes! With the word 'Tapas' engraved into the board.
These Royal Genware Bowl Shaped Cups are extremely versatile and can be used to serve a wide variety of hot beverages.
Perfect for serving cereals or a variety of side dishes, these Royal Genware Low Conical Bowls are incredibly versatile.
Offering durability and style, these Studio Prints Raku Quartz Black Square Plates are crafted from Super Vitrified China with a superior ecoglaze finish.
With a textured black glazed finish, these Studio Prints Raku Quartz Black Oval Coupe Plates are perfect for bringing a rustic touch to any table.
Perfect for presenting all of your signature dishes, these Studio Prints Raku Quartz Black Oval Coupe Plates are great for bringing an on-trend touch.
With an organic shape and a natural dappled textured design, these Studio Prints Raku Topaz Blue Square Plates are perfect for providing an on-trend look.
With a unique textured finish and on-trend topaz colouring, these Studio Prints Raku Topaz Oval Coupe Plates are perfect for a modern table display.
Expertly made from Super Vitrified China with superior ecoglaze finish, these Studio Prints Homespun Square Bowls are durable enough for everyday use.
Vintage inspired, these Studio Prints Homespun Stone Grey Square Bowls offer an on-trend look to your tableware. Featuring a delicate hand painted design.
With a unique, hand decorated charcoal design, these Studio Prints Homespun Charcoal Square Bowls are perfect for bringing a touch of elegance to any dinner table.
Beautifully designed with Super Vitrified China, these truly rustic Studio Prints Homespun Square Bowls offer excellent strength and longevity.
Perfect for serving a variety of soups these Churchill Stonecast Duck Egg Blue Soup Bowls are incredibly versatile as well as durable.
Perfect for storing and presenting dried foods, cereals or fruit, these Lock-Eat Terrine Jars are ideal for a wide variety of liquids and foods.
From £2.99
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These Eagle Enamel Tall Mugs are versatile and can be used to serve a variety of hot drinks as well as sides such as fries.
From £10.99
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Suitable for use in commercial settings, these Eagle Enamel Baking Trays can be used to both prepare and present food.
From £4.99
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Ideal for serving a range of starters and main dishes, these Eagle Enamel Deep Plates are extremely versatile and durable.
From £5.99
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Featuring a white finish with blue rim, these Utopia Eagle Enamel Deep Plates are perfect for adding a vintage aesthetic to tableware.
From £4.99
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These Utopia Rectangular Slate Platters are an on trend, rustic serving method for canapes, appetisers and buffet foods.
This Utopia 3 Tier Copper Plate Stand is the ultimate afternoon tea accessory and can be used to serve cakes, sandwiches and finger foods.
From £5.99
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An alternative to side bowls, these Utopia Ceramic Chip Cones are the perfect way to serve side portions of fries with mains.
From £8.99
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This Utopia Titan Diner Hot Dog Tray offers an American diner aesthetic and can also be used to present and serve sub sandwiches.
Stylish yet practical, these small Lock-Eat Carafes are perfect for storing and serving a wide variety of sauces, oils or olives!
Not only can this wooden board be used as a serving tray but can also be used as a buffet riser to add height and dimension to your table setting.
The perfect accessory for afternoon tea service, this Remington 3 Tier Round Serving Set is ideal for serving cakes and sandwiches.
Ideal for adding height to food displays, these Bamboo Wood Cascade Buffet Risers can be used to present a wide range of foods.
These Acacia Wood Cascade Buffet Risers are ideal for adding height and dimension to any buffet display or counter top.
With a authentic wood like finish and melamine body, this Elm Footed Oval Platter makes the perfect cheese board or sharing board.
Featuring a reversible design, this on-trend Timber Melamine Board complements any table presentation and a wide variety of crockery.
Practical and versatile, this modern Timber Melamine Board is perfect for showcasing a wide variety of food. With a reversible design.
This Timber Melamine Board is perfect for serving your food in a unique way! Reversible, this board has a wood effect and white finish on the other side.
These Cast Iron Calico Round Casserole Pots are perfect for rustic food display or for cooking individual portions from oven to table.
If you are looking for an creative way to present meals or drinks, this Acacia Rolled Edged Tray adds a natural touch to any tabletop.
Made from all natural material, this Olive Wood Board with Juice Groove is crafted from the olive tree and each piece will vary in size and shape.
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For a sleek tableware service, our wide range of tableware includes cheap tableware for use as restaurant tableware, cafe tableware and hotel tableware. All our catering tableware allows you to promote a classy dinner table presentation in your dining room.

Including table signs and place settings for your dinner table, our range of commercial tableware also includes snack bowls, display platters and condiment dispensers. All of our tableware is available on fast UK delivery, and for catering tableware emergencies, we also offer next day delivery on most items.

Whether you need tableware for restaurants, tableware for hotels, tableware for B&Bs, or other tableware sets, our comprehensive range of tableware helps you kit out your tableware service with a professional finish.