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Wine Accessories

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Ready to be the coolest person ever at your next party? Yes? Good. With the Chambong you will be able to drink champagne better than ever.
From €22.69
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With the power to serve all your wine needs, the Chillcore 3 in 1 Wine Chiller, Pourer & Stopper covers all bases. Ideal for offering a premium service.
Ideal for anyone looking to complete their home bar setup or for commercial use, the Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure 3 Piece Bundle Set contains a 125ml, 175ml and 250ml measure for accurate serving of wine. Each measure is CE marked for use in licen
From €3.77
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Optimise your storage space with the 10 inch Chrome Plated Glass Rack. This stainless steel rack features a practical and stylish chrome plated finish, making it the ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional bars.
From €3.77
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Perfect for parties, this pack of 4 Wine Glass Plate Clips, also known as Buffet Maid Clips, makes mingling easier by providing you with a free hand to meet and greet! Simply clip one of these on to the side of a plate and your piece of stemware can comfo
Doctors say that a glass of wine a day is good for your health, but if you're opening and closing a bottle of red every day, how can you guarantee it's going to have that fresh taste every time? The VacuVin Wine Saver helps you seal your bottle of wine fo
A good bottle of wine is nothing if you haven't got the tools to open and serve it, which is why The Wine Connoisseur's Accessories Gift Set from bar@drinkstuff is the perfect gift for any wine lover. Presented in a gift box, this set contains a waiter's
A bottle of wine is always a popular choice of gift, but it's often difficult to wrap! This Wine Bottle Box is padded to provide a secure and elegant way to present a bottle of wine as a gift. Embedded in the lid you'll find a selection of wine tools to h
It can be so difficult to keep track of your drink at a party - if you put it down for a second, someone will likely walk away with it, not realising they've picked up the wrong glass. The simple solution comes in the form of 12 colourful little friends,
Keep track of your wine glass at parties with the Wine Glass Writer Pens, ideal for marking stemware with names, or adding a decorative design. These non-toxic inks come in metallic colours and easily wash off with soap and water after use.
Quickly and easily identify your wines whilst in storage with the Wine Bottle Tags. These time saving tags simply fit over the bottle neck, letting you tell your Pinot Grigio from your Cabernet Sauvignon. Each tag is topped with the word 'cheers' and are
SALE €12.60
Serve wine in style with the Connoisseur Deluxe Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Holder & Pourer. Offering a sleek and practical design, this polished stainless steel wine bottle holder features an integral drip collar and handle for a perfect pour every time.
From €5.03
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The Steel Glass Rack offers a practical and attractive way to store your stemware. It can easily be under-mounted to a shelf or cabinet.
SALE €6.29
Perfect for wine lovers, the Mix It Silicone Three Piece Wine Stopper Set features a brightly coloured silicone bottle stopper and drip collar. The stopper features a mini blackboard which can be used with the supplied erasable pen to label and add notes
The Glugstop Wine Pourer features a patented design which pours an accurate 80ml measure of wine straight into your glass. This is the equivalent of 1 unit based on a 12.5% ABV bottle of white, red or rose wine.
Forget resting your finest stemware precariously on the draining board, the Vinology Glass Dryer Rack offers the perfect place to dry your glasses. This drying rack is suitable for stemware such as wine glasses, champagne flutes and martini glasses.
Wine decanters can be tricky to dry, which is why the Vinology Decanter Dryer Stand is ideal for resting your freshly washed decanter. Suitable for wine decanters and carafes, this stand allows your glassware to safely drain dry.
From €4.40
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Storage can be a problem in a busy bar, making the Brass Plated Glass Rack the perfect solution. Suitable for over-head or under shelf-mounting, this rack will hold a variety of glass stemware, including wine glasses, champagne flutes and martini glasses.
From €5.03
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The Brass Plated Glass Rack offers a convenient way to store your glassware, allowing for quick access when serving customers. This mountable rack can be placed under-shelf or over-head, and is suitable for most stemware types including wine, champagne an
Whether you have just got in from a long day or are throwing a party the last thing you want is your wine being tricky to get into! Before you even remove the cork you have to first get through that tricky foil covering the top, which is not always as eas
Open and serve luxurious wines with style using this 6-piece Metrokane Silver Rabbit Wine Tool Kit that includes a Rabbit Corkscrew.
From €15.13
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With a stunning design, these Gatsby Polycarbonate Carafes are ideal for serving wines, and are the perfect finishing touch to any table.
To fully appreciate the wide range of flavours in a bottle of red wine, it should be decanted and allowed to breathe before consumption. The Red Wine Breather cuts the breathing time down from hours to minutes!
Ensure you don't go overboard with the Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure at 125ml. Perfect for professional and home bars, this measure is CE marked as required by law for licenced establishments. This measure is also ideal for home users who want to k
Ideal for licenced bars and home use, this Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure gives you an accurate 175ml measure. CE marked for use in licenced establishments, it's ideal when serving red and white wines by the glass.
Ensure you're serving a legal measure with this Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure, CE marked at 250ml. Ideal when serving large glasses of red and white wine by the glass, this measure is suitable for domestic and commercial use.
Present your wine or drinks with rustic charm and appeal with this hand woven double compartment Wicker Wine Bottle Basket.
Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...
Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses! Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden!
Keep track of your glass with these simple, yet elegant Decorative Wine Glass Martini Charms. Ideal for placing on the stem of wine or cocktail glasses, they can also be kept on the holding ring for beautiful display on a bottle.
To enjoy most wines you should allow them to breathe for at least an hour or more before drinking. The Rouge O2 Wine Breather cuts down wine aeration to just 1 minute.
The Therm Au Rouge Red Wine Warmer is the magic solution to gently warming red wine to the ideal serving temperatures in minutes.
From €16.39
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The VIP Bottle Glow LED Stickers offer a truly unmissable back bar display. Ideal for promoting spirits, champagne or wine in bars, restaurants and clubs.
Maximise your bar storage space with the stylish and practical Acrylic Modular Stemware Rack. This rack simply attaches to the underside of your cabinet or shelf and will hold a variety of stemmed glassware, including wine glasses, cocktail glasses and br
From €4.15
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The Wine and Dine Party Plate features a handy wine glass holder in one side so you can always keep one hand free to enjoy your food and drink. There's even a useful gap that is perfect for letting your thumb grip your plate, making the Wine and Dine perf
From €5.66
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Maximise the space behind your bar with the Chrome Plated Glass Rack, which offers secure and convenient storage for your glass stemware. Ideal for busy bars, pubs and restaurants, this rack can be mounted over-head or underneath bar shelving for quick ac
From €6.29
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Glassware can take up a lot of shelf space, so maximise the space behind your bar with the Brass Plated Glass Rack. Suitable for mounting over-head or under cabinets, this long rack can be used for storage of a variety of stemware, including wine, champag

Wine Accessories

There's so much more to enjoying wine than just simply pouring it into a glass. Let your wine breathe with our selection of wine decanters, wine aerators and wine breathers. Our extensive range of wine accessories and champagne accessories include a variety of cheap wine tools to help you enjoy your bottle of vintage. We offer a wide selection of wine tools, including corkscrews, wine pourers, wine measures, wine bottle stoppers, wine thermometers and foil cutters.

For the perfect evenings entertaining look no further than our selection of wine sets, including red wine sets and white wine sets. Ideal for parties and buffets, we offer a variety of wine glass holders and wine glass markers. For the end of the evening, we have a selection of wine cleaning accessories to ensure your glasses and carpet stay clean.