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Cut your costs not your fruit with Frona Dried Fruit! New Range of dried fruit available!
Essence Glassware

Essence by bar@drinkstuff

Exclusive to, the Essence Glassware range offers a wide selection of glasses from cocktail glasses to coffee glasses. Supplying you with all the glasses you could need we have everything to fill your glassware cabinet with!

Coffee & Cocktail Syrups

Coffee Syrups Available At Drinkstuff

Coffee syrups are flavoured concentrates that can be added to hot drinks, cocktails and mocktails. They conveniently add a kick to your drinks, meaning you don’t have to spend hours finding suitable ingredients. Thanks to coffee syrups and coffee syrup sets, you can experiment with a variety of flavours without any hassle.

How To Use Coffee Syrups

From coffee-based drinks to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, there are a multitude of ways to use coffee syrups. Simply pour the syrup into your drink and give it a stir for best results. Whether you choose to use world-famous Monin coffee syrup or opt for a different brand, prepare for your drinks to reach new tasty heights.

Coffee Syrup Flavours

From the ever-popular Monin Gingerbread Syrup for festive beverages to Vanilla Syrup for delicious hot drinks, there’s plenty of flavours to choose from. We even have Amaretto Syrup available for that extra punch and Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Sets for your coffee-loving friends.

Every Cocktail Deserves Fruity Simple Syrups

Fruit cocktails are some of the most popular cocktails around! However, when it comes to making mixed drinks, buying and preparing individual ingredients can be costly and time-consuming. Fruit syrups provide a convenient and affordable way of adding a powerful kick without the hassle.

How To Use Fruit Syrup & Simple Syrups

Fruit syrups work brilliantly in a range of cocktails and beverages, including mocktails. Simply pour the syrup into your drink and experience a taste like no other. From adding the finishing touch to classic cocktails like daiquiris and margaritas to experimenting with your own flavours; there’s nothing simple syrups can’t do.

What Flavours Of Fruit Syrup & Simple Syrup Are Available?

Our fruit syrups and simple syrups come in a variety of flavours. We have classic flavours such as blackcurrant and orange available, as well as more unusual flavours like basil and guava. You can even shop our sugar-free syrup range if you want to create low-calorie alternatives.

Bar Accessories