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With a frosted stem, the Open Up Professional Tasting Glasses offer optimised wine tasting. A unique angled design improves the aromas and flavours of red or white wine. The perfect taster glass for your inner wine connoisseur, the Kwarx advanced glass gives a sheer transparency and increases resistance. More info
On Sale £49.99 RRP £54.99 | Save 9% Pack of 6 More options
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With a unique angled bowl, the Open Up Universal Tasting Glasses offer truly professional glassware for wine tasting. The Kwarx advanced glass creates a highly resistant finish, ideal for frequent use. With a design that optimises flavours and aromas, this taster glass allows the wine to breathe. More info
On Sale £34.99 RRP £37.99 | Save 8% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Elegant to hold and delicate on the lips, the Sensation Wine Glass is designed to let you enjoy every last sip. This tall glass is ideal for red wines, with sheer transparency to let you appreciate the colours and a fine rim for tasting. More info
On Sale £39.99 RRP £42.99 | Save 7% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
If you're the sort of person that loves to throw an impromptu dinner party and regularly has friends over for drinks, you need a versatile glass that will cater for any bottle you have in your wine rack. The Elisa Wine Glass is perfect for serving up reds, whites and rosés. More info
On Sale £36.99 RRP £39.99 | Save 8% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
This stunning range of fine rimmed French wine glasses are perfect for all your entertaining needs. Whether making a statement at your dinner party, or just having a quiet night in, this glass defines quality. More info
On Sale £14.99 RRP £16.99 | Save 12% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
The Elegance Wine Glass is suitable for any wine and any occasion. Whether you're serving up a traditional red, a fruity white or a sparkling rosé, the classic design makes the glass feel natural and elegant to hold. More info
On Sale £24.99 RRP £26.99 | Save 7% Case of 48 More options
In stock
If you're hosting a dinner party, you need a glass that's as versatile as your wine selection. The Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glass features a tall bowl and a fine rim, making it the perfect choice, whether you're serving up a white, red or rosé. More info
On Sale £18.99 RRP £22.99 | Save 17% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Perfect for a small helping of red or white wine, the Ballon Wine Glass features a classic and familiar design. Ideal for use at the bar or dinner table, the Ballon has a wide bowl for swirling and appreciating the aromas of your wine. More info
On Sale £11.99 RRP £14.99 | Save 20% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
Enhancing the visuals of your next dinner party, the robust Teardrop Tear Wine Glasses hold a healthy 355ml, making them ideal for serving red wine with plenty of room available for swirling your drink around for full appreciation of the aromas and flavours. More info
On Sale £59.99 RRP £79.99 | Save 25%
In stock
With its unique thick stem design, the Alternato breathes new life into the world of wine glasses by providing an alternative to the usual tall stemware designs so common in wine glasses. With a round bowl ideal for red wine, the Alternato can also be used for whites, rosé, and makes a great display glass for a cocktail! More info
On Sale £22.79 RRP £26.99 | Save 16%
In stock
The 25cl Amelia Wine Goblets are versatile enough for both red and white wine or water, making them perfect for the dinner table. The Amelia offers a unique stackable design and a fully tempered finish for extra resistance and glass safety. More info
On Sale £29.99 RRP £33.99 | Save 12% Pack of 12 More options
In stock
You'll have to convince yourself you're still stone cold sober with the Wonky Wine Glasses! Always on the wonk, these novelty glasses are perfect for bringing out at your next party and watching your friends attempt to place down their glass! More info
On Sale £6.99 RRP £11.99 | Save 42% Pack of 2 More options
In stock
The Sensation Exalt Wine Glass combines an elegant style with a highly practical design. Delicate to the hold, the Sensation features Arcoroc's Kwarx Material offering high durability without compromising on elegance. The fine rim and sheer transparency makes this an ideal tasting glass for wines. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £23.99 | Save 17% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Designed with the connoisseur in mind, Arc introduce the Mineral Wine Glasses. Made from tempered glass, these fine wine glasses feature Sheer Rim technology for a better tasting experience. More info
