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Wine Accessories

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Glassware can take up a lot of shelf space, so maximise the space behind your bar with the Brass Plated Glass Rack. Suitable for mounting over-head or under cabinets, this long rack can be used for storage of a variety of stemware, including wine, champagne, brandy and martini glasses. More info
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Whether you have just got in from a long day or are throwing a party the last thing you want is your wine being tricky to get into! Before you even remove the cork you have to first get through that tricky foil covering the top, which is not always as eas More info
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To help you keep your decanter as clean as the day you bought it, the Decanter Cleaning Balls provide an effortless cleaning process for continued wine enjoyment. Simply put the ball-bearings in your decanter, add some water and swirl your decanter for ge More info
On Sale $9.40 RRP $12.54 | Save 25%
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To fully appreciate the wide range of flavours in a bottle of red wine, it should be decanted and allowed to breathe before consumption. The Red Wine Breather cuts the breathing time down from hours to minutes! More info
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Serving wine that's too warm or too cold can impair the flavour and bouquet of your wine. The All Temp Select Infrared Wine Thermometer uses infrared technology to read the temperature of your wine through the bottle, letting you know if it's ready to ser More info
On Sale $28.24 RRP $47.08 | Save 40%
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Ensure you don't go overboard with the Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure at 125ml. Perfect for professional and home bars, this measure is CE marked as required by law for licenced establishments. This measure is also ideal for home users who want to k More info
On Sale $7.06 RRP $12.54 | Save 44%
In stock
Ideal for licenced bars and home use, this Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure gives you an accurate 175ml measure. CE marked for use in licenced establishments, it's ideal when serving red and white wines by the glass. More info
On Sale $7.83 RRP $14.11 | Save 44%
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Ensure you're serving a legal measure with this Stainless Steel Thimble Wine Measure, CE marked at 250ml. Ideal when serving large glasses of red and white wine by the glass, this measure is suitable for domestic and commercial use. More info
On Sale $9.40 RRP $15.68 | Save 40%
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Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...
Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses! Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden! More info
On Sale $6.26 RRP $7.83 | Save 20%
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It can be often be a juggle at buffets to try and hold your plate, your glass, and have a hand free to actually enjoy both! The Stainless Steel Stemware Plate Clips neatly fit on to the side of your plate and can hold any piece of stemware, leaving you with one hand free! More info
On Sale $21.96 RRP $23.53 | Save 7%
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Keep track of your glass with these simple, yet elegant Decorative Wine Glass Martini Charms. Ideal for placing on the stem of wine or cocktail glasses, they can also be kept on the holding ring for beautiful display on a bottle. More info
On Sale $10.97 RRP $15.68 | Save 30%
In stock
Maximise your bar storage space with the stylish and practical Acrylic Modular Stemware Rack. This rack simply attaches to the underside of your cabinet or shelf and will hold a variety of stemmed glassware, including wine glasses, cocktail glasses and brandy glasses. More info
On Sale $9.40 RRP $14.11 | Save 33%
Out of stock | Est due in 11th January '15
Keep track of your wine glass at parties with the Wine Glass Writer Pens, ideal for marking stemware with names, or adding a decorative design. These non-toxic inks come in metallic colours and easily wash off with soap and water after use. More info
On Sale $15.68 RRP $18.82 | Save 17%
Out of stock | Est due in 6th October
The brightly coloured Spring Flower Glass Markers are the perfect way to keep track of your glass. Great for handing out to your guests at parties, events and BBQs, these decorative reusable markers simply wrap around the stem of your glass. More info
On Sale $5.48 RRP $7.83 | Save 30%
Out of stock | Due in TBA
It can feel like a juggling act when you're attempting to shake hands, pick up buffet food and keep hold of your napkin at a party. The Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips are designed to snugly fit onto the side of your plate to hold a stemmed glass, More info
On Sale $7.83 RRP $9.40 | Save 17% Pack of 6 More options
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Menu combine their Selection Decanting Pourer and Vacuum Stopper in a unique gift set to bring you the ultimate wine enjoyment. This selection will allow you to enjoy aerated glasses of wine and keep open bottles of wine for longer. More info
On Sale $31.38 RRP $39.23 | Save 20%
Out of stock | Due in TBA
Make sure you and your dinner party guests can keep track of your respective glasses by attaching one of the Wine and Cheese Gold Wine Glass Charms included in this gift set. Consisting of 6 different pewter charms finished in gold, each one is styled like a piece of wine or cheese memorabilia. More info
On Sale $12.54 RRP $15.68 | Save 20%
Out of stock | Due in TBA

Wine Accessories

There's so much more to enjoying wine than just simply pouring it into a glass. Let your wine breathe with our selection of wine decanters, wine aerators and wine breathers. Our extensive range of wine accessories and champagne accessories include a variety of cheap wine tools to help you enjoy your bottle of vintage. We offer a wide selection of wine tools, including corkscrews, wine pourers, wine measures, wine bottle stoppers, wine thermometers and foil cutters.

For the perfect evenings entertaining look no further than our selection of wine sets, including red wine sets and white wine sets. Ideal for parties and buffets, we offer a variety of wine glass holders and wine glass markers. For the end of the evening, we have a selection of wine cleaning accessories to ensure your glasses and carpet stay clean.

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