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Unique Tableware
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The practical design of the Rectangular Polywicker Basket makes it ideal for use in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels and cafes. This basket is suitable for serving side dishes such as bread or chips. More info
On Sale £2.75 RRP £3.99 | Save 31% Single More options
In stock
Ensure there's no confusion at the dinner table with the Bamboo Steak Picks which are labelled 'medium well'. Ideal for skewering steaks, burgers and other meats, these picks are made from biodegradable bamboo wood. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £4.99 | Save 40% Case of 1200 More options
In stock
The decorative Ching He Huang Pinch Pots are perfect for adding some colour to your table setting. Each porcelain pot features an individually bright coloured finish and can be used for serving condiments, sauces and dip such as chili flakes, sichuan pepper or soy sauce. More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 40%
In stock
Add a distinctive touch to your table service with the Artisan Oval Basket with a black powder coat finish. Perfect for your cafe or restaurant, this basket can be used to serve up food such as appetizers, bread, sandwiches and fast food. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 17% Single More options
In stock
Perfect for adding a unique touch to your table service, the Acacia Wooden Presentation Board is ideal for serving starters, mains and sharing platters. Made from natural acacia wood, this traditional style board is perfect for creating that gastropub look. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £22.99 | Save 26% Single More options
In stock
Bring a creative and original edge to your table presentation with the Utopia Acacia Wood Presentation Board. Made from natural wood, this double sided board is ideal for presenting a range of unique starters and desserts. More info
On Sale £10.99 RRP £14.99 | Save 27% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Perfect for use in restaurants, cafes and food outlets, the Vertigo Appetizer Cone with One Ramekin offers a practical and stylish design. Simply line with Grease Resistant Cone Liner and fill with your favourite snack or side dish, such as chips. Attached to this side of this cone is a well for a ramekin which is ideal for dips. More info
On Sale £8.99 RRP £9.99 | Save 10% Pack of 4 More options
In stock
The Master Class Professional Three Light Food Warmer is ideal for keeping dishes warm when serving at the dinner table. Made from heavy duty carbon steel, this warmer plate houses three tea lights for a gentle and even heat distribution. More info
On Sale £17.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 28%
In stock
The Rectangular Galvanised Steel Tub is the perfect way to store and carry condiment bottles in a café or restaurant. Alternatively, this oblong tub could be used for serving chips and other fried foods when lined with Greaseproof Paper. More info
On Sale £4.99 RRP £5.99 | Save 17%
In stock
At 5oz, this Stainless Steel Sauce Boat is the perfect size for an individual serving of gravy or other sauce. Ideal for a variety of sauces and condiments, this dish is manufactured from high quality stainless steel for use in commercial establishments. More info
On Sale £3.49 RRP £3.99 | Save 13% Single More options
In stock
The Vertigo Appetizer Cone offers a stylish and practical way to serve up snacks and side dishes such as appetizers, chips or fish. Finished in black powder coated metal, this cone is designed for use with the Grease Resistant Cone Liners. More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 13% Single More options
In stock
The cute Stainless Steel Mini Milk Churn adds a novelty touch to your table presentation. A great alternative to the classic milk or cream jug, this miniature churn is also ideal for serving other dairy products such as custard on the side of a dessert. More info
On Sale £3.99 RRP £7.99 | Save 50%
In stock
Serve up a feast with the Venetian Oval Serving Basket from Tablecraft. Finished in a bold red, this American diner style basket is ideal for filling with a lunch, side or main meal, such as a burger and chips. Made from high density polypropylene plastic, this basket is ideal for commercial use in cafés, diners and restaurants. More info
On Sale £2.49 RRP £2.99 | Save 17% Single More options
In stock
These LSA Serve Nibbles Dishes are versitile enough for a variety of uses, from serving up pre-dinner nibbles such as nuts and olives to presenting after dinner desserts such as fruit salad or ice cream. Handmade in Poland, these stemmed glass bowls make the most simple of foods look elegant. More info
In stock
Treat your guests to a selection of appetisers with the stylish Petit Bites Seventeen Piece Appetiser Gift Set. Guaranteed to add the "wow" factor to your dinner party, this set features white porcelain taster spoons, glass appetiser dishes, glass dessert/appetiser cups and stainless steel spoons elegantly presented on a rectangular slate serving platter. More info
On Sale £23.99 RRP £26.99 | Save 11%
In stock