On Sale £22.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 8% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Keep your drinks service professional with the Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glasses. Made from Kwarx Advanced Glass, these fine examples of stemware offer a strong build that allows for regular use in busy bars and pubs. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 20% Case of 24 More options
In stock
The versatile Perception Wine Glasses are ideal serving white wines at the dinner table or at the bar. With a durable and consistent machine made finish, these 24cl glasses are suitable for use your bar or restaurant and are covered by Libbey's Safedge guarantee against chips. More info
On Sale £44.99 RRP £53.99 | Save 17%
In stock
If you can appreciate the beauty of wine, you'll be able to appreciate the elegant design of the Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc Glass. The bowl is optimised for enjoying light white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre and Sémillon, directing the wine to the correct zone on the palate. More info
On Sale £39.99 RRP £44.99 | Save 11% Pack of 2 More options
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Whether your preference is red or white, the Ballon Wine Glass caters for both. This wide bowl glass is versatile enough for everyday use, making it ideal for the home or for commercial use. Practical and elegant, the Ballon is a must have for any glassware cabinet. More info
On Sale £67.99 RRP £71.99 | Save 6%
In stock
Raise a toast and celebrate your special occasion with the Lolita Congratulations Wine Glass. This unique 44cl glass is hand painted with the word 'congratulations' and is decorated with confetti. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions, this glass makes a distinctive gift. More info
In stock
Whether you need an everyday wine glass to enjoy your evening drink, or something for special occasions, the Millesime Wine Glasses feature a high resistance to shock damage and washing, ensuring they remain the first choice for all occasions. More info
On Sale £21.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 12% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Cater for any event with the Disposable Wine Glasses, perfect for large and outdoor parties, events and functions. Made from crystal polystyrene plastic, these plastic glasses are completely disposable meaning you won't have to worry about breakages. More info
On Sale £2.99 RRP £3.99 | Save 25% Sleeve of 12 More options
In stock
The Oenologue Expert Wine Glasses are the perfect stemware for wine tasting. These latest additions to the Chef & Sommelier range specifically target the wine connoisseur, and are made from Kwarx Advanced Glass to give extra durability and an ultra fine rim to enhance the drinking experience. More info
On Sale £44.99 RRP £49.99 | Save 10% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Made from tempered glass, the Mineral Wine Glasses from Arcoroc have been designed for a finer wine tasting experience. Finished with a fine rim to help the wine flow towards the palate, these wine glasses also feature a greater resistance to daily use and dishwasher use. More info
On Sale £13.99 RRP £16.99 | Save 18% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Made from toughened glass, the Lineal Wine Glasses are the premier choice for serving wine at dinner parties. Designed to be extra shock resistant, these pieces of stemware can withstand a few knocks to ensure you won't have to clear up broken glass after your next dinner party. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £22.99 | Save 13% Case of 24 More options
In stock
Colour match your dining table with the LSA Asher Wine Glasses with a violet bowl and clear stem. Uniquely handmade, these 17.5cl glasses are perfect for serving wine or water and matching with other items from the Asher or Basis range. More info
In stock
If you're after a delicate and elegant wine glass that won't snap if you so much as look at it, the Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glass makes a fine choice. These glasses feature a tall tulip shaped bowl, slim stem and a fine rim for tasting, resulting in a delicate look. More info
On Sale £19.99 RRP £21.99 | Save 9% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Stylish yet practical, the Versailles Wine Glasses are the perfect choice for your home or establishment. These 58cl glasses are perfect for a serving of red or white wine and are manufactured from Kwarx glass for a tough and bright finish. More info
On Sale £16.99 RRP £19.99 | Save 15% Pack of 6 More options
In stock
Small, yet elegant, the short stemmed Sologne Wine Glasses are perfect for serving up wine or water at the dinner table. A great glass for everyday use, they are ideal for the home or for use in restaurants and bars. More info
On Sale £21.99 RRP £24.99 | Save 12% Case of 48 More options
In stock
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What is the difference between red and white wine glasses?

