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Established in 1977
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Established in 1977
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Ultimate Glassware

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The Ultimate Half Pint Glass has been specially designed by glassware manufacturer Arcoroc in partnership with the Design Council and UK government with the aim to help reduce the amount of alcohol glass related crime. The ideal choice for bars and clubs,
Help eliminate the number of violent alcohol related crimes in your bar or club with The Ultimate Half Pint Glass. Commissioned by the UK government, the Ultimate Glass has been designed in partnership with Arcoroc and the Design Council to offer increase
The Ultimate Pint Glass has been commissioned by the UK government to combat glass related violence by offering 5 times more strength, reducing the risk of using the glass being broken and used as a sharp weapon. If broken, The Ultimate Pint Glass will co
The Ultimate Pint Glass has seen a revolution in the glassware tempering process to offer a drinking glass that is up to 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. Using a new manufacturing technique called Profile Plus, the Ultimate Pint Glass features
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The Ultimate Half Pint Glass with Head Booster has been specially designed to help reduce the number of violent crimes involving glassware. This half pint glass features Stress Fracture Management to ensure the glass completely breaks into blunt fragments
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The Ultimate Pint Glass has been specially designed by glassware manufacturer Arcoroc in conjunction with the Design Council to help combat the number of glass related violent crimes. This glass features a unique toughened design that makes it highly resi

Ultimate Glassware

Improve glassware safety in your establishment with the Ultimate glassware range from Arcoroc glasses. This range of Ultimate beer glasses use fully tempered glass and profile plus technology to produce a range of highly durable beer glasses. The aim of the Ultimate glassware range is to help reduce glass related violent crimes in bars as these glasses shatter for glass safety.

The Ultimate glass collection offers a range of Ultimate CE marked beer glasses and Ultimate head booster beer glasses for a nucleated beer glass. Choose from a range of Ultimate Pint Glasses, Ultimate Half Pint Glasses, Ultimate 2/3rd Pint Glasses and Ultimate Bottled Beer Glasses.