Create an ambient mood with the Spaas Soft Glow Wax Filled Glass Candles. Perfect for placement on tabletops in restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels, these candles could also be used around the home. The frosted glass holder gives a gentle glow, making these candles ideal for creating a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 15%
In stock
Need to find your seat in an ocean of tables? Ever wished that it was easier to find the customers who ordered that dish? These fantastic Table Number Stands by Genware are the perfect solution. Their beautiful mirror finish coupled with their sleek design means that they will fit elegantly with a wide array of tableware. More info
On Sale £7.49 RRP £7.99 | Save 6% Single More options
In stock
The Solo Paper Soufflé Cups are ideal for serving up sauces and dressings to accompany a meal. Made from disposable poly paper, these portion cups provide a resistance to liquid penetration and are suitable for indoor and outdoor catering use. More info
On Sale £4.79 RRP £5.99 | Save 20% Pack of 250 More options
In stock
Beautifully crafted to an industrial standard and with a super vitrified finish for resistance to damage, the Churchill White Gravy Boat is ideal for all table settings. Able to withstand dishwashing, freezing and microwaving, these sauce boats are a great all-rounder. More info
£10.99 Single More options
In stock
Perfect for providing guests with the sugar sticks that are required to get them through the day. The pure white appearance and semi-traditional design of the porcelain Royal Genware Packet Holder allows it to fit almost seamlessly with most existing tableware. More info
On Sale £11.99 RRP £13.99 | Save 14%
In stock
Get creative with your dinner presentation with the Presentation Small Handled Saucepan & Lid. This mini saucepan is ideal for serving up mains, side dishes and sauces, including rice and vegetables. Each piece is made from stainless steel and the lid is finished with a stainless steel knob. More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 40%
In stock
Combining a stylish look with a practical design, the Sloped Melamine Serving Bowl is ideal for presenting buffet food, salad, fruit and more. The ribbed pattern with angled shape makes this bowl ideal for contemporary settings, while the melamine construction offers a durable and lightweight design. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £29.99 | Save 33%
In stock
For an elegant way to store fruit with maximum display potential, the Spiral Fruit Basket allows you to store round fruit vertically. This basket is ideal for use at breakfast buffets or simply for use at home where presentation is key. More info
On Sale £24.99 RRP £26.99 | Save 7%
In stock
Offering a classic diner look, the Texas Oval Platter Basket in forest green is a great way to present fast food dishes. With a wide, flat base, this platter basket is ideal for lining with greaseproof paper and serving food such as burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs with chips. More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £3.99 | Save 50% Single More options
In stock
Serve a large portion of food for sharing, and complement it with a choice of 4 condiments in the side dishes that simply clip on to the Orbit Bowl On Ice. Underneath the bowl is an ice chamber for you to pack with ice cubes to help chill any cold foodstuffs you fancy at the dinner table. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8%
In stock
Show off freshly baked cakes with the Hevea Wood Cake Plate and Plastic Cake Dome, ideal for use at home, or in cafés and shops. The clear Cake Dome will help keep your cake hygienically covered, while the stylish Hevea Wood Cake Plate fits well in both traditional and contemporary settings. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 20%
In stock
This small square Galvanised Steel Tub offers a unique way to serve and present fried food such as chips and appetizers when lined with greaseproof paper. This square bucket could also be used for holding condiment bottles, sauce packets and cutlery at the dinner table. More info
On Sale £1.99 RRP £2.99 | Save 33%
In stock
Sporting the Genware brand name, the Stainless Steel Serviette Dispenser is manufactured to a professional standard while maintaining an economical price point. The contemporary finish allows this napkin dispenser to fit with a large range of existing tableware. Ideal for use in cafes and diners. More info
On Sale £5.99 RRP £6.99 | Save 14%
In stock
Page: 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ... 18 | View all products


For a sleek tableware service, our wide range of tableware includes cheap tableware for use as restaurant tableware, cafe tableware and hotel tableware. All our catering tableware allows you to promote a classy dinner table presentation in your dining room.

Including table signs and place settings for your dinner table, our range of commercial tableware also includes snack bowls, display platters and condiment dispensers. All of our tableware is available on fast UK delivery, and for catering tableware emergencies, we also offer next day delivery on most items.

Whether you need tableware for restaurants, tableware for hotels, tableware for B&Bs, or other tableware sets, our comprehensive range of tableware helps you kit out your tableware service with a professional finish.

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