Professor Claus Riedel first recognised that the shape of a glass can alter the overall experience and enjoyment of a wine, which helped to promote and enhance the world of the wine connoisseur. Now there are common rules applied to wine glasses, with different shapes for red wine glasses and for white wine glasses.
While wine glasses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, if you want to enter the world of a wine connoisseur you will need to know the difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses to get the most out of your drinking experience.

Red Wine GlassesWhite Wine GlassesStemless Wine Glasses

Red Wine Glasses:
• Shorter stem
• Larger/rounder bowl
• Wider mouth

White Wine Glasses:
• Longer stem
• Smaller/narrower bowl
• Narrow mouth

Stemless Wine Glasses:
• No stem
• Available in red and white varieties

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses are usually characterised by the following attributes,
  • Shorter stem
  • Larger/rounder bowl
  • Wider mouth

A red wine glass will usually feature a shorter stem than that of white wine glasses. This is because while white wines are usually served chilled, red wines are served at warmer temperatures so the glass is usually held by the bowl, helping retain a mildly warmer temperature to help promote the flavours and aromas.
Red wines are bettered by oxidation, which is a chemical reaction between the wine and oxygen that helps to further enhance the flavours and aromas of a wine. It is common for red wine glasses to have large capacity bowls which are only designed to be filled around a third. This larger size combined with a rounded shape gives you more room to swirl your red, helping increase the oxidation process.
The wider mouth of a red wine glass also helps speed up the oxidation process by simply letting more oxygen reach the wine, while also allowing you to get your nose closer to your chosen tipple to experience the broad range of scents emanating from the glass.

There is a wide variety of red wine glasses that are ideal for use with different wines to best suit their bouquet, however there are two common types of red wine glasses.

Bordeaux Glass

The Bordeaux wine glass is designed for full-bodied wines such as Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, and is shaped to allow the wine to reach the back of the throat.

Burgundy Glass

A Burgundy wine glass is best used when serving finer wines such as a pinot noir, and is shaped to help you appreciate the aromas of your wine.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses are characterised by the following attributes,
  • Longer stem
  • Smaller/narrower bowl
  • Narrow mouth

White wine is best served chilled, so the longer stem found on white wine glasses allows you to hold the glass without having to grasp the bowl, warming the chilled contents with your hand.
While red wines are enhanced by oxidation, there is less need to aerate a white wine, so the bowl is usually narrower, giving less surface area to the contents, allowing less air to react with the wine.
Acting just like the smaller body of a white wine glass, the narrower opening ensures less air can initially enter the glass, helping reduce oxidation, and this also allows the more delicate aromas of a white wine to be concentrated towards your nose when sniffing.

Although there aren’t specifically named white wine glasses like there are for red wines (Bordeaux glass and Burgundy glass), there is a couple of basic rules you can follow when selecting the right glass for your favourite wine.
For delicate wines such as Riesling or Pinot Gris, choose a narrow glass with a narrow opening to allow the more subtle aromas to travel up the glass.
When sampling more spirited white wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay, choose a shallower glass with a slight taper towards the mouth as these wines benefit from slight oxidation.

Stemless Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are available for both red wines and white wines, and are commonly chosen for their unique presentation style. While you can serve white or red in a stemless wine glass, they are perhaps best suited to reds because your hand will affect the overall temperature of the contents which goes against the need for a chilled white wine.
It is common when serving wine to hold the glass by the stem to ensure the clarity of the glass bowl isn’t affected by fingerprints. A glass covered in fingerprints can get in the way of appreciating the colour and clarity of the wine, which is all part and parcel of fully appreciating your wine.

Wine Glasses

Whether you enjoy a glass of red wine with your meal or love to relax with a glass of white wine in the evening, choosing the right wine glass is essential for enjoying your bottle of vintage. Our extensive range of wine glasses and wine goblets cater for every taste and every type of wine, including red wine, white wine and rose wine.

Ideal for dinner parties and at home, we offer a range of versatile and durable wine glasses that can be used daily. Many of our cheap wine glasses can be used for both red wine and white wine. If you're looking for something a bit different, we offer a range of wine tumblers, reusable plastic wine glasses, disposable plastic wine glasses and novelty wine glasses.

For use in commercial establishments we have a wide selection of LCE wine glasses, which are lined to a legal metric wine measure. Our selection of professional quality wine glasses include tempered wine glasses and toughened wine glasses that offer a durable and safer finish.

For the wine connoisseur, we have a selection of wine tasting glasses and grape specific wine glasses, which include designer wine glass manufacturers such as Riedel glassware, Arcoroc glassware, Luigi Bormioli glassware and LSA glassware. Choose from our selection of luxury wine glasses, including handmade wine glasses, hand painted wine glasses and crystal wine glasses.

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